Best Double Oven Gas Range 2023 – Complete Buying Guide

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There are many kitchen models on the market nowadays — gas, electric, the ones made from different materials, industrial or traditional. The list of options is long, and a while ago, it added one more value: the possibility of having a double oven. And while this differential makes the models more expensive, the list of advantages it implies is very long and worth considering. If it adapts to your needs and lifestyle, this kitchen type will be an infallible addition to your home.

Best Double Oven Gas Ranges

1. LG LUTD4919SN 7.3 Cu.ft. Dual Fuel – Oven Range with ProBake Convection

LG LUTD4919SN 7.3 Cu.ft. Dual Fuel - Double Oven Range with ProBake Convection

Get the benefits of a gas cooktop, and electric oven all-in-one for professional-style results Scratch-resistant textured finish makes for impeccable exterior design. Enjoy even, professional-style cooking at home with the LG ProBake Convection EasyClean feature gives you a spotless oven in just 3 steps and 10 minutes. LG’s Infrared Heating technology is a fast and flavorful alternative to outdoor cooking. Cook two dishes at 2 different temperatures; high-performance sealed burners are easy to clean and provide flexible cooking power from 5,000 to 18,500 BTUs.

Access and remove your favorite dishes with ease. Heavy-duty cast-iron grates keep cookware stable and even heating. Expertly stir fry, steam, poach and sear with the LG Detachable Wok Grate Select ranges are offered with a free griddle pan that fits perfectly on the oval burner on these ranges. Create a seamless, built-in look with LG slide-in electric range

Main features:

  • Scratch-resistant Textured Finish
  • EasyClean Feature Gives You A Spotless Oven In Just 10 Minutes
  • LG’s Infrared Heating Cuts Over 20% Off Of Your Cooking Time
  • Cook Two Dishes At 2 Different Temperatures With Room To Spare

2. Samsung Appliance NX58K7850SG 30″ Gas Freestanding Range with 5 Burners, Sealed Burner, 5.8 Cu. ft. Primary Oven Capacity, in Black Stainless Steel

Samsung Appliance NX58K7850SG 30" Gas Freestanding Range with 5 Burners, Sealed Burner, 5.8 Cu. ft. Primary Oven Capacity, in Black Stainless Steel

This appliance has a removable divider that converts one oven into two. It’ll provide you ultimate cooking flexibility with two separate temperature controls and convection systems, so you’ll be able to cook multiple dishes at once with a door that can adjust for the use of the top or full oven. On top of that, two powerful convection fans circulate heat, cook food evenly, and save time. Also, a fingerprint-resistant finish is helpful when it comes to reducing smudges.

Main features:

  • Flex Duo with Dual Door
  • Soft-Close Dual Door
  • WiFi Connectivity
  • Powerful Cooktop
  • Dual Convection Oven
  • Large Oven Capacity
  • 18K BTU Burner
  • Gliding Rack
  • Reversible Cast Iron Griddle
  • Wok Grate
  • Hidden Bake Element
  • Storage Drawer
  • Cast Iron 3-Piece Grates

3. LG LDG4315ST 30″ Freestanding Double Oven Gas Range with 6.9 Cu. ft. Capacity, 5 Burners, Griddle, Glass Touch Controls, and Door Lock, in Stainless Steel

LG LDG4315ST 30" Freestanding Double Oven Gas Range

The range looks fantastic and is easy to dismantle and clean. The convection oven is a real workhorse; cooks anything in significantly less time than a conventional oven. The dual oven setup makes it possible for you to cook two dishes at different temps, and the lower range still has plenty of room for your 18-pound holiday turkey! The easy-clean feature is excellent; it lets you stay ahead of things.

Main features:

  • Total (cu. Ft.): 6.9 | Upper: 2.6 | Lower: 4.3
  • ProBake Convection
  • EasyClean Technology
  • UltraHeat 18.5K BTU Power Burner

4. Samsung NE59J7850WS 30 Self-Cleaning Freestanding Electric Double Range

Samsung NE59J7850WS 30 Self-Cleaning Freestanding Electric Double Range

The top oven has a broil mode, and it works on top alone or the full range. It seems as though the top oven cooks hotter than the entire oven. If the self-cleaning function fails to use, try removing and replacing the oven divider panel several times.

Main features:

  • Soft Close Dual Door
  • Flexible Cooktop With Warming Zone
  • The Only Double Oven With A Warming Drawer
  • Dimensions (WHD): 29 7/8 in. X 47 3/32 in. X 25 31/32 in.

5. Samsung NE59M6850SS 5.9 Cu. Ft. Flex Duo Stainless Steel Electric Range NE59M6850SS

Samsung NE59M6850SS 5.9 Cu. Ft. Flex Duo Stainless Steel Electric Range NE59M6850SS

It’s a smart oven with a double door, 2 separate oven compartments, or one big one. Also, the range has steam clean, a self-clean, and a proof function.

Main features:

  • 5.9 Cu. Ft. Self Cleaning Convection Oven
  • 5 Elements / 100W – 3000W
  • WiFi / Storage Drawer / Warming Center
  • Dimensions (WHD): 29 7/8 X 47 1/8 X 26 in.

6. LG LDE4415ST30″ Stainless Steel Electric Smoothtop Double Oven Range

LG LDE4413ST 30" Stainless Steel Electric Smoothtop Double Oven Range

The ovens preheat very quickly and seem to maintain accurate and consistent temperatures. It displays the temperature as it warms up. When it comes to power requirements for this range/oven, LG recommends a 50 amp 220 V circuit. The convection oven and the speed broil are both excellent features that work well. The upper oven is large enough to cook bigger dishes.

Main features:

  • Total (cu. Ft.): 7.3 / Upper 3 / Lower 4.3
  • Infrared Grill System
  • ProBake Convection
  • Dimensions (WHD): 29 15/16″ X 47 9/32″ X 28 15/16″

Buyers Guide and FAQs

The benefits of having a double oven gas range

double oven range
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The pleasure of saving time

Double oven gas range implies having two ovens in two compartments that, although attached, are separated. It allows different dishes to be cooked simultaneously, each at its temperature and style of heat. Therefore, for quick browning and sealing flavors, this appliance is the best solution.

This style of cuisine is ideal for large families and for those who like to receive people at home because it will save a lot of time by making two different recipes simultaneously. At the same time, you can cook a main dish and dessert, for example. Likewise, if only one of the ovens is on, it is enough for the heat to reach the other, and thus be able to keep a dish warm before serving it. It’s a detail that means a lot.

And if the house is shared, this model is also a great choice. Two partners can prepare their meals simultaneously without taking turns; they only have to determine who requires the most massive oven, designed for more great recipes.

Easier cleaning

You may be thinking that having two ovens also means double cleaning. But since these models are more advanced, they also tend to have facilities such as self-cleaning. That does not mean that you never have to sanitize it, but it does have a technology that repels dirt, with materials that help dissipate grease using the heat of cooking. The result will be a much cleaner kitchen, with minimal effort needed to make it shine. Besides, this prevents stains and crusts from settling inside over time, which could compromise its proper functioning.

Lower consumption

An extra fact of this type of models is that they allow you to consume less. Since they offer two sizes of the oven – if the smaller one is chosen, it is possible to generate less consumption, saving resources that should be used obligatorily in a conventional one.

The largest ones usually offer five burners instead of the classic four, allowing more significant time savings by having several preparations on the fire simultaneously, choosing the smallest burner, and again consuming less if the dish allows.

Security option

Children are known to get into things they shouldn’t and touch things that are fraught with danger. If only one dish is cooked and only one oven is needed, using the upper range cuts out potential risks in the kitchen.

Babies have been accidentally burned by opening the oven while it is on and extremely hot. Using the upper range, the child can accidentally open the lower part off and not get injuries.

How to buy a range or oven?

Space planning

If you want to buy a new oven, the first tip, as always, is to be very clear about the space you have in the kitchen so as not to be upset when installing it, especially if it is clogged.

In any case, it is not usually a problem because the measurements are studied when renovating or assembling a kitchen, but it never hurts to know the height, width, and depth that you have.

Energy efficiency

The oven is one of the electrical appliances that consume more energy, especially those that work with electricity due to electrical power transformation losses into thermal energy. However, a class A electric oven consumes 60% less energy than a class G1. Gas ovens are much more efficient, but electric ovens are more common.

The ovens are also subject to the European Union energy labeling, which classifies household appliances from the letters A to G, with A being the most efficient and G the least. That’s contrary to what happens with washing machines or refrigerators. It is quite challenging to find an oven with the A + label and almost impossible with A ++, indicating even more significant savings when it comes to ovens.

Minimum oven functions

double gas range

If you have no idea what things you should look at when buying an oven, we recommend that you pay attention to the following functions:

  • Heat up and down. The most elementary function of all.
  • Fast preheating. An excellent option to save time but not in electricity. It will get you out of more than one trouble.
  • Grill functions. Perfect for gratin food. Some ovens incorporate different grill modes that you can use as needed.
  • Air. A useful function so that the meat roast does not last forever.
  • Temperature control. Either with electronic controls or traditional rotaries. It would help if you looked at the range that usually oscillates between 50 and 250 degrees Celsius, although cooking at lower temperatures (30 degrees) and higher (270 degrees) can sometimes be advantageous.

Another essential aspect when choosing an oven for the kitchen is to look at the different heights at which the trays and racks can be placed.

Is a double oven gas range worth it?

Most users love their double oven range and say that it’s phenomenal to bake at two different temperatures. It can be quite helpful when you want food to come out at the same time. However, a double-oven range can’t replace a double wall oven. That’s because you’re getting one small and one almost-full-size oven, both sitting low to the ground, rather than two full-size ovens at an easy-to-reach height. But unlike a double wall oven, which requires a lot of space and a professional installation, a double-oven range can fit anywhere that a normal range can. There’s no renovation or redesign necessary. Double ovens cost less, and they include a cooktop, too.

What is the most reliable gas range?

It’s difficult to answer this question as many brands have been consolidated over several decades under relatively few names.

According to our surveys, some of the most reliable gas range brands are the following: Amana, Bosch, Café (formerly GE Café), Electrolux, Frigidaire, GE, Hotpoint, Jenn-Air, Kenmore, KitchenAid, LG, Maytag, Samsung, and Whirlpool.

What are the best double ovens of 2023?

The following is the list of 8 Best Gas Ranges with different characteristics:

  1. Best Overall: KitchenAid Electric Self-Cleaning Wall Oven
  2. Best Gas Range: KitchenAid Double Oven Gas Range
  3. Best Electric Range: LG Electronics 7.3 Cu.
  4. Best Gas Wall: American Range Double Chef Door Gas Wall Oven
  5. Best Electric Wall: Bosch 500 Series Double Oven
  6. Best Splurge: Cafe Dual Fuel Range
  7. Best Budget: Frigidaire Series 30″ Double Wall Oven
  8. Best for Small Spaces: Whirlpool 24 In.

Do chefs prefer gas or electric ovens?

If you are a baker and want to renew your business or an entrepreneur who wants to open your bakery, you will undoubtedly face one of the debates that cause the most stir in the world of bread: Choose between a gas oven or an electric one?

The best option will always depend on the tastes and especially the need of each business. You must first think about how much you produce or want to create; how is the space you have, and the budget you want to allocate to your ovens’ purchase for bread.

Therefore, below we present the advantages and disadvantages of gas ovens:


  • Gas power offers faster and more flexible cooking than electric systems.
  • The oven preheating time is reduced, and the lower temperature is quickly recovered after the door is opened.
  • You can spend less on electricity because you reduce the energy bill’s level by up to 30 percent by not using an electric one.


  • The heat emitted by the gas oven is not the same, compared to an electric one. The second can maintain a uniform temperature and with great precision throughout the cooking.
  • You need the installation to be performed and reviewed by a specialized technician, thus increasing the product’s cost.
  • Given all the above, most chefs would go for gas ovens. That’s because flame equally hits all the sides, which makes preparing food much faster. Also, a gas flame makes it possible to alter the flame and adjust the heat instantly.

Learn more about the difference between gas and electric ovens in the following video:

Is gas oven better than electric for baking?

Gas ovens create a bit more humid baking environment, while electric ovens do the opposite. Therefore, if you produce a lot of bread and pastries, you might want to go for gas. That would decrease the chances of crusts becoming dry.

How to clean a gas oven?

When it comes to traditional gas ovens, cleanliness is even more important than with other models.

In this case, it is not only a question of hygiene and aesthetics but also of safety. Spilled food, grease, and general dirt block the burner holes where the gas comes out and makes it difficult to burn.

For this reason, it is vital to avoid spills or splashes of food as much as possible. But we know that this is not possible all the time, so the best recommendation is to clean the stove frequently; Only then will you ensure that they are always in perfect condition.

Many cleaning products will help you clean your stove. You have to spray a little of the work and rub each piece with a brush to remove dirt. Afterward, you will have to rinse the stove and put it to dry before placing it back in the kitchen.

You can also use home remedies. One of the most effective is to make a mixture of hot water with vinegar. Put the stove in this mixture and let it rest for at least an hour. The vinegar will soften the dirt, so you will only have to finish removing the dirt with a cloth, brush, or putting the pieces under the tap.

Find out how to properly clean a natural gas oven in the following video:

Can you use aluminum foil in a gas oven?

Using aluminum foil in the oven can be dangerous because it withstands high temperatures very well, but it isn’t wholly heat-proof. That’s why you need to be careful.

Here’s a little tip from us: Use new foil to contain spills under the pans each time you bake to avoid oven fires and kitchen smoke. To make the cookies better brown on the bottom:

  • Cover your baking sheets with aluminum foil.
  • Cover grill pan and baking sheets with aluminum foil before use for quick and easy cleanup.
  • Avoid covering or wrapping acidic foods in aluminum foil, as they interact with the material, creating small holes and giving the food a metallic taste.

Best slide-in gas range 2023

After a lot of testing, we concluded that the GE JGS760 is an excellent choice for most kitchens. It has no design flaws or quality-control problems, and its cooking performance is very good for its price. This oven comes with a griddle and has its two most potent burners in the front row, which we find very convenient.

Best professional gas ranges for the home

If you want to buy a professional gas range at the best price, take a look at the following list with the best-selling models of the moment:

  1. Bosch HGI8054UC
  2. Thor Kitchen HRG3080U
  3. KUCHT KRG3080U-S
  4. Cosmo COS-965AGC
  5. Samsung NX58H9500WS


In short, to choose the best oven for your kitchen, you must select one that suits your needs. Also, don’t forget to compare the functionalities and characteristics of the different models.

We hope you’ll find this article helpful!

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