15 Best Kitchen Degreaser 2023 – Help for Easily Cut the Grease

Best Kitchen Degreaser

A degreaser in the kitchen is a formula that helps to easily cut the grease without scrubbing for hours. A kitchen degreaser is crucial to having a clean and grime-free kitchen.

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Let’s take a look at some kitchen degreasers that will make your life easier.

1. Krud Kutter Original Concentrated Cleaner

Krud Kutter Original Concentrated Cleaner 1

The main reason why we decided to put this specific degrease in the first place is its ability to remove both grease and tough stains.

Whether you want to remove chewing gum that’s stuck on the carpet or some paint that gets onto the floor, or even blood drops or soap scum that shoed up around the shower it doesn’t matter, this amazing leaning product can do it all.

2. Stanley Home Products Original Degreaser

Stanley Home Products Original Degreaser

This Stanley brand has been in the industry for the last 50 years. The formula this cleaning product uses is made to destroy any kind of grime or grease you can find. Motorcycle engines, golf equipment are just two of endless things you can clean with this.

Another great thing about the cleaning product is that it doesn’t make your skin suffer. It’s great for people who are either allergic to products like this or just have sensitive skin.

3. SuperClean Multi-Surface All Purpose Cleaner & Kitchen Degreaser

SuperClean Multi-Surface All Purpose Cleaner & Kitchen Degreaser

Some of the applications this cleaning product has is removing grease from barbecue grills, or for instance, you want to remove lipstick stains from a shirt you love wearing, you can depend on it.

If you want to get rid of some old really tough stains you should use the product at full strength, but if you need it on a large surface you can water it down to 16:1 without any problems.

4. Grease Relief All Purpose Cleaner

Grease Relief All Purpose Cleaner

By using this amazing cleaning product you can say goodbye to all those tough stains and grease in your kitchen. This degrease was specifically made for the kitchen and all the different appliances in there. But you can even use it for laundry since this solution does not contain bleach.

If you want to use it to remove some thinly-layered grease then you can try watering it down to something like 4:1, it should work without any problems.

5. Zep Commercial Citrus Cleaner And Degreaser

Zep Commercial Citrus Cleaner And Degreaser

This citrus degreaser is a great solution for heavy grease and grime, especially for restaurant uses and kitchen soil.

6. Krud Kutter Original Concentrated Cleaner/Degreaser

Krud Kutter Original Concentrated Cleaner/Degreaser

There is a reason why this product is in the first place. It is good for two different purposes. Users will be able to remove grease and tough stains as well.

For example, it happens that chewing gum gets stuck on the carpet. With this product, you won’t have a problem removing it.

7. Stanley Home Products Original Degreaser

Stanley Home Products Original Degreaser

People that are big fans of kitchen degreasers know that Stanley is a brand with a long tradition. That’s why we want to suggest this product to our readers.

The substances that this product contains will allow you to handle any kind of grease or grime you find in your kitchen. However, you can use it outside of your kitchen as well. For example, it is great for cleaning golf equipment, motorcycle engines, etc.

Besides that, your hands will be safe with this product because it is an environment-friendly type of product. This is also an advantage for people that are allergic to substances that this product contains.

8. SuperClean Multi-Surface All-Purpose Cleaner

SuperClean Multi-Surface All-Purpose Cleaner

This product ensures that users will be able to remove oil, wax, grime, and dirt for a short period of time. It has industrial strength, but it is also biodegradable and phosphate-free. We will be direct and say that this is one of the strongest water-based kitchen degreasers you can find.

Finally, it is important to say that you can also use it on a large surface. The reason is simple – you can water it down to 16:1 without any concerns about what could happen.

9. Grease Relief All Purpose Degreaser and Cleaner

Grease Relief All Purpose Degreaser and Cleaner

Tough stains and grease are two things that absolutely every kitchen has. There are ways to hide it so that your kitchen looks clean, but that is not the point. Well, with this kitchen degreaser, you won’t have a headache because of two things.

You have probably mentioned that previous products are also good for some other purposes. Well, this one is strictly used for cleaning the kitchens. However, it doesn’t contain bleach and you can use it as an alternative for laundry.

Thinly-layered grease is usually a big problem. Try to water down this degreaser to 4:1 and you most likely won’t have a problem finishing your job.

10. Zep Commercial Citrus Cleaner and Degreaser

Zep Commercial Citrus Cleaner and Degreaser

Is grime the problem that you have? Well, that won’t be a problem any more thanks to Zep’s product. It can destroy and type of grime from grease stains to laundry.

Detergents and soaps together can bring you good results. Yet, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will be able to remove absolutely everything with these two. Bloodstains, for instance, will remain if you do not have a strong degreaser. So, using this product will ensure you take care of that.

11. Spray Nine Heavy-Duty Spray Cleaner

Spray Nine Heavy-Duty Spray Cleaner

We previously said that versatility is one of the most important features of a good degreaser. Spray Nine is one of the most powerful that you can find on the market. It works on absolutely any sort of surface. Still, we need to mention that you won’t be able to use it on furnishings and wooden floors.

Your only task is going to be to spray the degreaser on a greasy stove hood or cabinet, wait for around 15 minutes or less, and to start wiping it with a cloth.

We know that heavy grease is a big problem. You will have to water down the formula a little to destroy it.

Finally, this product is non-toxic. It is safe for your hands and food. Still, we need to say that smell is not something you will like. That’s why this product is not good for cleaning the entire house. Yet, it is great for cleaning the kitchen with open windows.

12. ZEP ZU505128 Fast 505 Kitchen Surface Cleaner

ZEP ZU505128 Fast 505 Kitchen Surface Cleaner

Once again we come to Zep. This product is not only a kitchen degreaser. It is much more! For instance, it allows users to remove kitchen grease and good from the surface as well. However, that’s not it. It is also great for taking of lubricants and mopping the kitchen floor.

ZU505128 is also good for wooden parts of the kitchen because it is powerful. Still, this also means that you need to wear gloves while cleaning. It has some powerful chemicals that can hurt your skin.

13. Citra Solv Natural Cleaner & Degreaser

Older generations probably remember that this kitchen degreaser was primarily delivered to customers in a metal can. Things are different today. It has an attractive clear bottle that makes this product even more attractive.

This time we will start with the disadvantages. You won’t be able to spray the degreaser on the parts of the kitchen. The formula of this product is quite concentrated and you will have to use other alternatives.

Yet, this also ensures that you can clean absolutely any type of grease. For example, you will need to use it directly from the bottle or you can dilute it with water.

This product is good for any type of dirt, stain, or grease that you can find in your kitchen. It won’t take you the entire day to make everything look clean and nice.

14. Method Naturally Derived Heavy Duty

Method Naturally Derived Heavy Duty

Well, we already said that using a non-toxic cleaner is the safest option you have. This is the one that guarantees safety because it is a plant-based type of degreasers. More precisely, it is based on Power Green technology. That means you won’t have to wear gloves because your skin will be perfectly safe.

One of the problems that users have with chemical-based degreasers is inhaling the fumes. With plant-based cleaners, there is no chance to have this sort of problem. It has a strong formula that allows you to take off bacon greases.

Besides that, your stovetops will look like new after you clean them with this product. Keep in mind that stovetops receive most of the damage while we cook.

Still, cleaning is not the only reason why you should get this product. The main ingredient of the degreaser is lemongrass which produces a nice smell. Opening windows or getting out of the kitchen won’t be necessary this time.

15. Weiman Gas Range Cook Top Cleaner and Degreaser

Weiman Gas Range Cook Top Cleaner and Degreaser

First of all, we need to say that this product is not an all-rounder. More precisely, it has a chosen function. It comes in an easy-to-spray bottle that even a child can use. Users can use it only for the cleaning of the kitchen. For example, it is perfect for stove cleaning. Yet, you will have to pick some of the other degreasers from the list if you want to use it for some other things.

This amazing solution from Zep Commercial Citrus Cleaner is able to destroy any kind of grime, it doesn’t matter whether it’s just some grease stains or you need to use it on laundry.

If you tried using soap and common detergents and those ended up not working then try give this one a try. For instance bloodstains, chewing gum and the sorts can’t be removed with regular soap, but this will definitely work.

Buying Guide

For many people, a degreaser is some sort of superhero. It helps you remove grease in a lot easier way. You won’t have to spend hours scrubbing every single detail that looks dirty.

Our kitchen needs to be clean. Still, buying a degreaser is not as easy as you think. Some products contain different substances and each substance has a different purpose. For example, some degreasers are good for glass, marble, wood, etc.

Because of that, choosing the right kitchen degreaser can be a challenging process. We will provide you with the list of the best degreasers on the market that will satisfy your needs. More precisely, we guarantee they will keep your kitchen clean and attractive.

InfoGraphic Best Kitchen Degreaser

Things to Consider Before Buying the Degreaser for Kitchen

img source: kitchensbydesigntn.comBefore we start with current products, there are some things that you should know. We know that everything looks easy. You can go to the store, ask the salesman to suggest some degreaser, get back home, and start cleaning. Still, a salesman is always going to be a salesman. He intends to convince you to buy the product. That’s why you should know that 4 different features can help you to pick the right one on your own.

The Smell of the Degreaser

You have probably felt until now degreasers smell. Some of them have an awful smell because of the chemicals they contain. Some people even try to get rid of the smell by lighting a candle, but that usually doesn’t help. The small remains strong for at least 24 hours.

Do you need to leave your house or apartment for those 24 hour hours? No! It is enough to buy those that contain lemongrass or a basic lemon. These ingredients will ensure that your kitchen is clean and refreshed at the same time.


As we already said at the beginning of this article, there are dozens of kitchen degreasers in the market. You can always buy a few different degreasers for different purposes. For instance, you can buy one for glass, the other for metal, and so on.

But, why would you spend more money when you can buy an all-surface one? That’s why versatility is an important feature that you need to consider. There is one thing that you need to know. On packages of some degreasers, you will find a sign that says “All-Purpose Cleaner”. This is not the same as an all-surface cleaner. It is important not to get confused because of that sign.

Kitchen Degreaser

Foam Degreasers

Well, you already know that foam degreasers will cling to the surface that you clean. Still, this won’t happen immediately. You will have to wait for a couple of minutes after you spray it on the surface.

Still, imagine that you cleaning an inclined surface. The liquid won’t sit in this sort of situation even if you spay 2 bottles. That’s why this sort of degreaser is better. It won’t run down the surface.

Cleaning Power and Safety

Your kitchen needs to be clean, but your hands also need to be safe. It is not the point to burn your hands just because you want to have a clean kitchen. Besides that, the kitchen is the place where we keep our food. The degreasers have some powerful substances and it would be dangerous if they come in any contact with the food.

Learn more about the best handheld power scrubbers that can help you with cleaning your kitchen.

So, what to do?

It is simple. We suggest you use a regular strength type of degreaser. More precisely, we suggest you use organic and environment-friendly kitchen degreasers. Your hands and your food will be completely safe with this type of degreasers. Besides that, this is a perfect choice if you have kids or pets.

Okay, when we determined the things you should consider before buying a kitchen degreaser, it is the right time to start with the list.

Kitchen Degreaser

Most Common Questions

People usually ask common questions when they need to buy a kitchen degreaser. So, let’s answer one by one.

How Do I Clean a Greasy Kitchen?

There are 5 different steps that you need to go through

  1. Wash off the larger pieces of food
  2. Use hot water
  3. Dry the surface
  4. Avoid using harsh cleaning products
  5. Empty the surface

How Do You Degrease Cabinets?

This time there are 6 different steps that you need to follow when degreasing kitchen cabinets:

  1. Get a sponge or soft cloth to wipe the degreaser outside of the cabinet doors and drawers.
  2. After that, wipe the cleaner on door handles and drawer pulls
  3. Get a toothbrush. We know it sounds silly, but it is great for cleaning the hardware and wood around it.
  4. Next thing is to wipe the degreaser on the inside part of the drawers and doors.
  5. Find a second cloth and dip it into clean water to remove the cleaner from the entire surface.
  6. Finally, dry all parts of the cabinet with a clean towel.

Does Vinegar dissolve grease?

Yes and no. It is usable only on surfaces made of glass, metal or sealed countertops. On these three sorts of surfaces, you will see the best results. However, keep in mind that smell usually isn’t nice, but you can always dilute it with water.

What Is the Strongest Degreaser?

We won’t say a current product, but all-surface degreasers are the strongest ones. Still, for most of them, you will have to wear gloves because it can hurt your skin.
How does a degreaser work?

The chemical cleaning agent in degreasers does most of the job. It attracts oil and grease, which helps you to loosen and remove them using a dish towel or sponge, resulting in clear surfaces.

Kitchen Degreaser

How to use a kitchen degreaser?

This is a fairly simple process that requires you to spray the degreaser on the affected area and leave it for a while, depending on how much the manufacturer states it is necessary. Afterward, just use a damp cloth or sponge to remove the build-up.

Are kitchen degreasers bad for your skin?

It varies from product to product, but typically, degreasers have alkaline formulations that can be harmful to your skin or eyes.

Most of these products come with a protective set of gloves you should put on before the use of a degreaser. In case it gets to your skin, just wash it off immediately using soap and cool water.

Can I mix bleach with a degreaser?

It is not recommended to mix any chemical solvents such as bleach with degreasers. When mixed, they can emit corrosive fumes, and the surfaces you use them on may deteriorate.

Is it better to clean build-up after using a degreaser with cloth or sponge?

It does not really matter since both do an excellent job for this purpose. The only thing to keep in mind is that you should use a soft cleansing pad that is not abrasive. Using a scouring pad, although tempting sometimes, will leave marks on stainless steel and glass.

What is the difference between degreasers and contact cleaners?

Degreasers are excellent for removing oil grease, and they handle equipment and assemblies, while, on the other hand, contact cleaners do the same but specifically for electrical contacts.

So, What is Best?

Well, we are not here to advertise any of the products from the list. It is important to know which things you should consider before buying one. The first thing that matters is the type of surface that you have in your kitchen. Some of the products are focused on the current type of surface and that makes your buying easier. If you want to get a nice small, plant-based degreasers are a perfect choice. They are maybe not as strong as industrial ones, but it will definitely help you finish your job.

Check out also some other products available at today’s market: