BLACK+DECKER TR1478BD 4-Slice Toaster Review 2023


Do you like to gift a toaster to your beloved one? But, don’t know to find the best toaster. Are you looking for the best toaster that seems and works great? If yes, you’re almost on the right path. Nowadays, plenty of toasters are available with advanced toasting technology. If you’re looking for an excellent 4-Slice toaster, then the “Black + Decker TR1478BD 4-Slice Toaster” is the one what you’ve been looking for.

Table of contents:

  1. Features of the Black + Decker TR1478BD 4-Slice Toaster
    • Compact Design
    • Functions
    • Shade settings
    • Self-adjusting guides
    • Crumb Tray
    • High-lift lever
    • Extra-wide Slots
    • Power cord
  2. Pros
  3. Cons
  4. Final conclusion

Features of the Black + Decker TR1478BD 4-Slice Toaster:

Black + Decker is an excellent manufacturer of kitchen appliances and they provide TR1478BD 4-slice Toaster. This toaster is particularly designed for the person who likes to prepare their breakfast in a short time.

Here is a list of features of the Black + Decker TR1478BD 4-Slice Toaster that helps you to know why this is an excellent choice for you.

  1. Compact Design:


The Black + Decker 4-Slice toaster is an attractive addition to any kitchen. The black finish is quite awesome and it is easy to store and easy to move from one place to another.

  1. Functions:

It comes with a bagel and frozen functions so that you can alter the length of toasting and the cancel button allows you to cancel the toasting at any time.

  1. Shade Settings:

It features multiple shade settings so that you can toast bread, bagels to any shade.

  1. Self-adjusting guides:


In order to keep thick and thin items in perfect toasting position, the TR14778BD 4-Slice Toaster features with self-adjusting guides.

  1. Crumb Tray:

It is featured with the drop down crumb tray that allows easy removal of crumbs and makes cleanup easy.

  1. High-lift Lever:

The Black + Decker 4-Slice toaster is featured with a high-lift lever for easy removal of smaller items.

  1. Extra-wide Slots:

It comes with extra-wide slots for toasting bread, bagels in an efficient manner.

  1. Power cord:


The TR1478BD 4-Slice toaster features an integrated power cord so that you can store the cord easily on the bottom of the toaster while it is not in use.

Pros Cons
  • It is lightweight and easy to move.
  • It works great and this toaster allows you to toast bagels, bread and English muffins perfectly.
  • The black color of this toaster is very attractive.
  • It is convenient to use and easy to clean.
  • This toaster is worth for your money.
  • This toaster comes with a 2-year warranty only.


Take a look at some buyers’ reviews:

Customer Reports
Sherrie A

I have been going back and forth on the purchase of a new toaster for about a month…finally decided it wasn’t about looks (although this looks nice too) but about performance. It toasts perfectly, big, small, wide or narrow it does it all without fail. I am also happy that it can lift up high to remove small pieces. Not all toasters do that. I think the black color will stay looking nicer than the stainless steel models. I will recommend this product to anyone looking for a toaster!

Samantha Goodrow

It toasts! There is no need to find that sweet spot between hardly toasted and hockey puck, it’s toasted my bagels, bread, and English muffins perfectly.


Nice big toaster, you can do 4 at a time with it, PLUS it has a bagel setting so you can toast just one side, AND it has a Defrost setting. The numbers correspond exactly to the browning that you like…and never deviate, even after repeated use of the same coils. It’s like it has a computer in there. Well built, with easily accessible crumb trays that just slide out. So no more “turning the toaster over to open the hatch and then end up with crumbs everywhere and having to bang them out” syndrome. You just slide it out towards you and wipe it clean. So simple a design, yet so elegant!

Final Conclusion:

Do you like to prepare your breakfast in a short time? Then, TR1478BD 4-Slice toaster is a fantastic choice for you. From the above discussion, you can know the features and pros of the Black + Decker TR1478BD 4-Slice Toaster. If you wish to buy this toaster, then your decision is really good.