5 Quick and Easy High-protein Meal Recipes to Try in 2023

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Having enough protein in your diet is very important, especially if you are a person who regularly works out and gives their best to be in shape. But, even for people who are not very familiar with sports, protein plays a huge role in their bodies. If you are already trying to reach some daily protein intake amount, then you probably know how difficult it is if you don’t know exactly what to eat. So, in today’s article, we decided to make things easier for everyone.

We strongly believe that every person on this planet deserves a fair diet that boosts the functions of the human body to a proper amount. You don’t deserve to be tired or unhealthy, and all that can be fixed by simply eating some more protein. But, those who are not very familiar with nutrition are probably wondering what to eat besides the most common solutions, such as meat or soy. Thankfully, today we are here to prove you otherwise, and show you that there are a lot more protein-full foods that you can eat. It’s a very interesting subject, and you’re probably as excited as we are, so let’s end this introduction right here and jump straight into the content, shall we?

1. Rice and Chicken Steak

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If we’re talking about simplicity and effectiveness, there’s nothing that beats the good old rice and chicken steak. But, before you think of this as something that’s very basic or unstasty, don’t forget the fact that you can fully customize the base of this meal however you want. Adding any flavors and spices is a totally valid option.

What makes this the top choice for all the successful bodybuilders and athletes is the low price of the meal, and the simplicity when it comes to cooking. Both chicken steak and rice are very cost-efficient, and you’ll probably get the most protein for your money. But, this isn’t enough, or even if it is, you cannot eat this particular meal every single day. However, you shouldn’t worry because we have other things prepared for you in our list. Let’s take a look.

2. A protein smoothie – Milkshake

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Using protein powder to make a protein smoothie is the easiest way to fulfill your daily macronutrient needs. Thing is, protein powder is quite cheap nowadays, and it comes in so many different flavors. For those of you who haven’t tried a protein milkshake in the past, you should know that it can be a total meal replacement. In fact, that’s what most athletes are doing when they don’t have enough time to prepare a full meal. Or, at least those who don’t do meal prep on Sunday.

But, in order to have a tasty milkshake or a smoothie, you have to find the right protein powder for you. This sometimes requires a lot of research but is doable thanks to the power of the internet. Or, if you don’t want to do the research on your own, you can always read at useful reviews instead, and choose that way. Click here to learn more.

When it comes to protein smoothies, you have a lot of customization options, but this recipe should work for a great foundation. A cup of oats, two bananas, a cup of coconut milk and two scoops of protein powder. You can add dark chocolate if the protein powder is unflavored for a better taste. Besides, dark chocolate has huge health benefits, so there’s that.

3. Only-whites omelet with different cheese types

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It’s well-known that eating way too many yolks can raise your cholesterol levels, and although this isn’t very easily achievable if you eat a lot of them every single day, you might start seeing some health problems. Thankfully, you now have the right knowledge to avoid that. Removing the yolks, or leaving one or two of them only for the added taste is a great idea when you’re cooking an omelet. Then, you have a great foundation for customization. Add powdered garlic, dark pepper, any sort of spice that you want, or just some salt.

Then you can add different types of cheese or even some protein powder. Yes, we know it sounds quite surprising, but people actually add protein powder in their omelet, and it works. You can also make protein pancakes the same way. Cooking an omelet takes just a few minutes, yet it allows you to get the required daily protein intake.

4. Black bean tuna salad with eggs

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Talk about healthy and useful? This meal is the best option before or after training, or just at any time of the day if you are someone who doesn’t train. Get a large bowl, choose your favorite type of a salad, mix black beans and tuna inside with a few boiled eggs cut in half, and you have the perfect meal.

You might be surprised but when you combine the protein from the beans, eggs, tuna and the rest of the things that you put inside the bowl, you get about fifty or sixty grams of protein, depending on your measurements. That’s more than enough for such a healthy and lightweight meal. You can eat this one hour before training because it doesn’t bloat you at all.

5. Salmon with Lentils and Onions

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If you are after lean protein and low-calorie food, this is the best meal choice for you. Salmon can be cooked in so many different ways, but try it with lentils and onions, we guarantee that you’ll enjoy eating it. But, like every other meal on this list, you have a lot of room for customization, so don’t be afraid to experiment. Salmon is not very expensive but it has so much protein in it. It can also be found in almost every nearby supermarket. The way you’ll serve it is up to you, but it works with almost anything that will come upon your mind. The onions are a great addition whatsoever. Add kosher salt, two tablespoons of butter and two stalks of diced celery, it will taste amazing.