8 Foods To Carry When You’re Travelling With a Baby

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Having a newborn baby or a toddler is the purest and wholesome experience that you can go through. You will share so many beautiful memories in the upcoming years, and you will love taking them on a quick family getaway, as well as on their first trip ever! However, make sure that you pack properly, especially when it comes to their foods, as well as beverages or some other must-have groceries.

If you want to know a bit more when it comes to packing and traveling with a baby, keep on reading and find out all there is to know!

Should you go organic?

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These days moms get to choose if they wish to breastfeed their babies or go for organic formula. Organic formula is an amazing alternative that can help your babies grow strong and healthy. Some doctors and professionals also believe that there are fewer less heavy metals, as well as fewer antioxidants in these formulas. If you want to know what are some other benefits of going organic, check out Parenthood.guide and their best organic formulas, you and your kids will love them!

Top 8 Foods That You Should Carry When Travelling

1. Baby Food

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Baby food is quite practical, as well as yummy and nutritious for babies. You can prepare it with ease and while you’re on the go, plus you can feed your infants above six months with it. You will enjoy various different kinds, as well as premium flavors that are available on the market.

2. Milk

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Milk is for babies and your toddlers + you will love it if you’re looking for something that is rich in nutrients, as well as easy to digest. Sometimes breastfeeding a baby can be challenging when you’re on the go, which is why you should consider bringing and using a breast pump while you’re on the go. Mix this powder formula and let your baby enjoy high-quality, and perhaps organic milk when you’re out and about.

3. Fruit purees

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Fruit purees are loaded with different kinds of nutrients, and they are super easy to prepare when you’re traveling on your own, or with your kids. All you need is one bowl, your fruits, milk, and a fork. Mash these together and feed them in the car, or when taking a break from a walk.

4. Berries

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Babies are drawn to colors and beautiful shapes, as well as fruits. This is why you could feed them with these sweet goods and surprise with a spoonful of berries at any given point during the day. You could also switch this up with some strawberries or kiwi.

5. Salmon

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Babies are growing up fast and rapidly, and we need to feed them with loads of omega 3-fatty acids that are important for their growth and overall health. You could feed your baby with a mashed up and cooked salmon with a spoon, or you can opt for baby food that has salmon in it.

6. Peanuts

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A couple of researches have shown that babies will enjoy peanuts at a period of 4-6 months. By introducing them at this early stage, you can prevent peanut allergies, especially if your baby is prone and has a high risk of developing it. Spread a bit of peanut butter onto a toast stick and let your baby chew and suck on it, as well as enjoy this salted goodie.

7. Spinach

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Most babies will make a funny face when trying out spinach, or some other type of leafy greens. Babies are usually not that huge on kale and chard, but the sooner you get them onto this healthy trend, the sooner you will thank yourself! Leafy greens will help with your child’s overall health, and they will help with their immune system, as well as growth.

8. Eggs

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Eggs are healthy, as well as easy to prepare and bring with you when you’re traveling. You will enjoy feeding your baby with a hard-boiled egg that has been chopped for easy finger eating. Eggs have six grams of protein, and they are beneficial for you and your little one as well.

Important rules to understand before feeding your baby

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Appropriate solid foods for babies

  • 6 months old:

They should eat well-cooked and pureed meat, as well as beans

Your baby can eat single-grain cereal or infant cereal with breast milk or formula with the highest quality from The Milky Box.

Pureed vegetables

Mashed foods such as bananas or avocado

  • 9 months old:

Your baby can eat chopped meat

You can feed him or her vegetables that have previously been cooked and places in 1/2 pieces

Most soft fruits

  • 12 months old:

Feed him or her soft, shredded meat, poultry, or fish

You can feed him or her cooked veggies

Some soft and chewy fruits

Most larger dishes that are in an appropriate size and portion for your little one

Mixed food dishes the family is eating in appropriately sized pieces

What is not recommended to bring with you or to feed your child if they are younger than two years?

What most moms tend to avoid bringing are:

  • Popcorn
  • Nuts and any type of seeds
  • Large chunks of meat
  • Candy and gum
  • Hard or raw fruits or vegetables
  • Whole grapes
  • Sticky foods

Ready to hit the road?

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So, are you ready to hit the road and enjoy your spare time with your family, or with your baby? Packing for the first time ever can be a bit stressful since we tend to forget some stuff and items. This is why you should read our list carefully, and choose some of these main ingredients and food items that we’ve listed right here! Let us know how did your shopping go, as well as your packing for the big trip in the comments down below!