6 Best Oil For Popcorn 2023 – Top Picks

Everybody loves to have popcorn while watching movies or even when you have quality time with your family and friends. Everybody wants to have the same theater as popcorn at their home. The popcorn is something that is simple to make, but the taste should be on point as if the texture or flavor of the popcorn will not be good, it might not satisfy you.

Every movie enthusiast will love to have popcorn with their movie watch, but if the popcorn is not good textured, you will not enjoy that. Oil is the key ingredient for fantastic popcorn as it adds flavor and quality to the popcorn. You must always buy the best quality oil so that you don’t have to compromise on its quality. Even if you are health conscious and feel like the popcorn oil might not be healthy for you, it is not true as numerous oil types and brands claim to be healthy and do not harm your health in any way.

There are many ways to cook popcorn, but it is hard to get the best quality popcorn if the oil is not good. Oil is the main component for A-one quality popcorn. You can get various good quality oils from Amazon as there you will get to know the other buyers’ reviews and how it can give you the best quality popcorn.

The further article will contain some of the best oil that gives you excellent and tasteful popcorn and keeps your health in mind. They are perfectly made as they must not harm your health in any way. You will also get to know about what things you must keep in mind if you are thinking of buying the most flavourful popcorn oil for yourself.

6 Best Oil For Popcorn 2023

Many oils are there in the market, but the list mentioned below will mainly contain the shortlisted ones with some of the best reviews from other users and are known for providing the best quality popcorn.

Dutchman’s Popcorn Oil Butter Flavor

This oil butter brand is one of the best in the market as they are known for popping out flavourful along with the mesmerizing aroma, and if you thought that it is tough to make mouth-watering popcorn at home, this oil would change your mind. This oil is colored with natural beta carotene, usually found in carrots. Not only in taste, but you will also enjoy and can experience the same look of the popcorn which you get in the theater.

This popcorn oil keeps your health a priority and low in saturated fat, and is considered a healthier option than the other oils present in the market. They do not contain any chemical coloring or preservatives. It claims to have no added preservatives, is non-hydrogenated, and contains zero trans fat.


  • They have zero trans fat and claim to be more on a healthy side.
  • It contains natural color, beta carotene, which makes them free from any food coloring that might be harmful.
  • This oil can be used as topping oil.

Franklin’s Gourmet Popcorn Butter Flavored Coconut Oil

This coconut popcorn oil is one of the most admired and is known to satisfy the customer with its premium quality and healthy popcorn. You can easily make delicious popcorn on your stove, microwave or saucepan by using this oil. If you are a bit health conscious and still want to enjoy good buttery popcorn, this oil is for you. The Franklin butter is vegan and gluten-free and aims to protect consumers’ health. The ingredients used in it are natural and with zero trans fat.

This oil is highly versatile and healthy as it is not just butter; it also contains coconut oil good for your health. It is multi-purpose as it can be used for different uses and just for making popcorn. It can be used for cooking food, making them a perfect oil to go for. The oil has satisfied many customers and stands out from the other oil brands.


  • It has no junky ingredients and is vegan, gluten-free, and zero trans fat.
  • It is made up of all-natural ingredients.
  • It is a multi-purpose oil that can be used for cooking purposes also.

Orville Redenbacher’s Popping & Topping Buttery Flavored Oil

This popcorn oil also comes in the category of best oil with amazing taste and some healthy components. Nowadays, everyone is health-conscious, and one should be. Even if they are eating something, everyone wants it to balance taste and health concerns. This Orville oil will be a perfect pick for you. It helps to pop out premium quality popcorn snacks.

It claims to be keto-friendly, they have 0-gram net carbs and 0 gram added sugar per serving and has been on the list of some of the best-reviewed popcorn oils in the market. It is much richer than the usual oils. It also claims to have zero trans fat. You can easily make delicious and healthy popcorn at your home and enjoy your time with friends and family.


  • It is keto-friendly without any carbs and added sugar.
  • You can drizzle it on the top and use it to make premium quality popcorn.
  • It provides rich, buttery popcorn without affecting your health.

Dutchman’s Popcorn Coconut Oil

This oil is versatile and can be used for several dishes and recipes, but they are also especially known for adding a premium taste to the popcorn. It not only gives you good popcorn but also is colored with beta carotene, which is extracted from carrots, so it gives you the complete feel of the theater. It does not have any added preservatives, zero trans fat, and, most importantly, non-hydro generated.

This healthy popcorn oil is an excellent alternative to real butter. It has no fat and any carb that might not be good for your health as it does not mean to enjoy the meal it has to be unhealthy only, this oil is the example of health and taste both being the topmost priority. It comes under the vegan diet type as they claim to be really good for health.


  • It contains zero trans fat and does not contain any preservatives.
  • To give you the real theater feel, the oil contains natural color obtained from carrots, beta carotene.
  • It also provides a delicious aroma and good-quality popcorn.

Snappy Butter Burst Popcorn Oil

This butter is not like the other ones as it does not claim to be healthy or anything like keto-friendly. It is a buttery oil that gives you rich buttery popcorn and helps you achieve the same popcorn quality and taste you want in the movie theaters. It does not require any refrigeration for storing it. It can easily maintain the quality in the average temperature also.

To give you the same feeling as theater popcorn, it also has beta carotene to help you achieve almost the same popcorn as the one you are imagining. It contains fat and claims to have 120 calories, so this is maybe not on the healthy side but will ensure you to give you the best flavor and tasteful popcorn.


  • It gives buttery and flavourful popcorn.
  • It does not require refrigeration; it can only require storage at room temperature.
  • It contains beta carotene for the color.

Snappy Popcorn 1 Gallon Snappy Pure Peanut Oil

This is peanut oil, and as you must already know, there are many benefits of peanut oil. This oil has benefits and gives a delicious nutty taste, and it enhances the flavor of the popcorn with a natural aspect. It is highly versatile as it can be easily used for other things like cooking, topping, and making other tasty fried dishes and popcorn.

It contains no trans fat and has no added coloring. It also claims to be cholesterol-free. It is excellent with heat stability, making it suitable for popping out the popcorns. It can be used or stored at room temperature also. It works well with a gallon pump. It is 100 percent peanut oil without any mixes and is naturally extracted and turns out to be pure peanut oil.


  • It has zero trans fat, is cholesterol-free, and claims 100 percent peanut oil.
  • It is highly versatile and can be used for multi-purposes.
  • It can easily be used at room temperature.

Buying Guide For Popcorn Oil

Before buying a particular oil or any kind of product, you must know what things are essential to be in your product and what makes an ordinary oil the most suitable one for yourself. Further, you will learn about the factors that are important to be checked before placing your order and buying a particular oil.


The quality of the oil must be premium and must have a long shelf life, and should maintain its quality for an extended period of time. If you cannot use the old one for more than a week or a month, it is essential to check the quality and expiration period of the oil so that you can use the popcorn oil for a long time. This will help you use the oil for an extended period and premium quality.

Health check factors:

If you like to prioritize your health, you must check some factors like the oil should have no trans fat, be cholesterol-free, no artificial color, or be highly healthy; it must be keto-friendly. These are some of the things that can be suitable for you if you’re thinking of buying a nourishing oil for your popcorn.

Reasonable price:

It is not important that if you are buying oil and expecting to be of premium quality and give you the best and flavourful popcorn, it should be higher than the standard pricing. If you are getting the oil at reasonable pricing, it is the most suitable for you, not the one with an expensive price tag. You can get healthy or rich buttery oil at affordable prices. It is just that you must check perfectly and compare two or three brands before making your decision.


The popcorn oil is not easy to choose if you want the most satisfactory oil for your popcorn and enjoy premium quality popcorn. You must always know about the best brands in the market and what factors are essential that should be there in your oil to make it the most favorable one. Everything matters from quality, price, and rich buttery flavor, everything matters, and to get all of this, you must always buy the oil from the best brands in the market.

You can easily get amazing and good quality brands on amazon and know what other consumers have to say about a particular brand and oil so that you can be sure about your decision. You can also read the product specification to check the specific things you want your oil to have, like whether it is healthy or not or contains natural colors.


Source: popsecret.com

What are the best oils to use to make the popcorn pop fully to its capacity?

The best oils are FranklinSnappyDutchman; all these brands have satisfied their fellow consumers and are also known for giving the best oil that makes premium-quality popcorn. You can trust these brands to provide you with tasty and somewhat healthy popcorn.

Can popcorn oil be keto-friendly?

Some of the oils in the market claim to be keto-friendly, and one of them is Orville Redenbacher’s oil that is keto-friendly and has other healthy ingredients also that help you have tasty and healthy popcorn.

Where to find the best brand oils?

You can easily get the best brands of oils on Amazon along with their specifications and reviews that will give you a constructive decision and get the best quality popcorn.