9 Best Ways to Lose Belly Fat in 2023

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Obesity is a big problem in our community, primarily because of the way we live, fast food, stress, and lack of physical activity. Many people struggle with belly fat, and that problem can have a huge impact on health conditions and self-confidence. Besides the fact that you will look much more attractive without the belly fat, it can also be harmful to your health.

 It is proven that there is a connection between belly fat and diabetes type 2, higher blood pressure, and many other diseases.   Also, doctors usually measure the bodyweight of their patients and create conclusions according to that.  However, it turns out that the method of only measuring weight is not precise since people with lower weight can still have increased belly fat.

Most of the processed food that we eat is full of harmful ingredients like sugar, fat, too many carbs, and many more. That is especially the case with fast food. The first step in losing belly fat is to avoid these ingredients as much as you can. Instead of them, try to prepare healthy food. Also, various supplements could help you burn the extra amounts of fat in your belly. You should check intarchmed.com, the company that sells supplements that can fasten your metabolism, surpass appetite, and reduce the fat layers in your stomach. 

Losing weight is not simple. Fatty deposits on the abdomen are particularly difficult to remove. One of the best ways of losing weight and all that extra amount of fat in the body is by proper training and diet plan. But, it is hard for many people to maintain their motivation to exercise and eat healthier, and most of us don’t have enough time for that. However, even if you don’t have time to go to a gym, having a healthier diet is much easier than most people think. Here are some of the best ways to lose belly fat.

1. Avoid Food Rich with Trans Fats

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Products like butter and oil are full of trans fats, but we can find them in many other products too. Trans fats could cause various health conditions like heart disease, diabetes, swelling, and an increased amount of fat in the abdomen. The best way to avoid this type of fat is to read the label of products in the store. Pay attention to the side of a label with listed ingredients.

2. Add More Protein to Your Diet

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Protein is a very important ingredient of food, with a function to build the muscles. There are many other benefits, such as reduced appetite by releasing hormone peptide and faster metabolism. Also, it is proven that people who take more protein in their diet have less belly fat. The food rich with protein is eggs, beans, meat, fish, and dairy. Also, you can buy whey protein, which is common for people who go to the gym.

3. Reduce Sugar

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One of the main reasons why most people have problems with fat layers and obesity is sugar. Beverages, bread, candies, donuts, and many other products are full of sugar that could cause some serious problems for our health. Health conditions that can be cased with high sugar intake are liver disease, diabetes, higher blood pressure, and more. Try using stevia or natural honey instead of refined sugar for a change.

4. Try to Eat Less Carbs

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Eating food with a smaller amount of carbohydrates can significantly improve your health condition and weight. The main problem is with refined carbs that can affect the higher amount of fats in your abdomen. On the other side, eating whole foods can provide your body with healthy carbs that are a necessary part of a diet. Healthy carbs are full of essential minerals that are important for the proper functioning of our body, and you can find them in whole grain, vegetables, fruits, and oats.

5. Eat Food with Dissolvable Fibers

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The main effect of dissolvable fibers is that they can absorb the water, and create a special gel in our body, which is slowing down the process of digestion of food. The result is less feel of hunger. This type of fiber helps in reducing bad cholesterol levels and blood sugar. The food rich with these fibers are seeds, avocado, legumes, blackberries, and many more. 

6. Avoid Alcohol

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While it can have some positive effects in small amounts, drinking too much alcohol can create many problems with both physical and mental health. When it comes to the connection between belly fat and alcohol, the thing is in the amount of sugar in alcohol beverages, and many people who often drink too much also have a problem with obesity.

7. Try to Be More Relaxed

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Anxiety is also one big problem in modern society, and many factors are contributing to that. Higher levels of stress are releasing the hormone cortisol, which can increase the appetite. It is crucial to find time for proper relaxation. The most effective methods for reducing stress are yoga, hot tubs, jogging, and many other activities.

Poor sleep also can increase your appetite. Many studies have found that people who are sleep-deprived report having an increased eating appetite. In addition, the hormone cortisol is higher when you do not get adequate sleep. You should follow a sleep routine and try to prepare a good sleep environment with a comfortable mattress such as those on SleepStandards. These tips can help you to avoid anxiety and sleep deprivation.

8. Exercise More 

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We know how much of a struggle is for many people to go to a gym a few times a week. Also, many of us just can’t afford the time for that. However, you can avoid lifting some heavy weights or performing intense workouts. Instead of that, you can exercise in your home every morning for at least 15 or 20 minutes, and you will see the benefits from that.

9. Use Coconut Oil for Cooking

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While most of us are using refined oils from sunflowers and fat for cooking, there would be much healthier to use coconut oil. Coconut oil is proven to be one of the healthiest fats, and many nutritionists are recommending it to be part of anyone’s diet. According to some researches, coconut oil is capable of replacing standard oils in our cuisine and much healthier from them. Also, this oil can boost the metabolism to burn fat much faster. On the other side, you have to be aware that coconut oil is also full of calories and to avoid using too much of it as well.