10 Best Pasta Cutter Wheel 2023 – Buying Guide & Reviews

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Autumn has arrived in the Northern Hemisphere, and there is nothing better to boost your spirits and energy than a plate of warm homemade food. If you are looking for proper soul food to pamper even the most demanding palates, pasta dishes will always be an excellent choice. Have you perhaps thought about bringing the game to a whole different level by making your own pasta at home? Even less experienced chefs will easily taste the difference between an industrial and homemade tagliatelle, lasagna, or ravioli.

There are a few essential tools one will certainly need for pasta making. The pasta cutter is undoubtedly one of those crucial gadgets. Although it may seem like a fairly simple tool, differences in the quality of products for cutting pasta can be quickly detected.

A Complete Guide to Selecting the Right Pasta Cutter Wheels

Are you currently on the search for the best pasta cutter wheel? Search no more, as we have gathered the ten best pasta cutters on the market this year.

1. Professional Pasta Cutter Wheel – Double Pasta and Ravioli Cutter Wheel, 2 Separate Blades

The professional pasta cutter is designed by the Italian brand La Gondola. It is made out of sturdy brass and the handle is produced out of natural wood. The overall concept of this kitchen tool is sleek and simple, yet luxury looking.

The cutter is quality tested, and is marked as solid and super resistant. Therefore, a lifelong guarantee is given to this pasta cutting product. You can choose between a rigid wheel and a double combined cutter. Both tools will cut the dough evenly and uniformly. The product comes in recycled eco-friendly packaging.

2. Atlas Pasta / Pastry Dough Cutter

Atlas Pasta - Pastry Dough Cutter

The Atlas pasta cutting tool is made by the brand Mercato Design. It can be used both for cutting pasta and pizza dough. This tool is made of lightweight, stainless material. The handle is ergonomic and comfortable when held in hand. The cutter is produced in Italy.

Three interchangeable wheels come in the package; flat, small and big zig-zag ones. Six different color variants are available on the market-silver, green, pink, red, black and blue. The maintenance is simple and easy. A 10-year warranty is given by the manufacturer.

3. Cake Boss Pastry and Pasta Cutter

Cake Boss Wooden Tools And Gadgets Pastry Wheel

This pastry and pasta cutting wheel is made by the brand Cake Boss. The particularity of this tool is that it comes with two distinct steel blades-one is straight and the other is meant for creating twirled edges. The handle is looking sleek and is made from beechwood. The handle is also available in one more material and color-red plastic.

This tool can be used for scalloping cutting a variety of masses, such as pasta, fondant, gum paste. It is not advisable to wash this product in a dishwasher, as the wood handle could be damaged.

4. HSPRW Pasta and Pastry Cutter

Happy Sales HSPRW-15D, Pastry and Pasta Cutter Wheel

The HSPRW Pasta and Pastry Cutter is produced by the brand Happy Sales. This kitchen tool is made in Italy and promises durability and good quality. The diameter of the wheel is 1,5”. It is made as a combination of a chrome wheel and a wooden handle. The handle is simple and comfortable, which is why this tool is practical and easy to use.

The HSPRW cutter can be used for creating and slicing a variety of pasta and baking goodies-pastries, pies, empanadas, ravioli, you name it. The maintenance is simple and when cleaned in a proper way this tool can serve you for years.

5. Nopro Stainless Steel Ravioli/ Pastry Wheel

Norpro Stainless Steel Ravioli - Pastry Wheel

The stainless-steel cutter is produced by the brand Nopro. It is very light; it weighs only 0.2 pounds! This tool is completely made out of gorgeously polished chrome. The design is minimalist and there are two wheels, one for straight lines, and one for created the scalloped ones.

This double-headed cutter can be used for making and slicing pasta, pastry, cookie dough, pies and a variety of other baked goods. It is ergonomically designed and a rounded handle will sit perfectly in hand. The suitable hang hole will make the storing easy.

6. Supreme Home Life 3-Piece Pasta Maker & Cutter Set

Supreme Home Life 3-Piece Pasta Maker & Cutter Set

The cutter by the brand Supreme Home Life comes as a part of a three-piece set that includes: the cutter, square and round ravioli stamp. All three tools are made of high-quality stainless steel. This set is all you will ever need for making your perfect ravioli pasta. The tools are very sleek in design and will practically occupy no storing space.

The cutter, itself, has a double-bladed head- on side is for straight lines, whereas the other is for creating scalloped slices. The fluted edges will grant very meticulous and clean cuts.

7. Pasta/Ravioli Cutter Wheel

Pasta/Ravioli Cutter Wheel

The pasta and ravioli cutter from the brand Gen is a multipurpose kitchen tool.

It is a high-quality kitchen essential, which can be used for slicing pasta, pizza, pastry, scalloping fondant, or for making Instagram – worthy lattice pie crusts. The diameter of the wheels is 1,5”.

The cutter is double-headed and the handle is covered with rubber and therefore, can be washed in a dishwasher. The gen pasta cutter is durable and made to last for a long time.

8. Eppicotispai Aluminum Straight Pastry Wheel

The Eppicotispai cutting wheel is a very simple but handy utensil. It is a kitchen tool that was made in Italy. It is very minimal in design, but very practical on the other hand.

The wheel is plain and made of aluminum which makes the cutter lightweight. The wooden handle is made of beechwood, which makes it durable and not heavy at all. Handling the Eppicotispai pasta cutter is very straightforward and comfortable for the hand and wrist. When it comes to cleaning, it is advised to hand wash this cutting tool, so that the wooden handle wouldn’t get damaged in the dishwasher.

9. Better Houseware Pastry and Ravioli Wheel

Better Houseware Pastry and Ravioli Wheel

If you are looking for a simple pasta cutting tool, look no further as the Pastry and Ravioli Wheel by the brand Better House ware is just a tool for you. The wheel can be used for cutting a variety of products – it can slice all types of pasta mass, cookie dough, creating lattice pie crusts or other decorative elements.

This cutter comes with a single fluted edge wheel. It is made of stainless steel and will occupy no space in your drawer, once you store it away. The handle is made of rubber. Therefore, maintenance is simple, as it can be washed in a dishwasher.

10. Nopro Grip-EZ Pastry/ Ravioli Wheel

Nopro Grip-EZ Pastry/ Ravioli Wheel

This is another useful product by the brand Nopro, however, it comes at a much more affordable price. The pasta cutter is made once again with two wheels-flat one which will slice dough in the straight lines, and the other for the scalloped, twirled lines. Both blades are made of stainless steel.

The handle is ergonomic and made of soft santoprene, which is a rubber material. This handle will fit well in our hand and there will be no unwanted stress on your wrist and hand when cutting.

Have you found your perfect pasta tool yet? If you still can’t make up your mind, our buyer’s guide will certainly help you out in making the right decision.

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Up Now Buyer’s Guide

Making pasta from scratch can be both a lot of fun and a bit of a challenge. Therefore, having the right tools will enhance your cooking time. There are a couple of parameters and features one should pay attention to when getting the right cutting wheel.

First of all, the pasta cutter is one of the most frequently used tools in the process of pasta making. Accordingly, this gadget needs to be a high-quality one. The ergonomics is a key attribute to consider. The cutter should fit perfectly in hand, and there shouldn’t be any wrist-twisting while cutting the dough. Handles are mainly made either out of wood, rubber or plastic which should be pleasant tactile surfaces.

On the other hand, the blade part should be sharp and made of resistant materials. Inbox, a type of steel that won’t be easily altered or corrode when in touch with water, is a perfect material for the wheel element. The design of the merchandise can also influence your decision when acquiring the commodity. By choosing a good quality tool, the product will be economically justified and you are also being environmentally friendly. When possible, always aim to reduce the purchase and usage of disposable goods and tools.

Do you have some questions regarding pasta cutter wheels? Below, you may read about the most frequently asked questions with regard to this particular kitchen tool.

What is the most effective way to clean the pasta cutter wheel?

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During the process of pasta making, your tools will inevitably get dirty. By constantly being in touch with the dough, flour, water and other liquids, mass materials will unavoidably be left on the tool.

The cutting part is somewhat sharp, so clean this part with caution. Usually, cutters can be hand or machine wash, but it depends mostly on the material of the cutter and handle. Before washing try to scrub off all the flower and. In case that not all residue is completely removed in the washing process, you can use a small brush or toothpick to remove it from the less accessible parts. But always keep in mind that you are handling a sharp object.

How to clean rusty pasta cutter?

When you buy a good quality cutter, it should serve you for a long time. For blades made of stainless steel, no rust should appear, even after using it for a rather long period of time (even years!). But in case your pasta cutter wheel starts showing the first signs of rust, you can remove the decay in a relatively easy way.

Spray or sprinkle baking soda over the rusty bits. Let the baking soda sits on the surface for about half an hour. Then wet a scrubbing brush with water and scrub the surface until there is no more traces of corrosion.

How do you dry pasta?

Once your pasta is made and cut into adequate bits by the wheel cutter, you can decide whether you want to use it right then or store it for later. The best way to preserve pasta for later use is to dry it. Spread each piece of pasta in a single layer over a baking sheet. Leave it uncovered in a dry area for about 12 to 24 hours. Occasionally stir pasta pieces and turn them around so both sides get aired properly. The time that will take pasta to dry completely depends primarily on the type of dough, ingredients, size and thickness of the pasta.

Getting the best pasta cutter is, first of all, a matter of taste and preference. They are available in different materials and styles, so opt for one that will bring the most value to your pasta DIYs. Release your true needs prior to your purchase and then go shopping. Try to go for the ergonomically designed, good-quality tools that will last you in the long run. Remember pasta cutting wheels will make the pasta making process so much easier and will save you plenty of your valuable time. With the help of a wheel cutter shaping ravioli or other patterned pasta will be done in a matter of moments. Therefore, this simple and tiny kitchen tool will soon become one of your favorite ones!

Take a look at this instructional video that should help you learn how to dry fresh pasta and prepare it for cutting:

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