8 Best Pizza Cutter for Your Kitchen 2023

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Types of pizza cutters

Any way that you slice it, pizza by the slice is twice as nice! But when it comes to selecting pizza slicers, there are many options. As crazy as it sounds, there’s more than one way to slice a pie. And without a doubt, they all have one thing in common with each other. They all do a fine job of making slicing up. Here are several types of pizza cutters that might be best for your next gathering.

1. The roller

This is a nice departure from the standard pizza roller with a twist. This offers a safety sliding cover so nobody cuts their fingers when using it. It also pops open easily enough to clean the rounded blade and snaps right back together afterward. It’s also dishwasher safe and the metal blade is stainless steel that can be re-sharpened later. Review more and see how this may be the most versatile dough and pizza cutter in your kitchen.

2. The Mezzaluna

Looking for the ultimate rocker to slice through thick and crispy crusts? This mezzaluna blade has a comfortable non-slip grip and is sharpened for expert cutting. It features a 14″ rounded blade and can make quick slicing through the toughest crusts. It’s also machine washable and comes with a blade protector for storing in the drawer.

3. Rocker blade

This rocker blade is different than a mezzaluna only because it has wooden handles along each end of the blade. The extra thick high-carbon stainless steel can be re-sharpened and comes with a protective slipcover. It must be hand-washed because the wood shouldn’t go through the wash. Also, it needs mineral oil to keep the wood to help preserve the after any hand washing. If you’re a pro this rocker blade is built to last.

4. Pizza scissors

If you’ve ever owned a pair of Fiskars, you’ll know their quality is never undersold. You’ve seen gimmicky pizza scissors before but nothing like these. They can be disassembled and put into the dishwasher after using it. The comfort grip allows for both left and right-handed people to cut with ease. Just so you know, Fiskars has a lifetime warranty for all their scissors, so you’ll never have to buy a second pair.

5. Dual blade (serrated)

If you said ravioli cutter, you might think again since this design is good for pizza, pasta, and ravioli. Essentially this cutter can be used on both sides for cutting your pie just as easy. The ergonomic design and the non-slip handle grip is the big win here. This is 100% dishwasher safe and is attractive by design.

6. Double wheel

Some designs take you to places that might be overlooked. This unique design allows two rolling wheels instead of one. This way everything is nearly sliced before you start cutting! Well actually, the trick to this is the front wheel that features serrated teeth to cut through thick and crispy crusts. The second wheel finished-off the job with a nice sharp cutting edge. Your pie will never look so stylish after this cutter is put into action.

7. High-performance Rockler

Are you looking to turn some heads? Rockler is very different than other roller type cutters, for a very good reason. Quality and style, and the 20 bucks that you pay for the average 7 dollar roller… Honestly, this is a serious style that even allows you to remove the wooden handle when it goes into the dishwasher. They also offer a variety of handles to choose from.

8. Weird rollers

When it comes to weird, you might have a flashback of Pizza the Hut from Spaceballs. But all joking aside, you won’t find junk items here with slicers that actually work. I left the gimmicky slicers off this list for obvious reasons.

 Equal slice cutter

Not a bad idea but if you’re looking to host large gatherings, this is the way to turn some heads. You can see the craftsmanship that went into this device that cuts 8 slices evenly in one swoop. At nearly 200 bucks, this slicer is meant to last for a lifetime. It’s also a great conversation gadget that can be proudly hung in any kitchen.

Laser-guided cutter

One of those items that had been featured on ‘This is why I’m broke’ is a real product! And ironically this product is currently sold out. But that’s not to say it makes parties a show-stopper. This cutter comes with a removable tactical laser so the cutter can be machine washed. It’s also dishwasher safe and has a comfortable grip handle.

5-wheel expanding cutter

Laugh if you want, this is great for those pizzas that are massive. If you’ve ordered those oversize pizzas ordered from Big Mamma’s and Pappa’s pizzeria, you’ll need this slicer. It can be adjusted to cut 4 even slices that are all 5 inches apart. Plus, it’s perfect for pastries and cookie dough. I can say it’s more of a time-saver than anything else.

Progressive folding wheel

This has a set of red handles that fold down forming a T-shape to cut your pie with two hands. It can be used with the handles folded back, but that spoils the fun with this savvy-looking roller. It’s ideal since you can use both your hands to cut through thicker crusts easier. The handles are plastic so it can go right into the dishwasher afterward.

Light saber

These cutters often come in a series so you can collect them all. Serious Star Wars fans can have their own Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, or Boba Fett pizza slicers. The best part is they also make noise with the press of a button. Now your themed pizza parties will really take off! One problem, since these slicers are usually sold out. Happy hunting on eBay…

Pizza scissors with spatula

As if pizza scissors were only the beginning of clever ways to slice, this has a spatula sidecar. This item is perfect for those who want to show style that goes beyond outrageous. Not only do you get this in a choice of two cool colors, but you’ll also get a matching rolling pizza cutter. What a deal! The scissors are lockable and spring-loaded for easy cutting, and of course, these are well constructed and can also be machine washable.

Chopping cutter

Perhaps of all the strange cutting accessories you’ll see, is this incredible item. It’s not completely round as a cutting blade, but rather Polygonal shaped. This means it has 12 cutting surfaces to this blade. It’s designed to produce a chopping effect that completely cuts through thick pizza crusts. While the cutting motion may feel bumpier, your pie will have better-sliced sections accordingly. Check it out!

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