6 Fish and Seafood Recipes to Try This Holiday Season

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Seafood is healthy, but not the favorite thing for some people who prefer eating veggies and fruits. This type of food is cheap, but only if you cook it yourself. A portion of top-quality seafood at a restaurant can sometimes be several hundred dollars, depending on the place of course.

And, as we all know, at the moment there are a few strange things going on with restaurants worldwide, so it’s not easy finding a place to try amazing seafood recipes. This is one of the main reasons why people want to learn the recipes on their own for the upcoming holiday season.

It’s not a secret that a well-cooked seafood meal can have a lot of nutritional value and it can taste absolutely delicious. But, it’s not easy to make one. Why? Because it’s not a common food choice and not everyone has a lot of experience with it. Thankfully, we have the internet, and that allows us to find information about everything. Willing to learn more and prepare yourself to surprise your loved ones with some steaming and delicious seafood meals this holiday season? Feel free to stick with us until the end. Let’s take a look.

1. The Mushrooms & Clams Mix

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Mushrooms are healthy, Clams are nutritious, is there a better combination a person can ask for? This is the best meal idea that you can prepare for your friends or family in the upcoming holiday season. It’s going to keep you energized for the rest of the day, although there’s not much to do during the holidays, especially not with the covid-19 pandemic. But, it tastes great, and that’s more than enough of a good reason to make it happen, isn’t it? Back to the meal whatsoever. Mushrooms & Clams are amazing in combination. You can serve them with other veggies or anything you prefer really, including lemon drops and even a sauce if that’s what you like. Fry the mushrooms using butter and they’ll be the perfect addition for the seafood.

2. Fried & Crunchy – Calamari Snack

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Ah, Calamari Snack, one of the best things that a person can have during the upcoming holidays. It’s such a great thing to taste, but unfortunately, not everybody knows how to prepare it right. Fried and crunchy anyone? It’s the best way to eat Calamari honestly, especially if you plan it to be a snack more than it is a meal. Some people argue whether this is the best you can do in terms of healthiness and all that, simply because it’s fried, but you don’t have to use too much oil, or you can use a healthier variant instead. There are numerous ways to fry calamari. You can use air fryers as well. Or, you can simply use a healthy oil that you prefer for your seafood cooking sessions, coconut oil being one of them. For more information on seafood and meals, seafreshuk.com is a website where you can learn everything you need to know.

3. Roasted Fish – Italian Style

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Roasted fish is the favorite choice for a lot of people. It’s something that tastes the best out of all other ways you can cook a fish, at least according to many seafood lovers, including us. But, this is roasted fish in Italian style. There are other ways to prepare it, but this one seems to be getting the most attention. We didn’t really specify what type of fish, but here’s the thing. With seafood, you can easily customize meals and replace different things with what tastes the best for you. So basically, any roasted fish cooked in an Italian way will do the job. Once again, a quick Google search gives you all the required recipes for such a cool and interesting meal idea.

4. Cioppino Seafood & Gremolata Toasts

img source: epicurious.com

The thing about tomato base is that you have to make it one day before you make this meal. It will taste better and be more “in-touch” with the rest of the food in your plate. In order to make this meal happen, you’ll need about two hours, and you’ll be able to make about six servings. Portions are not very large but they’re enough to satisfy your hunger and keep you in a healthy and fit shape. Do not overeat. There are many ways to customize this recipe, so we cannot really say what the best way to prepare it is, but a quick Google search will give you tons of ideas.

5. Monkfish and Cauliflower Chowder

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Although it’s not easy to find Monkfish, and even more frustrating, prepare it in such a way, Monkfish and Cauliflower Chowder is a perfect meal combination that will leave a lot of people stunned by your meal-prep choices. This meal has everything, really, even for those who are “into” eating healthy and nutritional foods. It has protein, it contains other healthy macro and micronutrients, and it tastes absolutely amazing. Is there anything more to ask from one meal? Purchasing this at a restaurant, especially an Italian one, will cost a lot of money.

6. Oysters with Polenta Crust

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Crispy and crunchy, just like it should be. Who said that seafood has to have a boring texture and feel to it? Oysters with Polenta Crust, or to be more specific, Parmesan-Polenta crust, depending on your tastes of course, is something that’s easy to make and the perfect fit for a family dinner night over the holidays.

Out of all the other seafood meals that you can find, this one is probably the one with the least requirements to make. It doesn’t take much time or skill either. Willing to change things up in your regular diet? This one is a solid choice.


Should you get into cooking seafood for the upcoming holiday season? Absolutely. Seafood is healthy, and it tastes amazing. Whether you want to buy or cook, it’s totally up to you, but cooking it at home is something that will save you a lot of money, and, you’ll develop an amazing skill to impress others, including yourself whenever you’re hungry.