Different Types of Pizza and Calories Associated With It

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While you may not think of pizza as something that you should be eating if you’re dieting or trying to eat healthier, you may want to rethink your position. There are many great things about eating pizza. Today, we run through the menu at Green Lantern Pizza, there are so many different types of pizza and many of them have healthy ingredients, such as vegetables and proteins. You may even be surprised to some pizza choices also contain fewer calories than you might think.

BBQ Chicken Pizza

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You can enjoy BBQ chicken pizza without consuming all of the calories for the day in one sitting. You can expect this type of pizza to contain about 240 calories. This is far below what you would consume if you were to order a burger and fries from your favorite fast food restaurant. Go ahead and order the BBQ chicken pizza without guilt.

Vegetarian Pizza

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Don’t skimp on the toppings when you’re ordering a vegetarian pizza. Those vegetables are super healthy and something that your body will appreciate. They also help keep this pizza low calorie with only about 170 calories per serving.

Hawaiian Pizza

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Hawaiian pizza brings together the flavors of ham, and pineapple, which taste amazing together. You may not think they go well with pizza, but they do. If you have never tried this taste sensation, you simply must. You’ll be hooked after one bite. You can expect to use up about 325 calories when dining on this delicious pizza. This is still well under your recommended daily calories for the day.

Cheese and Pepperoni

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Pepperoni pizza is considered one of the most popular types of pizza. Melted cheese and medallions of pepperoni are all that is needed on this pizza. It contains about 380 delicious calories.

Meat Lovers

As the name implies, this pizza if for the meat lover. It’s loaded with different types of meat, along with the cheese. If you like ground beef, ham, bacon, sausage and more, this is the pizza for you. You can enjoy this type of pizza for around 470 calories.

BLT Pizza

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Both pizza and BLTs are delicious. Combine these two great meals into one fantastic pizza. At about 275 calories, you won’t have to feel guilty about it.

Chicken Bacon Ranch

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Chicken bacon ranch pizza combines three wonderful flavors in a pizza. You’ll love the tasty white sauce, with crumbled bacon and chicken on top. Many diners also add tomatoes for even more flavor. At about 450 calories, it’s on the higher end of the calorie scale, when it comes to pizza, but still a lot less than the number of calories in many other meals.

Gluten-Free Cheese Pizza

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If you’re avoiding gluten, order a gluten-free cheese pizza which only has a little over 200 calories per slice. Being able to order gluten-free pizza is a huge treat for those who used to have to opt-out on pizza night. As suggested by SliceLife, this pizza is still delicious and totally satisfies your craving for pizza without the unpleasant after-effects that gluten may cause you.

Why Pizza is a Good Choice

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Even picky eaters usually like pizza. Giving kids pizza is a wonderful way to get them to eat more vegetables. Pizza provides you with calcium, protein and vitamins. It’s a beloved meal that combines so many, good for you, ingredients.

Many other dishes that you order when you’re out have many more calories. Pizza gives you everything in one meal. You don’t have to order an entree and sides. You have a complete meal in one delicious slice of pizza.

Lower the Calorie Content

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Do you want to eat pizza, but you want fewer calories and you want to make it healthier? It can be done. Simply ask the server to make it light on the cheese, and pile on more vegetables. If you enjoy meat on the pizza, have it, but ask them to go light on the meat, as well. You get the taste of pizza with fewer calories, and you get added nutrition with all of the vegetables.

Now that you know how much healthier and low-calorie pizza can be, it’s time to head out and get some for yourself. You’ll love each hot, cheesy slice, along with all of your favorite toppings. Keep in mind that when it comes to pizza, you are in control. You can always add additional toppings, or skip some. Create your own favorite pizza, according to the tastes that you enjoy. You really can’t go wrong when it comes to pizza. It’s one of the easiest meals to customize. You can please the entire family’s taste buds when you dine out on pizza.