Smart Kitchen Storage and Organization Ideas

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The kitchen is a very important part of every household whether you live single, with friends or with a family. This is the place where your health and well-being are taken care of. A messy kitchen is always a headache for you and a disgusting sight for the visitors. Whether you are a housewife or a working woman, organize it using Rotimatic way of organization. You can arrange your kitchen smartly. Follow the steps from our experts and make your kitchen a welcoming and pleasant place.

Sorting the Stuff

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Always start organizing your kitchen from sorting your stuff. This stuff includes food items, utensils and other gadgets. Even the organizers you use to arrange your belongings also fall into this category. Remember that a clean kitchen is a smartly organized one. If your kitchen has modern equipment like rotimatic and other smart kitchen appliances it will add value to it.

Discarding the Unwanted Items

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Start from de-cluttering and look for the items you do not need anymore. Such items may be any gadget you never used for cooking or some food items that you never wanted to utilize. These unwanted things clutter the cabinets and the entire kitchen. If these unwanted things are in very good condition, send them to any of your friends who might like that thing. However, if you have a number of items you do not need any more, you may go for a garage sale. You may donate the food items that are not expired but you do not like them. Shop wisely next time!

Overall Cleaning

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After decluttering, the next step must be an overall cleaning of your kitchen. Start from the ceiling and clean it thoroughly. Dust all the appliances, cabinets and any decorative surfaces. Wipe off outside and inside of all the cabinets using a soapy piece of cloth. Use a dry and clean cloth to dry the cabinets after wiping with soapy water. Do not forget to clean the countertop.

Sweep the floor now and mop it thoroughly. Wash rugs and doormats and dry them completely before putting them back. Now you have your kitchen ready to get organized as per your style. So, clean and dust all the items you have removed from cabinets or have taken away from the surfaces.

Refrigerator is Important

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Before organizing your kitchen smartly, you need to have a clean and ready to organize refrigerator as well. Clean it thoroughly according to the manual that comes with the electronic appliances. Pay attention to the freezer but avoid scraping it with sharp tools like a knife. Take out all the food items and remove any expired or left-over stuff.

Group up the Items

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Place your kitchen items and utensils where you need them the most. For instance, you may arrange teapot, mugs and tea leaves along with sugar pot where you make tea. Similarly, putting knives, fruit and vegetable baskets near the chopping board is a good idea. Placing the frying pans, saucepans and oven mitt near the stove is another good idea to organize your kitchen smartly. This way, you will not have to go through all the cabinets or roam around the kitchen when you require anything. Placing appliances at the right place is very important.

Arrange the things according to the Priority

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The kitchen items you need frequently, place them as close to your working area as possible. Good place for them is waist or eye-level close to your sink, dishwasher or stove. You can do the same with the pans and pots you frequently use.

Similarly, if you rarely use an item like the special crockery and dishes, place those in the upper cabinets or the ones which you do not need to open often. Never place such items on a countertop as they will clutter it. Place your toaster on the countertop because you use it daily and that morning time is very precious time. However, blender or juicer may find their place inside the cabinets if you use them only on weekends. Avoid buying decoration pieces and items if you have a small one to avoid cluttering. Click here if you are interested in some kitchen decoration items.

Arrange Knives and Cooking Spoons

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You may arrange your spatula, stirring spoon, slotted spoon and spaghetti served in a jar and place it near the stove. This will make the cooking process easier for you by saving your time.

Do the same with the knives as well. Choose the knives you use in routine and place them in a jar near the chopping board. You may install a magnetic strip to arrange the knives. If you do not bake frequently, cake knives or other less used knives are good in the drawers you do not open frequently.

Cleanliness is the Key

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The biggest cause of a messy and disorganized kitchen is dripping bottles of oil, honey, ketchup and sauces. Arrange them in a tray to avoid this mess and wash this tray occasionally. Use a tray for the sauces when placing them on the dining table as well. This magical step will keep your countertop and cabinets from being greasy and dirty.

Specify the Places

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Select a drawer or a cabinet for a particular item and use it only for that. For instance, place all the knives and spoons in one drawer. You can tag or label the drawers and cabinets for your convenience as well. Tagging the jars containing spices and other cooking items is also a good idea to save your time and keep your kitchen organized.
Always remember the rule that the uppermost and the farthest cabinets and drawers are for the items you rarely use.

Maximize the Space

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Use trays or dividers inside the drawers and cabinets to place the stuff in a better and more organized way. This is the best way to keep smaller items like spoons, knives and forks organized. You may use the file folder to store butter papers, kitchen foil or similar items.


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Always remember that accessibility and cleanliness is the key to a smartly organized kitchen. Try to replace the things after using them to avoid unnecessary waste of time. This Rotimatic review is sure to help you in keeping your kitchen clean and organized.