6 Great Online Cooking Classes in 2023

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If you have ever tried to cook or bake for the first time, you can agree that it is not just a simple exercise to execute. But after getting some limelight on the cooking and baking criteria, I am sure the training will be more of your hobby than a task.

The cooking experts you hear of out there started with simple cooking recipes then grew the experience they have today. Even if you are an expert in cooking, you need to have regular classes to keep you up to date on the technologies revolving around cooking.

With the advancement of internet technology, you don’t need to leave home for cooking classes but rather have them in your kitchen.

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This article is here to present the six best online cooking classes that will see you become a pro.

1. The Kitchn Class

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The kitchen class is the best cooking class for you if you want to discover the dos and don’ts in cooking. It offers a full cooking program that was relaunched in 2019 with 20 lessons that you will need 20 days to go through it. It is an entirely free online course!

The class unfolds a different topic each day, starting with the basics like knife skills and further developing into how to prepare, cook, and organize a dinner party. The entire class lesson plans are available online with a detailed guide attached alongside video clips for each class to explain it better and practically.

The Kitchn class also provides different tasks after every lesson to practice in your kitchen. You also get the advantage of socializing with other cooking learners through the class’s social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. If you don’t want to commit yourself to the Kitchn program, you can as well access additional instructional video clips and visual guides on the Kitchn platform.

2. The Udemy Cooking Class

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Among the numerous online cooking classes available online, Udemy cooking class offers a variety of food cooking classes and cookery classes from among the best instructors. You have the option to use filters to select the specific short or longer tutorials.

The Udemy cooking class has cooking topics ranging from baking, Moroccan cooking, vegan cooking, Indian cooking, Thai cooking, vegan cooking, and even healthy cooking. The Udemy website allows you to browse depending on your cooking experience level; beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

There are different instructors listed alongside their bio that you can read and weigh before you decide to sign up. Many cooking video tutorials come with bonus educational materials, including suggestions of the best kitchen tools.

You need to purchase the course only once, and you will have lifetime access at just a cost ranging between $ 11 and $ 20.

3. The Rouxbe Cooking Class

Rouxbe is recognized to be the leading online cooking class that is the best for you as a professional who wishes to sharpen their cooking and baking skills. It is approved by the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation to offer a variety of cooking classes. At the end of the classes, they will provide you with a professional certification.

The classes are divided into 12 extensive courses that serve the introductory part. The introductory courses include knives, knife sharpening and knife cuts, Eggs, making stocks, cooking methods, moist-heat cooking, making soup, making a salad, dry-heat cooking, and many other more classes.

To join the Rouxbe cooking class membership will cost you around $10 per month. But you don’t need to worry over this as Rouxbe offers great discounts from time to time and they give a 30-day free trial. If you have had hard times to come up with different recipes, the Rouxbe has got you covered.

You need to join the Rouxbe cooking classes for fantastic, simple, quality, and professional guides.

4. America’s Test Kitchen Cooking Class

This is the best skill-building class that you need. This class brings its expert into your kitchen by putting forth step-by-step instructional videos covering both necessary skills and advanced skills; thus, it becomes the best for all. America’s test kitchen cooking class does not only focus on the way to cook but also majors on recipes and the simple common cooking mistakes that you need to avoid.

America’s test kitchen cooking class lets you sign up once, and once you become a member, you can take as many courses as you can without any limit. You still have the option to choose different cooking tests to prove your skills under the guidance of a professional instructor specifically assigned to you.

The course has more than 230 classes classified according to their level of difficulty; beginner, intermediate, and advanced. You will also have access to different recipe categories ranging from recipe lessons, cooking basics, and technique lessons. Recipe types are outdoor cooking, vegetarian, quick, everyday essentials, make-ahead, soups, and stews. You will also benefit from learning the great ingredients for poultry, meat, and many more.

You only need a budget of $180 per year to access all these.

5. BBC Food Cooking Class

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If you are a cook looking for experience in roasting vegetables, baking pancakes, or making stir fry, the BBC food cooking class is the right class for you.

Here you will access a variety of cooking videos just at your kitchen. The videos are categorized depending on the level of difficulty. And each comes with a written text that includes the recommend kitchen equipment.

BBC Food Cooking class comes from the UK; thus, you need to take all the measurements in their recipes metric and temperature in Celsius. Make sure you have you choose the correct conversion before you are set to cook.

6. Top Chef Cooking class App

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These cooking classes are contained in an app that provides interactive courses taught by 11 former cooking contestants. Once you sign up, you gain access to over 200 free cooking video lessons. Each cooking class has about 20 separate lessons that you can select and watch as you like.


After taking a close study of the above classes, I am sure that you and your kitchen could be friends. Enjoy the tastiest foods ever for cooking has now be made more accessible.