Top 10 Best Handheld Power Scrubber 2021 – Buying Guide

Best Choice
Dremel Versa Cleaning Tool- Grout Brush- Bathroom Shower Scrub- Kitchen & Bathtub Cleaner- Power...
Second Best
YOUKADA Electric Spin Scrubber, 360 Cordless Tile Cleaning Brush, Power Scrubber for Home and...
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MECO Electric Spin Scrubber, Power Scrubber Cordless High Rotation Handheld Bathroom Scrubber...
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BLACK+DECKER Power Scrubber Brush (PKS160)
Dremel Versa Cleaning Tool- Grout Brush- Bathroom Shower Scrub- Kitchen & Bathtub Cleaner- Power...
YOUKADA Electric Spin Scrubber, 360 Cordless Tile Cleaning Brush, Power Scrubber for Home and...
MECO Electric Spin Scrubber, Power Scrubber Cordless High Rotation Handheld Bathroom Scrubber...
BLACK+DECKER Power Scrubber Brush (PKS160)
Best Choice
Dremel Versa Cleaning Tool- Grout Brush- Bathroom Shower Scrub- Kitchen & Bathtub Cleaner- Power...
Dremel Versa Cleaning Tool- Grout Brush- Bathroom Shower Scrub- Kitchen & Bathtub Cleaner- Power...
Second Best
YOUKADA Electric Spin Scrubber, 360 Cordless Tile Cleaning Brush, Power Scrubber for Home and...
YOUKADA Electric Spin Scrubber, 360 Cordless Tile Cleaning Brush, Power Scrubber for Home and...
Also Consider
MECO Electric Spin Scrubber, Power Scrubber Cordless High Rotation Handheld Bathroom Scrubber...
MECO Electric Spin Scrubber, Power Scrubber Cordless High Rotation Handheld Bathroom Scrubber...
Don't Miss
BLACK+DECKER Power Scrubber Brush (PKS160)
BLACK+DECKER Power Scrubber Brush (PKS160)

Is keeping your home clean causing you trouble? The reality is that in 2021 we are spending a lot be more time at home than we would initially like. This means a lot more stains and dirt. Does your household get filthy quicker? And do you need to spend hours and hours doing the mundane cleaning chores?

If the answer to some of these questions is positive, then continue reading as we have found the solution to your problems. The answer to your problems is a handheld power scrubber. Sounds interesting? Continue reading as we will provide you with the best products on the market.

Up next, the best handheld power scrubbers in 2021.

1. ES-100 Electric Scrubber by Elicto

The ES-100 Electric Scrubber by the brand Elicto is a specially designed and made cleaning tool. Only the prime quality materials are implemented in this particular scrubbing product.

The tool is ergonomically made, which means your back and arms won’t suffer while using it. The ES-100 Electric Scrubber is a cordless tool that can easily reach even the least accessible spots and corners. It comes with a telescopic handle so that even the high places can be cleaned without obstacles.

The integrated battery has the autonomy of two whole hours once the cleaning device is fully charged. Five different brush heads come with the product: hard short brush, long bristle brush, cotton flannel pad, scouring pad, and a sponge brush. They can be used for cleaning a variety of surfaces, from car wheels to window glasses.

The ES-100 can be used both indoor and outdoor thanks to its waterproof seal design. The product comes with the IPX7 level of resistance towards humidity and water.

Although on the pricier side, this product is very versatile and can be used in cleaning numerous different surfaces. The ES-100 Scrubber will amaze and satisfy even the pickiest customers.

2. Scrub Brush Electric Spin by PowerDoF

Scrub Brush Electric Spin Scrubber by PowerDoF

The PowerDoF Electric Scrubber is a versatile product. It is designed to help you out and shorten the time that you would usually spend cleaning. This is a powered scrubber designed for professional use but can be used in households as well.

The product is powered by a small but efficient motor. It produces almost no noise and works at a steady speed. The outer shell of the product is made of waterproof material. The scrubber is small in size and is designed to fit in hand perfectly. It comes with an easy to hold handle, which means no more tedious work, and sore wrists.

A pack of four different brushes, a manual, battery charging dock, and a power scrubber are included in the package. The brushes can be used for cleaning a variety of surfaces from the dirty barbeque grills to waxing and polishing leather sofas and wooden flooring.

The product is designed both for indoor and outdoor use. It is a water-resistant tool. This particular device comes with the guarantee is safe to use outside as it comes with the IPX7 level of protection against humidity.

3. High-Speed Power Cleaner by Dremel Versa

High-Speed Power Cleaner by Dremel Versa

The High-Speed Power Cleaner by the brand Dremel Versa is another multi-functional tool. Although petite in size, Dremel’s tool is a truly powerful cleaning device. Don’t let its small size fool you.

This fast cleaning tool is designed ergonomically and will fit in your hand perfectly. It is powered via the USB system. Once the battery is charged, you can scrub for the whole 25 minutes without turning it off. A 120 V charger is included in the package. Also, the four different brush accessories come with the cleaning device. These include an eraser pad, a non-scratch pad, a bristle brush, and a heavy-duty pad. They can be applied on numerous surfaces from the bathroom to the wooden furniture.

The High-Speed Power Cleaner is an easy to use tool, that will quickly liberate your home from the stains and dirt, both indoors and outdoors.

4. Electric Spin Scrubber by Youkada

Electric Spin Scrubber by Youkada

The Electric Spin Scrubber is a very handy cleaning tool. It is adjustable, flexible, and can be used for cleansing diverse surfaces. It has a simple, minimal design and comes in silver color.

The cleaning tool is powered by a battery, which is easily charged. Once fully charged, it can work wirelessly non-stop for about an hour. Three different brushes come with the product. These are an extra-wide flat brush, a dome brush, and a precise corner brush. They can be easily changed. The tool comes with a telescopic handle, so you can reach even the higher corners of the room without any obstacles. With Youkada electric scrubber, you home will be impeccable clean with almost no effort at all.

This device is designed to work both indoors and outdoors. You can use it in the kitchen, bathroom or even to wash your muddy car wheels.

5. Electric Spin Scrubber by MecoEleverde

Electric Spin Scrubber by MecoEleverde

The MecoElvedere Electric Spin Scrubber is probably a solution for most of your cleaning issues. It is an ergonomically designed product that will leave no soreness in your muscles- your back and your arms will be thankful to you.

The scrubber is powered by a 3.7 V battery. The battery is charged via a plug adapter. You can easily detect when your device is fully charged. The LED indicator will turn blue once the charging is finished. The manipulation is really easy and straightforward. The tool is light in weight, and there is a handle for a smooth application. One flat brush, one rounded brush, and a pointed corner brush will help you clean areas from the bathtub and sink to the window still or yard furniture.

The level of protection on the MecoElverde electric scrubber is IPX6, which means it should not be submerged in the water. Non the less contact with a splash of water won’t actually break it.

6. Spin Scrubber by Homitt

Spin Scrubber by Homitt

Handheld Power Spin Scrubber by the brand Homitt is a cordless cleaner, powered by a battery. Once turned on, the battery can last for a while.

This cleaning accessory is designed to shorten your cleaning time and make it effective. The anti-slip handle makes it easy to use the tool. The elongated arm will enable you to reach even the less accessible corners and spots. The maintenance of the product is simple and it can be stored away without occupying too much of your valuable space.

Three different brushes come with the Homitt mini scrubber. The corner brush can be used for more precise cleaning of the spaces such as grout and small and tight places. The round brush is concave in shape and is perfect for cleaning your bathroom. Last, but not least flat brush is excellent for cleaning spacious and flat surfaces.

7. Electric Spin Brush by MGLSDeet

Electric Spin Scrubber by MGLSDeet 

The Electric Spin Scrubber by the MGLSDeet is very similar in design to the MecoElvedere Electric Spin Scrubber. It is an energy-saving cleaning tool that works wirelessly. A rechargeable 2500 mAh, once full, will give the working autonomy of 60 minutes to this device.

The handle is ergonomically designed and enables an easy grip and manipulation during the cleaning time. You can choose between two cleaning speeds. A pack of four exchangeable brushes comes with the power scrubber. A microfiber pad, a pointed corner brush, a small round brush, and a big round brush will shorten your cleaning time and get to the difficult to access corners. A charging cord comes together with the product.

8. Super Sonic Scrubber by SonicScrubber

Super Sonic Scrubber by SonicScrubber

Although small in size, the Super Sonic Scrubber is a very powerful cleaning tool. This multi-purpose household device is produced by a Japanese brand SonicScrubber. We know that Japanese products are good-quality tools that are made to last. And the Super Sonic Scrubber is no exception to that rule. And guess what? It is absolutely affordable.

The total length of the tool is 12 in. This makes it a lightweight and easy to use cleaning device. It will fit perfectly in your hand, and the rubber material on the handle will prevent slipping.

This product requires no charging, as it is powered by four simple AA style batteries. There are five versatile and easily changeable brushes for numerous usages. This tool will help you clean anything from the back of your toilet shell to the corners of your shower.

9. Grimebuster Power Brush by BLACK+DECKER

Grimebuster Power Brush by BLACK+DECKER

The Grimebuster Power Brus is a small in size yet highly effective all-purpose handheld scrubber by the brand BLACK+DECKER. This cleaning device is hardly bigger than the average fist size. Non the less it is a mighty household tool.

Four AA alkaline batteries provide enough power for tedious cleaning tasks. It is a durable and long-lasting accessory with a wide range of applications. It will work well with different cleaning liquids and detergents. An anti-slip handle is providing comfort, even your hands are wet.

A push in the squeegee and a washable foam filter is included in the package.

10. Power Scrubber Brush by BLACK+DECKER

Power Scrubber Brush by BLACK+DECKER

The Power Scrubber is another efficient cleaning product by the BLACK+DECKER. It is an inexpensive product that will help you out in keeping your kitchen clean and impeccable.

This particular product can be used both submerged in the water and above the water level. The handle is protected by rubber for more control and comfort. Once again, you will need four AA batteries to power this tool. Two heavy-duty scrub pads come with the scrubber. However, if you need a particular type of brush, you purchase them separately from the brand.

Here is a quick review of the Black+Decker power scrubber:

Buying Guide for 2021

You have seen our list of the best power scrubbers. But how to select the right one? Here is a short buyer’s guide to help you out. Consider these features when purchasing your cleaning device.

Brush heads

Brush heads scrubbers

Think about all the surfaces you will want to clean. Then check out the different brushes that come in the package. The greater the number of brushes, the greater the versatility of the scrubber.


Some scrubbers come with a certain level of protection against humidity and water, while others don’t. If you want to use your device in a humid place like bathrooms or submerged underwater, then opt for waterproof cleaning tools.


A telescopic handle, an extra handle, or additional brush heads are just some of the accessories that usually come with the scrubber. These elements will help you out and shorten the time when cleaning, so rather go for scrubbers that come with supplementary items.

Best Handled Power Scrubber FAQ

What is the best overall handheld power scrubber? The ES-100 Electric Scrubber by Elicto and the Scrub Brush Electric Spin Scrubber by PowerDoF is probably the best handheld power scrubbers on the market in 2021.

Is baking soda good for cleaning the tile grout?

The backing soda is a great cleaning agent. You can use it for cleaning the tile grout with no fear.

Is vinegar good for tile grout?

The vinegar is a good cleaning agent for some surfaces. However, vinegar is a very aggressive substance that will weaken the tile grout. Therefore it shouldn’t be used for this particular purpose.


The handheld power scrubbers come in a different size, shape, and at different prices. What they do have in common is that they will leave your house impeccably clean. There will be no more inconvenient and uncomfortable positions while cleaning so your body will be more thankful. Chose the device that best suits your preferences and needs. Which scrubber would you like to try out? Have you decided yet?

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Before you go, take a look at some other models available on the market right now:

Cordless Electric Scrubber, Power Spin Scrubber, Handheld Power Scrubber with 4 Spin Scrubber...
  • Cordless Electric Scrubber is lightweight and heavy-duty, with IPX7 Waterproof Function: The water-proof seal design makes power spin scrubber safe to operate under wet conditions such as showers,...
  • Richoose electric spin scrubber cordless with 3.6V Ni-MH 2100mAh Rechargeable Battery which can work for up to two hours per charge. (Include 2 pieces Rechargeable Battery)
  • The Power Spin Scrubber with 4 Replaceable Power Scrubber Brush Heads and 4 Replacement Pads, High 360 Degree Rotation for Shower, Tiles, Bathroom (Bathtub), Floor, Kitchen, Car, Sink, Wall, and...
  • Why you need cordless electric spin scrubber? The cordless electric scrubber is very lightweight and heavy duty, easy to pick up and use, can quickly clean the surface without fatigue, and improves...
  • What you will get? 1 x Cordless Electric Scrubber; 4 x Replacement Power Scrubber Brushes Heads ; 4x Replacement Pads,1 x Charger Adapter with US Plug;2 x 3.6V 2100mAh Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery
ProSMF Drill Brush Power Scrubber - Ultimate All Purpose Cleaning Drill Brush Attachment Kit -...
  • NO MORE HAND SCRUBBING! Turn Your Cordless Drill into a Powerful Cleaning Tool! Easily Remove Dirt and Grime!
  • BONUS WASH BUCKET/STORAGE CONTAINER INCLUDED with Your 21 Piece Kit! Cleaning Has Never Been So Easy! Clean Deeper, Faster and Save Time!
  • LOWER FATIGUE and SAVE TIME! Excellent for Wet or Dry Applications. ProSMF Polypropylene Brushes are Extremely Durable, Tough and Long-Wearing - Offering an Increased Cleaning Surface.
  • TAKE CLEANING TO THE NEXT LEVEL! Perfect for Everything, Showers, Bathtubs, Tile, Grout, Sinks, Bathrooms, Baseboards, Fiberglass Shower Enclosures, Shower Door Tracks, and Porcelain. Counters,...
  • ProSMF PRODUCTS ARE BACKED BY OUR 90-DAY SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. Brushes are Perfect for Homes, Schools, Health Care, Business, and Industrial Applications. Do It Like A Pro!
Electric Spin Scrubber Cordless Handheld high Speed Cleaning Brush -Rechargeable with 4 Replaceable...
  • Cordless & Lightweight:The Spin Scrubber is cordless so it can be used anywhere outside without the hassles of dragging cords around. This scrubber is extremely lightweight and is very easy to pick...
  • Easy Brush Head Installation :The Electric Spin Scrubber comes with 4 replaceable cleaning brush heads, you can simply press or pull out the brush head to connect the machine head. Can be used for...
  • Make Cleaning Easier:The advantage of rechargeable power scrubber is that you can save your strength and reduce your burden when you cleaning house. The Ergonomically designed handle, make clean...
  • Multi-brush Head, No Corner:The electric spin scrubber includes 4 brush heads to meet your different cleaning needs. The rounded brush is perfect for bathtub or sink. The flat brush is suitable for...
  • Efficent and Powerful:Can be rotated 360 degrees, quickly scrubs and cleans in the bathroom , kitchen or anywhere. improve cleaning efficiency. With Built-in rechargeable 2200MHA battery, Power...
Tilswall Electric Spin Scrubber, Cordless Grout Shower 360 Power Bathroom Cleaner with 4 Replaceable...
  • 🌀 New 2.0 updated: 【Enjoy new cordless version, save more time with your love!】Tilswall spin scrubber changed traditional manual cleaning, caring about women! Upgrade in multiple functions....
  • 🌀 Metal Instead of Plastic: Sharing similar appearance but different structure! Using patented poly-ring ring and metal parts of inner structure increase durability to withstand 60kg of torsion to...
  • 🌀 4 Multi-Purpose Brush Heads: Still worrring cleaning with short bristles?Long & thick PC bristles ( hair depth > 7mm) are not easy to shed and won't leave any scratch. Extra-wide flat brush for...
  • 🌀 12A Minimize Damage Rate: Facing stubborn stains, the cleaning tool is often used by force, we update the current to 12A to withstand higher resistance, which reduce approximately half of the...
  • 🌀 Tool-free extended handle & best gift: Short or long? it's your choice! Save knees and backs! By simply press side release button, it quickly allows you to change the scrubber length from 27.6...
Quickie Household Power Scrubber
  • The Quickie Handheld Power Scrubber is a great way to get a better clean
  • Includes two cleaning heads - a sponge scrubber and bristle brush
  • 4 AA batteries included
  • Scrubber and brush heads are compatible with the Quickie Tub ‘n Tile Power Scrubber
  • Limited 1 year warranty