How to Use Coconut Oil for Weight Loss

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Nowadays everyone is battling with some extra pounds, and we are all hoping for a magical product that will help us lose weight without drastically changing our lifestyle. Some people don’t have enough time to exercise, and others have too busy schedules and cannot rely on home-cooked meals all the time. The stress we are under combined with the lack of healthy meals, makes us gain weight fast and risk serious diseases.

If you are looking for a magical product for weight loss, we have some great news for you! In this article, we are going to tell you how you can use coconut oil to get rid of those extra pounds fast and with ease.

Try it instead of the traditional types of oil

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We use oil every single day, and most of the types we can buy in the store are bad for us and for our health. If you eat junk food at least three times per week, you get a lot of unhealthy fats in your body that can make you gain a lot of weight, clog your pores, and put you at a higher risk of serious conditions including heart attack and high blood pressure.

When we think about eating healthy and losing weight, we always think that we have to stop eating everything we like and that we will have to give up everything that’s tasty. The reality is, you don’t have to give up anything, and you can continue eating your favorite foods, you just have to change the way you prepare it.

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The easiest way to change the number of calories and unhealthy recipes is to start cooking with coconut oil. This product will not take any of the amazing taste, and it can even make the food better.

Start by changing the way you bake and fry things and start slowly. The next time you want to prepare eggs, don’t put sunflower oil, try it with the coconut one. The great thing about this product is that you don’t have to use more than one teaspoon. Prepare the eggs like you usually do and add all the herbs and spices you want. You won’t notice a difference and you will cut the unhealthy fats in more than half.

You don’t have to change everything right away, start slowly, and introduce this product in your everyday meals. Start by using it in things that have a lot of different tastes and spices, so you don’t notice the difference. Without telling your family you’ve changed something, see if they notice a difference in the flavor. Once you get used to it, you can try using it in different things as well.

Put it in your coffee

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When we use coconut products daily, they help us burn fat as well as calories faster and easier. If you want to lose weight naturally, this is the product that will make a lot of difference.

According to, you should put it in your morning coffee, but you should not rush into stirring because you will get an oily micro-film that coats the beverage and it may upset your stomach. The coconut is extremely easy to melt, so you don’t have to put it into a too hot cup of coffee. Wait for it to cool down a bit, and put a tablespoon in it.

If you cannot adjust to the flavor right away, start with smaller amounts. In time, you will stop using creams and milk and you will only use coconut oil to flavor your favorite morning beverage.

It is said that this product will help you cut back on cravings for extra calories throughout the day, and in just a week or two, you will notice that you are not interested in getting additional snacks.

Use it in salads

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You can also use this product in salads instead of vegetable oil. No matter if you like your salad with or without dressing, coconut can be used with pretty much anything.

It is great if you want to make a mix of green salads with some fruits, and it also works with vegetables like tomatoes and cucumbers. Experiment with different recipes and flavors and see which one is your favorite. You can also combine it with white cheese, onions, and even pickles.

Use this momentum to change your overall diet and you will notice the extra pounds melting away. Plus, your family will love the new flavor you’ve introduced into your cooking.

Eat raw coconut oil

Studies have shown that when you eat raw coconut oil on an empty stomach, it can boost your metabolism and it will help you burn calories faster.

The first thing you need to do is find a product that is 100% natural and from a trusted company. You can even make your own oil at home, but this process may be a bit long and complex.

Do some research and find the best product on the market, and remember that spending a few extra dollars will be worth it in the long run.

Once you find the right type for you, you can start eating half a teaspoon every morning and see how you adjust to the taste. Gradually increase the amount until you get to a full tablespoon. Even if you eat a bit more it won’t be dangerous for you.

This product will help you feel full throughout the day, you won’t get random food cravings and you will be able to focus on a healthier diet than usual. Remember that you are not trying to just lose some weight in a few weeks, and focus on your overall health and changing your lifestyle. You should not do things that don’t make you happy, and because of that, you should give yourself time to adjust to this new flavor.

Use healthy fats to your advantage and make a huge change by introducing just one ingredient in your life. Coconut oil is also recommended for your skin and hair and once you start using it and realizing its benefits, you will never go back to traditional oil, skincare, or hair care products.