Franco Pepe’s Biography and Career

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The most famous pizza maker in the world is Franco Pepe, and he is a living legend. Anyone who ate his pizza confirms that the pizza he makes is the best pizza in the world. That’s simply something that you need to try by yourself and you will know why’s that the best pizza in the world.

If you want to know more about Franco and his pizza places, keep reading this article.

Franco Pepe’s Early Life

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Franco Pepe was born in the city of Caiazzo in western Italy. He was born to a family of bakers, so he learned everything that he knows from the best. He grew up in a bakery and he watched his father Stefano work with dough and he learned everything that he could from his father. He learned to make everything the old school way and later he found a way to incorporate old school techniques with modern ones, and to make a delicious pizza in a new style.

Franco Pepe’s Career

Franco is now the most famous pizza maker in the world, and everyone knows about him and his pizza. Once he took over the business he added a special touch to everything, he started experimenting and implementing modern stuff to traditional pizza. Something really special about Pepe’s pizza is the super-soft texture resulting from the high moisture content of the dough.

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The first bakery in the Franco family was opened by Franco’s grandfather Ciccio in a small city of Caiazzo, Caserta in 1931. That year no one could imagine that one day everything will evolve to be the best pizza place in the world.

Franco’s first restaurant was opened in Grani in 2005, and it was just around the corner from his grandfather’s bakery. This area wasn’t very popular for its food, but Franco changed that. Soon the area became famous for its pizza, food, artisanal products and especially for its olive oil. And everything that Franco uses in his restaurant comes from local suppliers, the olive oil, mozzarella, pork, and everything else. His restaurant in Grani in Caiazzo, Italy, was ranked one in the 50 Top Pizza Awards in 2018.

But that wasn’t the only award that he got, and that is not the only restaurant that Franco has. He recently opened a place in Central, Hong Kong.

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Francos’s Most Famous Pizza

The most famous pizza is Franco’s Margherita Sbagliata, or simply “Wrong Margherita”, and this pizza was named the Best Pizza in the World from 2016 to 2018.

But that isn’t Franco’s favorite pizza, his favorite pizza is calzone Scarola riccia, it’s a calzone with curly endive, and he likes to eat it with a glass of Lambrusco.

Franco is a special person in the culinary world and the world of pizza because he was the first who dared to step back from the traditional ways and methods that were set out in Naples. He found the inspiration in the old ways but he also incorporated new things and he managed to make the best pizza in the world.