BLACK+DECKER TR1278RM 2-Slice Toaster Review 2023


Do you like to buy a toaster for toasting? Are you seeking for the best toaster that does not get damaged by overuse? Do you like to purchase a toaster that perfectly suits to your kitchen? If yes, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, I’m going to introduce one excellent product that reduces your breakfast preparation time.

Do you like to know? Let’s go!!

It’s nothing but the great Black + Decker TR1278RM 2-Slice Toaster.

Table of contents:

  1. Features of the Black + Decker TR1278RM 2-Slice Toaster
    • Design
    • Bagel function
    • Frozen function
    • Performance
    • Comfort
    • Additional features
  2. Final conclusion

Features of the Black + Decker TR1278RM 2-Slice Toaster:

Black + Decker is the leading provider of kitchen appliances and they are providing TR1278RM 2-Slice toaster with several assorted features. After analyzing and testing the features of the Black + Decker TR1278RM 2-Slice toaster, I recommend you to buy this toaster for preparing breakfast in a short time.

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  1. Design:


The design of the Black & Decker TR1278RM 2-Slice Toaster is quite awesome and is particularly designed for the person who likes to prepare their breakfast in a short time. The red color of the toaster looks pretty and gives an amazing look to the toaster.

  1. Bagel function:

This toaster features a bagel function and it allows for toasting bread, bagels in an effective manner.

  1. Frozen function:

It is featured with the frozen function and by using this toaster; you can toast bread, waffles and bagels to your taste.

  1. Performance:


The TR1278RM 2-slice toaster features with the 7 toast shades so that you can toast the bread to any shade and it is easy to use and easy to clean.

  1. Comfort:

Though, the pretty TR1278RM 2-Slice toaster features with the extra-wide slots and extra lift that enables toasting of bagels and thick bread. It allows you to choose your choice of multiple toast shades.

  1. Additional features:


Some of the additional features of the Black + Decker TR1278RM 2-Slice Toaster are as follows:

  • It comes with a drop-down crumb tray.
  • It comes with three controls namely bagel, frozen and cancel.
  • It is made of stainless material.
Pros Cons
  • Excellent design and perfect for homemade bread.
  • It is good for the price.
  • It works great and the red color is quite awesome.
  • Dimensions are great in this toaster.
  • It looks great and toasts the bread effectively.
  • Quality is quite awesome and the frozen and bagel buttons work well.
  • The length of the power cord is short.
Customer Reports

My husband bought this for me. I love this toaster. We use it every day. It toasts evenly and quickly. The sides of the toaster stay cool to touch. I like that it has a frozen product button that acts kind of like a defroster. The settings are easy to use. I love the red color, it matches the accents in my kitchen. However, I think it comes in other colors.


We desperately needed a new toaster, as ours was 14 years old!! I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on something that wouldn’t be used every day, but wanted something reliable and got the job done. We have been very impressed with this toaster. It is easy to use, easy to clean, and looks great on our counter!


Works like a charm. my daughter threw away our perfectly good old toaster because she thought it was too dirty to clean out all the crumbs but she didn’t realize there is a slide-out bottom to clean out said crumbs. I was disappointed that she just threw it out without asking me first. But that left us without a toaster nonetheless so I chose this as a replacement. It’s great for large slices of bread and bagels. Simple to use just like our old trusty one.

Final conclusion:

If you like to buy a toaster on a limited budget, then the TR1278RM 2-Slice toaster is the best choice. It works great and the features are quite excellent. Hence, investing your money in this toaster is highly effective and valuable too.