Some of the best food festivals in the world 

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We all love festivals, but food festivals are something else. They attract thousands of people, foodies and the curious alike, from around the world and offer their taste buds something to look forward to. It’s about meeting new people, trying new food, experimenting, and stepping out of your comfort zone and for that, you can be greatly rewarded. Sure, maybe you don’t know what you’ll have for lunch tomorrow, but you can put these festivals in your calendar and start getting hyped months ahead. It’s not all just about food though. At these festivals you can enjoy all sorts of different entertaining activities and events. Every festival is unique and has something different to offer. Here are some of the best food festivals in the world.

Bristol Food Connections, 12-23 June

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For ten days straight, you can go around Bristol and partake in numerous food-related events. Foraging walks and bread workshops will keep you entertained and your bellies full. There are dozens of events and workshops planned each year that will keep everyone happy. The festival will introduce the people, businesses, and organizations that make Bristol’s food culture so interesting and unique to the public.

Smoked & Uncut, 21-23 June

Around the same time as the Bristol Food Connections is the Smoked and Uncut festival. They bring amazing musicians such as Kaiser Chiefs, The Vaccines, and The Wailers. It’s happening in Brockenhurst and is one of the series of events held across the Pig Hotels chain. Incredible locally sourced food and local bands will make these couple of days unforgettable.
Every stand at the festival needs some way to promote their products and services and one of the main ways to do that are custom displays. To read more about the process of designing and creating a good custom display, click here.

National Street Food Festival

This festival in New Delhi, India is particularly interesting and will keep every street food lover highly entertained. You get a chance to try the chaat, chhole kulcha, tangy bhalle papdi, or the gol gappe. It’s a time to experiment and let yourself go wild.

Body&Soul, 21-23 June

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The festival is held in Dublin’s Ballinlough Castle. Incredible culinary line-up is brought to you every year and you can’t leave disappointed. This festival is all about food, music, family activities, games, and workshops. It can receive around 10,000 people and everyone can find something they’ll like. There’s even theater, podcasts, conversations, spoken word, and comedy.

Vegetarian Festival

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This festival in Phuket, Thailand celebrates vegetarian food with music, celebrations, and parades. Even the biggest meat lovers fall in love with the incredible vegetarian food and enjoy the vegetables, fruits, soy, and different protein products for nine days. People from all around the world are loving this Thai festival and for a good reason!

Wildfoods Festival, mid-March

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This festival in Hokitika, New Zealand offers its visitors a chance to enjoy the weirdest food ever. Seagull eggs, mountain oysters, earthworms, beetle grubs, possum cutlets washed down with gorse wine, and much more is coming your way if you decide to visit. For a while you can enjoy all of this and experiment, so when you get back home, you can happily return to your boring pancakes, chicken, and potatoes.