Best Seafood Recipes for a Lovely Dinner Date


If you’re searching for the most accessible food to make for a dinner date, you should opt for seafood. Seafood has multiple recipes that you can choose from, and this can make your dinner date special. You don’t want to create homemade pasta together for the first date since it’s not that special, and you want to stand out. You might shy away from buying seafood because it might seem expensive, but there are many cheap options from reliable shops such as FishMe. You can follow some recipes to make something delicious for your date. Some of the recipes you consider include;

1. Seafood pizza


Nothing is as unique as enjoying a cozy warm night with a cheesy pizza and some wine with your date. Instead of buying pizza, you could opt for homemade seafood pizza, and you could add some garlicky shrimp to your pizza and have a fantastic night with your date.

2. Cioppino with mashed potatoes

Seafood is usually connected with bright and citrusy flavors, which generally remind you of the summer vibes. Moreover, the seafood could also be great for chilly days. If the weather is a bit cold, you could come up with some fantastic seafood stew for yourself and your date.

3. Dungeness crab cakes


If you want to add some appetizers to your meal, you should consider making one of the finest Dungeness crab cakes. With this cake, you will create a fun and elegant atmosphere for the night.

4. Honey garlic glazed salmon

Allow the fillets to simmer undisturbed for a few minutes and ensure the heat is a lot so that the tilapia can get ready and you will have a delicious crusty feeling as you enjoy your tilapia. Once the underside is ready, flip it and cook the other side for a few minutes to make the skin a bit crispy, as well as allow the fish to cook appropriately.

5. Fish tacos


The fish usually used for tacos is cod, but you could use any other type, such as tilapia. When your fish is set and ready, you will marinate it in an assortment of lime juice, chili powder, and cumin. Other than these spices, you could marinate your tilapia with any other sauce. The central gem in this particular recipe is the cabbage slaw. When you want to make it creamy and tasty, make sure you take some time to toss it so that all the ingredients can mix.

6. Southern-fried catfish katsu

This particular meal lies between Japanese chicken katsu and southern-style fried catfish. The catfish is usually flaky and butter-milked to give it that fantastic taste. A crunchy slaw and some white rice also accompany it.  To finish up your meal, drizzle it with tartar and katsu sauce.

7. Pan fried salmon


This is a simple yet classic meal made of fresh salmon that is served with fresh leafy vegetable salad. The crispy golden salmon fillets are perfectly seasoned with salt and peppers. The buttery skillets are then drizzled with lime juice to give them that exotic taste.

8. Salmon sandwich

These exotic grilled salmon sandwiches are prepared using fresh salmon fillets and are topped with perfect seasonings. This is an easy recipe that can be prepared typically within 20 minutes. Firstly, the skillets are adequately seared in olive oil and are tossed with a few seasonings. Then, it is served with a sauce that is typically prepared using sour cream, mayonnaise, vinegar, basil leaves, scallions, and salt and peppers. In the end, top your recipe with some onion rings.

9. Creamy tomato salmon

The salmon fillets or skillets are glazed with a tempting and creamy tomato sauce. This recipe is quite simple and can be prepared quickly, within 20 minutes. Prepare a creamy tomato sauce using seasonings, broccoli, garlic powder, and fresh basil leaves. Then sear this Indian sauce for a while until the cooked sauce starts to coat the pan. Serve the sauce with fresh basil leaves. For salmon, fry it on a pan for about 3-4 minutes on both sides and transfer it to your plate and top it with salt and peppers. Your dish is now ready to enjoy!

10. Salmon served with pesto sauce


This is such an easy and quick recipe that it can be prepared using just four ingredients. Shocked right? Read below to know. In this, salmon fillets are accompanied by a homemade pesto sauce, and the dish is topped with cherry tomatoes and peppers. First, preheat an oven to 425 F.

Now, properly season the salmon with salt and other seasonings and spread 2-3 tablespoons of pesto sauce over the salmons, along with some cherry tomatoes. The next step is to place the dish in the oven and wait for nearly 14-15 minutes for the salmons to cook completely. Your dish is now ready to serve. Top it with the remaining pesto sauce, cherry tomatoes, and basil leaves, and enjoy!

11. Creamy shrimp pasta

This is another flavorful dish that you can prepare easily at your home, and it is ready to be served in less than 15 minutes. First, boil your long-strand pasta. Now sear the shrimp in butter and olive oil for about a minute. Now comes the preparation of the creamy sauce. You would need heavy cream, parmesan cheese, salt, and seasonings. Now shimmer the sauce in the pain until it is thick. Then add your boiled pasta and buttery shrimp. For extra zinginess, you can even add white wine to give it a restaurant-style flavor. Your perfect dinner date recipe is ready.

12. Pan fried cod


This is another elegant seafood recipe for a lovely dinner date. Sear the cod fillets in butter for about 2-3 minutes. Make sure that, post-searing, the fillets are dry. Now garnish it with herbs and lemon juice to give it a tangy flavor. You can serve the dish with any sauce of your choice that will go perfectly with the buttery cod fillets.


If you want to come up with the best date night, you should consider making a seafood recipe meal, and you will have an amazing and unique date. Follow the recipes above and create something delicious and special.