Top Austrian Dishes and Flowers as Decoration

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Austria is known to be the country with one of the biggest variety of food, wine, and flowers in Europe or maybe even the world. Austria, or more specifically Vienna, is home to many of the delicacies that we eat every day.

If you ever plan to visit this country or Vienna, we recommend that you dedicate at least a day of your time to try out all the amazing traditional dishes. This city is also known for its amazing combination of tasty dishes with beautiful flowers.

Most of the restaurants here ensure that the products they receive are fresh as possible and that they are locally sourced.

If you have studied the history of Vienna and Austria, it makes sense that this country has so similar traditional foods when compared with other nations in Europe. Since it is in the center of the continent, the influence of Germany, France, Italy, and other countries has made Vienna’s cuisine to be on top of the world.

So if you want to surprise your family with a nice Austrian traditional dinner, or if you are planning a big lunch with your coworkers, you should also know about the flower decorations you can use to enhance the experience.

Here are some of the top Austrian dishes and flowers that can be used for decoration.


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It is one of the most traditional meals that you can probably find in every single restaurant on the Austrian streets. It is made from a thin veal cutlet that is breaded and then pan-fried in oil or butter. Sure, it might not seem like much, but the people in this country have masterfully skilled this meal which is what makes it so delicious and out of this world.

It is served together with a potato salad and the crust is drizzled over with a bit of lemon to give the bread a little bit more taste. You could also sprinkle a bit of parsley or even cucumber slices to enrich the taste.

Flower decoration for the Wiener Schnitzel

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When you order the Wiener Schnitzel in a restaurant, they always combine it with a set of flowers as a decoration on the table. The most common is the combination of roses with citrus which can be a very colorful centerpiece but also releases a smell that will enhance your dinner.

Linzer Torte

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You probably have heard about this dessert since it is a very well-known dish that is served all over the world. Its name comes from the city Linz and it is so famous because it was one of the first cakes that were written down as a recipe. The Linzer Torte is a shortcake that is topped with fruit or nuts. It is usually made of regular flour, some butter, egg yolks, grated lemon peel, and raspberry or plum jam.

Flower decoration for Linzer Torte

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This cake is usually delivered in restaurants with a smaller bouquet as decoration, so the colors of the flowers do not dominate over the cake. We recommend that you combine a bouquet of white tulips to be in contrast with the Linzer Torte.


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This is a very common pastry in Austria that can be found on every corner on the streets of Salzburg. You are probably more familiar with the name apricot dumplings if you are not familiar with Marillenknödel. These dumplings are made from dough and then apricots or placed in the core of the dough.

After they take their natural form they are boiled in water and then fried with flour and bread crumbs. You can serve this meal together with a bit of chocolate or vanilla ice-cream, it depends on the preference of the people you are serving.

Flower decoration for Marillenknödel

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For this simple dessert, you won’t have to go all out on the flower decoration. Anything simple will do the job. We advise you to make an arrangement of orchids since this flower is usually used to decorate cakes and other similar desserts. It is believed that the right combination of flowers with a meal can enhance the taste. Check this if you want to send a bouquet to Vienna.

Wiener Würstels

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While we have been focusing on dishes that can be found in the expert kitchens in restaurants, it is also worthy to mention about Austria’s amazing street food. One of the most popular quick snacks during work is the wiener würstels. Do not mistake these as regular hot dogs as they are made from pork and beef which are then smoked at low temperatures. You can usually find these sausages wrapped with fried bacon at the street food vendors.

Flower decoration for Wiener Würstels

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You might be thinking how can such a fast-food type of a meal, be served with a decoration such flowers. While it is most commonly considered as street food, many restaurants in Graz believe that this is a specialty that takes a lot of skill to perfect. They usually combine their serving of Würstels with a bouquet of red roses because they blend just right with the colors of the sausages.


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Who hasn’t eaten an apple strudel at least in their life? This delicacy is known all over the world and surely one of the tastier desserts that ever came out of Vienna. The strudel is sold in every bakery, care or restaurant. It is usually made from thin and crispy pastry that is filled with apples, cinnamon, nuts and a bunch of other ingredients. The top of the apfelstrudel is then sprinkled with a bit of powdered sugar to give a little more of that sweet taste. We recommend that you serve this dish to your friends with a cup of coffee or tea.

Flower decoration for Apfelstrudel

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When serving apple strudel we recommend that you avoid any strong colors or smells that can ruin the dessert. The strudel is sweet enough so consider greener flowers or plants that remind of the green apples that are used to make a strudel. We recommend that you use green carnation as it is one of the most famous flowers around the world.