10 Traditional Cookies You Need To Try When Visiting Australia

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Australia unquestionably has a lot to offer the world.

Visitors swarm to the nation to view its rich historical landmarks, breathtaking natural landscapes, and countless rare and exotic animal species. It is a wild spot to visit.

As you move around the country, a vast range of sights, sounds, and tastes will catch your attention. Then, when talking about flavors, we must not forget about their delectable cookies!

Because they are so cherished, it is typical for the locals to call cookies “biscuits” rather than “cookies.”

In Australia, you can choose from a broad selection of cookies that reflect the nation’s long history of baking sweet treats. Here are some delicious options that you should consider.

Traditional Cookies You Need To Try When Visiting Australia

1. Lamingtons

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A square sponge cake coated in chocolate icing and dried coconut is known as the “National Cake” of Australia.

The Lamington is so deeply embedded in Australian society that the National Trust of Queensland referred to it as one of Australia’s favorite icons. It is also more so a dessert than it is a cookie, but it is worth mentioning in this list.

The cake may also be served in some cafes with a layer of jam and cream in the middle. It is also frequently encountered at fairs and fundraising events where it is provided with coffee or tea.

2. Mint slice chocolate biscuit

Because they’re neither your average chocolate biscuit nor an after-dinner mint, these delectable Mint Slice Chocolate Biscuits are a hit with everyone. Are you a fan of mint with your sweets, drinks, or maybe in your gum? Well, the min slice chocolate biscuits can calm down your cravings!

These are a welcome alternative to Tim Tams, which are rarely accessible outside of Australia.

3. Wagon wheel

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Do you still have any childhood memories of the cowboy advertisements for these delicious chocolate cookies? This used to be a huge thing and a well-loved sweet back in the day for most Ausies.

These Wagon Wheel nibbles, which are exclusively available in Australia, are great if you enjoy Clint Eastwood-style cowboy movies.

They, therefore, make an excellent gift for Australians who are homesick.

4. Scotch finger

The traditional Arnott’s Scotch Finger Biscuits go well with a cup of coffee or tea.

Both young people and the elderly enjoy Australia’s version of Walker’s Shortbread.

Additionally, they work well for storing in your luggage and sending to loved ones who may live far away.

Be careful not to crush them in the process!

5. Anzac biscuit

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These biscuits were cooked by the mothers and wives of World War I servicemen.

The first Anzac biscuits were far different from what we know now.

Oats, flour, coconut, butter, golden syrup, and bicarbonate of soda were the original components; together, they produced a fantastic mixture that could resist the arduous travel to the trenches by ship and by land.

These biscuits were so challenging to manufacture that they earned the nickname “soldier biscuits,” alluding to the fact that diggers used them in place of bread.

These biscuits are a necessity on ANZAC Day.

6. Tim tams

A thin chocolate filling holds two layers of chocolate-malted biscuit together, and the entire item is then covered in melted chocolate.

They arrived on the Australian coast as early as the 1960s.

There are many different flavors and variations of Tim Tams available today.

You can pick from a huge selection of flavors, including chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and salted caramel.

Another well-known technique for these cookies is the “Tim Tam Slam,” which entails slicing the biscuit in half, dunking it in a cup of tea or coffee, and then sucking the beverage up through the biscuit before it crumbles.

7. White chocolate macadamia nut cookies

Source: taste.com.au

These tiny treats made a humble Australian bakery in Byron Bay famous.

These cookies are amazing because they are chewy, creamy, nutty, and just the right amount of sweet.

It all comes down to using real butter and handling the dough properly.

Ensure that you don’t overdo!

Fold gently until it all comes together, but after it does, don’t move it around too much.

8. Passionfruit biscuit

Many of Australia’s desserts and treats feature key ingredients like coconut and passion fruit.

Cookies that resemble buttery shortbread and have a flavor of passionfruit are delicate and delectable. People who like sweet fruity snacks and biscuits that are tasty without being too sweet or hard to make tend to go for this cookie quite often.

9. YoYo biscuit

Source: myfoodbook.com.au

Their name comes from how much they resemble yo-yos.

They are a popular Australian treat that is still available in bakeries today.

The sole distinction between the biscuit and a soft shortbread batter is custard powder.

If you’ve ever combined pudding mix with cookie dough, you’ll understand what I mean.

The flavor is enhanced, and the crumb is soft and creamy.

Experiment with different fillings to see which one suits you the best.

Having passionfruit is a requirement if you want to be truly Australian.

10. Iced vovo

The Iced VoVo, a staple in Australia, is topped with raspberry jam and two delicate ribbons of pink fondant.

Coconut dust serves as the cookies’ final flourish.

Arnott’s biscuits have been covered by trademark protection since 1906.

In 2007, when Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd mentioned Iced VoVo cookies in his victory speech, sales of the fabled treats increased all throughout the nation.

Iced VoVos are quite popular at kids’ birthday parties, and are usually served with a cup of tea.

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