How to Make a Perfect Cup of Coffee

    Perfect Cup of Coffee

    As all the coffee lovers and morning haters know, a good cup of coffee can set the mood for the whole day. While some of you might be tempted to allow a barista to serve you your first cup of coffee, some of us enjoy preparing a cup of coffee in the comfort of our own home. It is not that difficult to prepare a cup of good coffee, it includes storing your beans correctly and using the best filters in order to prevent unwanted bitterness. With these simple nine steps, you will be able to make your perfect cup of coffee, right in your home.

    How to make coffee?

    There are three most common ways to make coffee at home. The all-time favorite has to be a classic drip machine, but pour-over coffee at home is becoming increasingly popular and the French press is one of the favorites as well. Here is a list of all three methods with their steps:

    Pour over

    If you want a delicious, complex, and aromatic cup of coffee, this method will not disappoint you. Here are the steps:

    1. Firstly, you will need to boil water in a kettle.
    2. If you are using coffee beans, make sure that your grind the beans to look similar to granulated table salt.
    3. Put the filter in the brewer and rinse it off with how water. This will remove the paper residue on the filter, as well as warm up the brewer, which will keep your coffee hot for a long time. Of course, discard the water after rinsing off.
    4. Add the coffee grounds to the filter, and make sure that the surface is at a good level. When the water is between 195º and 205ºF, slowly pour enough water over the coffee to saturate them in a correct way. Starting from the middle and working your way outwards. When the coffee starts to drip through, stop pouring the water.
    5. Slowly pour in the rest of the water. This method should take 3-4 minutes. After finishing, carefully remove the filter, then serve the coffee with some cookies, and enjoy your first cup of the day.

    French Press

    French Press

    Make coffee like any European would while making coffee with a French press. Here are the 4 simple steps:

    1. Like the previous method about, this one starts the same. Bring the water to boil in the kettle.
    2. If you are using whole beans, grind them to the size similar to breadcrumbs. After doing so, add the coffee to the French press.
    3. When the water is between 195º and 205ºF, add it to the press and stir it into the grounds. Brew it for about 4 minutes, and then slowly plunge the press that will separate the grounds from the coffee.
    4. Serve with something sweet that you like and relax before the busy day ahead of you.

    Keep in mind that if you are not planning to drink the coffee right away, do not leave it inside the press, since if it is left for a long time, the coffee will become quite bitter. Instead, you could pour it in a coffee thermos and enjoy it while at work.


    drip coffee machine

    On a crazy morning, nothing beats being simple like a drip coffee machine. Depending on the machine you won, you could make up to 12 cups of fresh coffee at a time. Here is the simplest method on our list:

    1. If you are using whole beans, you should firstly grind the beans into the same consistency as granulated table salt.
    2. Pour fresh water into the back of the machine and press the “on” button.
    3. As soon as the brewing is done, turn off the machine right away in order to avoid the coffee having a burnt taste. Once a month, you should clean your machine by filtering a mixture of water and vinegar, which will remove any residue that was left behind.


    In order to make a quality cup of coffee, make sure that you always but fresh beans, keep them stored properly in order for them to remain fresh, choose the best coffee, and grind it on your own.