5 Ways to Fall in Love with Cooking

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Cooking is an activity that we perform relatively often, daily or several times a day. It’s so present in our lives, especially when it comes to girls, that we can equate it with sleeping, reading the daily news and all those routine things without which we can’t imagine everyday life. Even if we don’t cook during the day or someone else does it for us, we must have at least once admired the perfect specialty we tried in a restaurant or at a certain celebration. Chefs, the people thanks to whom these dishes come to us were educated for those purposes, and that’s their job, but dedicating to it doesn’t require some unattainable conditions. Everything we need to become true masters when it comes to kitchen games is here, at our fingertips and available at any time. You just have to want it.

If you’re lucky enough to like spending time in the kitchen, then everything is clear for you. Still, we do have a bunch of people who find this type of work quite exhausting, tedious, and even insurmountable. You also might think that you’d even start liking it if you didn’t have to sweat by the stove for hours. Or to be able to chop vegetables so perfectly, just like Jamie Oliver.

However, with only a small change in perception and understanding of culinary skills, you could realize that something like this doesn’t require talent, but only a lot of love and enthusiasm, as well as the desire to succeed. Ready to hear a few bits of our advice? Wanna read some really cool ideas on how to make cooking a part of your life? Say no more.

1. Turn your kitchen into a tiny paradise

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To truly enjoy something, you need to create the right conditions for it. You know – when you want to get a proper nap, you’ll make sure that the room is quiet, peaceful and that nothing disturbs you. Or, for example, when you’re painting, you’ll want to make sure that you have all the necessary colors, tools and all those auxiliary things without which the process wouldn’t be complete.

Cooking should also be observed in this way. In order to get familiar with it and understand all the charms it brings, it’s necessary to do your best to make your kitchen a place where you’ll be happy to spend time and where you’ll be comfortable. Everything here is a matter of your imagination. Imagine what the perfect place to prepare the sweetest cakes, the most beautiful pastries and the most fragrant soups looks like – and let it be the subject of your kitchen renovations.

We primarily mean the functionality of the kitchen. You’ll notice that many companies that deal with the kitchen design, such as Lgps, also dedicate themselves to these key technical things, such as faucets or gas. Proper equipment and quality of materials guarantee the longevity of everything you do.

You don’t like the color of your sterile white cabinets? Paint it in any other shade, whichever you prefer! You wanted to buy a new mixer for a long time, but you thought it would be a waste of money, considering that you don’t cook much? Go for it, right away! Treat yourself with new dishes, all those cute kitchen things that make everyday meal preparation simpler, arrange it all in the corners and watch this part of the house turn into your own piece of paradise.

2. Try thinking of cooking as of a form of art

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Well… isn’t it? Aren’t you a fan of art and creative ways in which people express their preferences, style, uniqueness in general? Food preparation isn’t only a combination of fantastic elements of creativity and a bunch of compelling ideas, but it’s also a phenomenal connection between smells, tastes and all other senses. A whole new world of stunning effects for everyone.

Just remember – from all these separate, different ingredients of various consistencies and compositions, it’s possible to make dozens of diverse combinations. In this story, you’re a wizard who can come up with their own special recipes, add their own secret ingredients and thus express their own hints of innovation.

The sizzling of a juicy steak you hear as you wait for it to finally soften so that you can treat your palate… The smell of yummy donuts from the oven… The crispy chicken crust that sticks to your fingers… We told you, not only is it artistic itself – it’s a pure reward for every sense. The sooner you discover it and start looking at it that way, the more you’ll be interested in becoming a magician yourself and creating your own savory world.

3. Include your friends, too

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Surely each one of us has that one person in our very circle of friends who’s always in charge of food preparation whenever it comes to various celebrations, picnics or any other occasion. Maybe sometimes we even wonder where all the nerves for something like that come from. It should be understood – it’s pure love, and you’ll be one step away from discovering its charms if you allow yourself to sink into it.

Maybe cooking in a solo version wouldn’t be so inspiring for you to begin with. But what if, for example, you invite a few more close friends to a dinner that you guys would make together? Make this activity fun by creating a menu for that meal together. Suggest dishes you want to prepare, make a list of necessary ingredients, go shopping and start the magic.

Cheerful spirit and good mood are the crucial things for everything we do in life, so play your faves (you can also make a special playlist!), chat while stirring this sauce on the hob and gossip juicy while waiting for the buns to be baked. Season it all with a few glasses of wine-both before and after cooking! This should entertain you and further motivate you to try it yourself next time, when your friends may not be there.

4. Pay attention to local travel specialties

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Traveling is a common hobby and all sorts of exciting things happen during those days. Rarely there’s anything as interesting as discovering new places in the city where you can spend a pleasant afternoon or a tempting beach. However, what we all hope and wish for is trying new flavors offered by different nationalities and countries. Each country has its own specialties for which it’s famous, but also the less known ones whose recipes you’ll mostly be able to hear from grannies in the countryside or from ordinary people.

The more such experiences you live through and the more foods you taste, the more and more often new horizons will open up for you. However, you won’t be satisfied with the option of eating the food that has captured your heart so much only when visiting a certain country.

You’ll want to enjoy it all yourself in the warmth of your home – to mix all those spices, look forward to each lovingly prepared marinade, cake or stew. To show your friends what attracted you so much, brag about the tricks you heard from local chefs or those who prepared that meal for you. For gourmets and those who enjoy every bite and new adventures when it comes to cooking – you can’t miss here.

5. Surround yourself with culinary books

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A very important step is to surround ourselves with things we want to learn about and education in that sphere. In addition to learning about food, matching different flavors and types of ingredients, and other super cool details, you’ll need inspiration for your future culinary endeavors. And how better to deceive her than with a good, extensive and well-written cookbook?

You can start with books written by well-known experts in this field to learn more about the foods themselves, and then move on to a little more demanding reading. Today, cookbooks and recipe books are available in bookstores as well as in electronic format on the Internet – so, basically, everything’s at your fingertips.


The more you delve into the secrets and magic of these wonderful crafts, the more you’ll want to improve in making your own works of art and masterpieces.

Maybe that’s not always the easiest thing to learn. You’ll often oversalt something, or you won’t put even a pinch of salt at all. Some pots will get burnt and you’ll throw them in the trash, saying goodbye. The sauce be too watery and sometimes even inedible. But the feeling that you get when you taste your own dish for the first time is priceless, and it’s precise because of it that it’s worth embarking on this fantastic adventure.