12 Best Oyster Sauce 2023 – Top Authentic-Tasting Sauce

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People often find oyster sauce delicious in their dishes. Although there are a lot of oyster sauces, it is a hectic task to find an authentic-tasting sauce. Oyster sauce used to be the soul of Asian Cuisine. However, it has been widely used in global cuisine now.

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Quality oyster sauces add more essence to your food. If you like salty-sweet flavor in your food, oyster sauce is the best option. If you love tanginess in your food, this guide has some best oyster sauces for all your food items. So, without any further ado, dive quickly into the listicle.

Top Oyster Sauce Review 2023

1. Megachef

Megachef Oyster Sauce

If you are looking for some authentic flavored sauce, Megachef is the best choice. It has a pure taste and is made from real oysters. Without many additional essences or flavors, it adds that spicy tanginess to all your food items. It surpasses all the other oyster sauces with its exquisite essence.

However, it offers a tasty blend of sweetness, spiciness, saltiness, and earthy, and smoky woods. This oyster sauce is royal with a Thai kind of flavor.

So, if you are looking for Thai essence to your food, Megachef is the ideal choice. With the most complicated flavors, Megachef sauce is a syrupy texture and contains iodine.


  • It is a gluten-free product.
  • It uses only natural colors, additives, and flavors and uses no artificial ingredients.
  • It is less salty but rich in flavor.
  • The fragrance of the sauce too is subtle and soothing and not too overwhelming.
  • It is a multipurpose sauce. Hence, it can be used in any dish.

2. Lee Kum Kee

Lee Kum Kee Oyster Sauce

If you are looking for affordable and in-budget options, this flavored sauce makes every meal delicious. Although it is cheaper compared to other meals, it is no less tasty than other high-flavored and expensive oyster sauce syrups.

Unlike Megachef, Lee Kum Kee is not an authentic and pure oyster sauce.

It is an oyster-flavored sauce and gradually adds its essence to the dish upon slow cooking. Similarly, it is no less than premium and high-quality sauces. If you are a vegan, Lee Kum Kee is the right fit for all your salads, dressings, and vegan food items.

You can even use it with other sauces like soy sauce or add salt to it to bring in a personalized and unique flavor to your dishes and sauces as well.


  • Made with oyster extracts.
  • It has a balanced flavor of both savory and sweet.
  • Thick in texture and preserved in cans.
  • It has low carbohydrates. So, it is completely healthy
  • It can be used in almost any dish.

3. Wok Mei

Wok Mei Oyster Sauce

Wok Mei is the best oyster sauce in the gluten-free category. Plus, it is 100% natural. What else could you possibly ask for? With these advantages, Wok mei is a wholesome addition to any dish. You can even have it raw because it is so natural and organic that no additional artificial ingredients are used.

Even the colors and flavors used are 100% organic and natural. It impresses food lovers with non-GMO cornstarch, natural caramel color, gluten-free, and non-MSG features and characteristics.

No other oyster sauce probably meets these many natural standards. Even the sodium levels present in this sauce are extremely low as compared to other sauces. Of course, as the name suggests.


  • It has only all-natural ingredients
  • Although this sauce is a great addition to all dishes, it particularly adds a lot of flavor to stir-fries and marinades.
  • It is made with natural oyster extracts.
  • It is tested, certified, and totally gluten-free.

4. Maekru

Maekru Oyster Sauce

No matter how authentic and delicious South Asian sauces are, Thai has its own unique essence in every dish and sauce. Maekru is one such people-loving sauce. People rely on this sauce without any second thought if they ever want a Thai flavor to their dishes.

It is referred to as Thailand’s sauce. That’s the recognition and admiration it gets in the cuisine category. There is a subtle difference between Chinese and Thai Cuisine. So, if you do not want to mix up these flavors, go for Maekru oyster sauce.

Even Maekru has low amounts of sodium compared to other sauces. It adds that much-needed zing and tanginess to all your food items.


  • It can be used directly in all food items and for seasoning purposes.
  • Authentic Thai flavor.
  • No smell but the subtle aromatic flavor
  • It has very low carbohydrates
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5. Dynasty

Dynasty Oyster Sauce

Are you looking for a natural and authentic juice-textured flavor? If you are looking for sauces with no MSG, even then Dynasty is the perfect sauce for all your sauce and cooking needs. Dynasty is an oyster sauce extracted from premium-quality oysters. It is a punch of delectable flavors in every dish.

If you are a hard-core fish lover, this sauce can add fishy flavor to all your dishes. Its flavor fully complements the sweetness or savoriness of your dishes.

Dynasty is again a brand that helps you bring the Thai difference in your food items.

You feel like eating fish, and it doesn’t spoil your appetite. It tastes good with rice, wontons, potstickers, and noodles.


  • Adds fish flavor to all food items or dishes.
  • It is a corn-free substance for people who are allergic to corn substances.
  • It is low in sodium too
  • The sugar content present in this sauce is low as compared to others.

6. Asamurasaki

Asamurasaki Oyster Sauce

Have you ever felt the urge to use and experience the taste of premium and authentic oyster sauce in all your food items daily? You do not have to worry about the price, though, despite its opulent experience taste because it is quite affordable.

It is made from umami extract, and the consistency seems just like a thick soup. It contains soy sauce, sugars, alcohol, and even vegetable extracts to make it much tastier. Even wheat and salt are used in this Asamurasaki sauce.

It tastes good with fried rice, tofu, stirred fries, and other fryums too. However, it can be used in all other food dishes too. So, don’t be skeptical about the taste and quality. But you need to be aware of allergic ingredients like sodium, MSG, and wheat.


  • It has soy sauce and wheat
  • It is a high-quality soup-like consistency.
  • It has even sugars and alcohol.
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7. Kikkoman

Kikkoman Oyster Sauce

If you haven’t heard about Kikkoman before, you haven’t tasted the best oyster sauce yet. Plus, the reputation of Kikkoman is worth the hype, too, because it lives up to the expectations of food lovers, especially oyster sauce lovers.

It comes in a juicing kind of texture. Similarly, it is an extract from high-quality oysters. The oyster sauce is strong in essence and flavor, but it is not at all overdone or overwhelming.

You can use it in any food item or dish. You can even use it as a seasoning too in all local or continental dishes for a unique flavor. If you want to replicate an authentic Asian flavor, look nowhere and explore no more, this is the ideal choice you have been foraging for.

The ingredients in this oyster sauce include sugar, alcohol, yeast, cornstarch, and caramel color.

If it is especially meat marinade or vegetables, Kikkoman is your quick go-to.

It is a perfect delectable for all dishes within an affordable price range. It also has a mild fish flavor, which tastes very subtle and at times unrecognizable. People who like subtle flavors can vouch for this.


  • It has a very subtle fish flavor but very strong other flavors that add quite a lot of flavor to your dishes.
  • It doesn’t add MSG and is very authentic
  • For Asian flavor in any kind of food, Kikkoman is the best choice and is versatile for all purposes.
  • It is low in calories and has zero fat.
  • It is pre-thickened.

Buyer’s guide

buying guide oyster sauce

Natural ingredients

Ready-made and manufactured food items, no matter what they are, consist of a lot of additives and artificial ingredients to store and preserve them. Although they sound tasty, they are harmful to health in the longer run. Hence, it is better to have an eye for natural ingredients.

Natural ingredients are healthy to use in your food items. Although they do not come with greater shelf life, it enhances the flavor of all your dishes twofold. It is better to pick a sauce with natural ingredients in all cases, especially if you are averse or allergic to natural ingredients.

Vegan or meat

Are you a vegan? Are you missing the taste of these extremely delicious sauces? You no longer have to because oyster sauces are specially made for vegans and non-vegetarians these days.

Are you confused about how an oyster sauce can be vegan? Generally, oyster sauces are made with oyster extracts. The vegan variety, however, is made without oysters.

Vegan varieties are usually made from mushrooms. But don’t worry about the quality and premium taste because it tastes exactly like oyster sauce. Some people are allergic to shellfish. Vegan variety can be helpful to people like those.


Although a lot of people like gluten and its taste, there is an equal number of people who are not tolerant of gluten or people with celiac disease. Generally, a lot of oyster sauces consist of soy sauce. Soy sauces are typically not gluten-free.

They contain gluten in them because of the addition of wheat. Hence, be extremely careful when it comes to choosing an oyster sauce with no gluten in it. Consider and look out for oyster sauce that is gluten-free.

Sodium content

Some people are allergic to sodium or intolerant to massive amounts. Even if you are not, sodium is not a healthy ingredient to use in food items or dishes. Oyster sauces generally contain a lot of sodium.

Hence, go through the ingredients list carefully and thoroughly because usage of sodium, in the long run, can lead to heart-related ailments or kidney diseases.


Non-MSG is a synthetic flavor that is used to enhance or incorporate an umami kind of taste into all kinds of oyster sauces. If brands or sauces use them in their product, they will definitely be mentioned in their ingredient list.

Although it is not outrightly rejected, they are some associated health issues that you need to consider at any cost.

While some are allergic to it and cause headache, nausea, or flush, few others have mild symptoms in the long run. That is why, to avoid all these complications, it is important to ensure that the ingredients list doesn’t contain Non-MSG.

buying guide oyster sauce


Are you allergic to strong aromas? Are you allergic to sodium? Almost every person is allergic to some kind of ingredient. Be it a natural ingredient or an artificial additive, it is quite common that you might be allergic to any one of them.

That is why going through the list of ingredients is essential.

Look out for ingredients that you are allergic to. This can help you ward off unforeseen or neglected allergic combinations.


Oyster sauce is generally famous and adored in South Asian nations. But the culture and flavor have spread across the globe, and now people across all countries are loving to use it in their food items. However, you can use oyster sauce in almost all food items.

The above-mentioned oyster sauces are just a few oyster sauces that have made it to the top lists of the 2023 oyster sauces. Yet these are by far the best sauces.

If you are looking for the best oyster sauces, look nowhere and look no longer because these are premium quality within affordable ranges. Plus, most of them are natural too.

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