10 Best Pizza Ovens For Home Use in 2020

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Pizza is one of the most well-known Italian dishes worldwide. It also one of the most delicious and healthy meals that you can cook quite fast and serve on literally any occasion. You can cook pizza using different types of ovens. However, not all homes and flats have built-in ovens or enough space for cumbersome full-size professional pizza ovens. For this list, our friends from Pizzaovenradar selected the best high-end, mid-range, and inexpensive pizza ovens for home indoor and outside use.

1. Betty Crocker 2958CR – The Best of The Cheapest

If your home isn’t spacious enough and you are a beginner-level pizza maker, the compact Betty Crocker 2958CR will surprise you. This cute red tablet with nonstick baking plates can make brilliant 12-inch pizzas with a dry crisp crust. The grill-type body of the oven has a floating hinge that lets you bake even very thick pizzas or pies. No matter how much cheese you like to add, don’t worry as Betty Crocker is incredibly simple to clean. Let it cool down and wipe away leftovers with a cloth. It’s an excellent choice for gourmets who love baking using their own receipts but have a busy schedule. The only minus of this $42 device is the absence of a built-in thermometer, so pizzaovenradar.com recommends you to choose the best infrared thermometer too. 

2. Presto Pizzazz Plus – Betty Crocker Closest Rival

This $50 device looks like it came from a sci-fi movie. Due to an open rotating backing plate, it’s very exciting to watch and easy to recognize when your pizza is ready to be served. The rotating plate provides a surprisingly even baking without burning. The powerful heating element of Presto Pizzazz Plus can bake twice as fast as an average built-in kitchen stove. It deals perfectly well with both frozen and homemade pizzas. Moreover, you can control heating elements and lower down the temperature on the edges to let the cheese keep melting. The bottom element is also controlled separately.

3. Camp Chef Italia – Traditional-Shape Propane Oven

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If you don’t like to bake using electricity, and you want to take your compact oven for picknicks, Camp Chef Italia will impress you. For a reasonable price of $236, it provides a rectangular 20-inch ceramic baking surface powered by propane. Preheating takes just a minute. After that, a ceiling screen, temperature controller, and proper venting do their job. Still, you have to be attentive to avoid burning as this oven uses open fire. The body of stainless steel is easy to clean and looks professional.

4. Tabletop Pizzarette – Portable and Capacious

This stylized electric oven is equipped with powerful bottom and top heating elements that provide even baking. It’s available in 2 sizes so that you can bake from 4 to 6 mini pizzas for your family and friends at the same time. The cooking section is tall enough for thick pies, but our tests at pizzaovenradar.com showed that it couldn’t handle heavy toppings without burning the crust. Still, it’s perfect for traditional homemade and semifinished pizzas.

5. Wisco 421 – Fast and Furious

Wisco 421 $109 stainless steel unit can’t boast with a stylish design, but it’s definitely one of the most efficient devices on our list. It’s equipped with a 1500-watt heating element that provides fast and even baking. The built-in digital timer and thermometer make it easy to control the process. The wide steel door is paired with the baking surface, which is very convenient for rotating a pizza with a spatula without the risk of getting a burn. 

6. Hamilton Beach 31700 – Rotation for Perfection

Hamilton Beach 31700 combines the rotating plate of the futuristic Presto Pizzazz Plus and the portability of Betty Crocker. For $35, you get a 12-inch cooking multi-purpose baking surface that can deal with pizza, quesadilla, simple pastry, and vegetables. 

7. Oster Convention – Multipurpose Oven

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Sometimes there’s not enough space for a separate pizza cooker, and you have to look for hybrid solutions. Oster Convention oven will surely help as it includes a multi-purpose convection section and a dedicated pizza drawer at the bottom. It lets you bake two 12-inch pizzas simultaneously without power loss. In addition, it has several universal modes for warming up, making crisp toasts with a soft middle, and cooking nearly any dish in the spacious convection section. 

8. Gozney Roccbox Oven – Hybrid Outdoor Solution

Gozney Roccbox Oven is a hybrid wood/propane unit designed for easy transportation and setup. Due to a carrying strap and foldable legs, it’s very convenient to carry to the nearby park or your friend’s backyard. It has a built-in thermometer and a firm pizza peel for your convenience. As this oven is quite pricy ($600), pizzaovenradar.com experts recommend you to buy it if you are planning to cook frequently, and your menu includes not only pizza but also dishes made of meat, fish, and vegetables.

9. Pizzacraft Pizzeria Pronto – Robust Solo Unit

This one is a compact propane-powered $299 oven designed for the perfect baking. Its hollow-core ceramic plate provides an excellent distribution of heat, while the screen at the top reflects it well enough for the simultaneous cooking of topping. Besides, it’s equipped with a vent that takes away excess moisture and improves heat traction. This oven is very compact and stylish so that you can install it in the middle of the table and activate it with a standard propane tank. 

10. Ooni Koda Outdoor Pizza Oven – Best Overall

Ooni Koda is the leader of our list, as it’s the most stylish and efficient propane oven. For a reasonable price of $299, it comes with a built-in electric ignition, a responsive temperature controller, and a thin ceramic plate. It takes less than 15 minutes to preheat and from 5 to 10 minutes to bake tasty pizza on a professional level. 

Bon Appetit! 

Now that you have a selection for the best home pizza ovens for any occasion, you can get ready to host your next party or picknick on the highest level. There are solutions for any budget and taste, so choose the one you like and invite your friends!