The 5 Best Chinese Food Dishes

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Chinese cuisine is one of the most respected cuisines in the world. Thanks to the long tradition, many ways to prepare dishes, and unique flavors, Chinese dishes have a recognizable taste. Also, it is often said that cuisine is one of the fundamental elements of their culture.

In case you find Chinese food fascinating, this article will be helpful, since the following list contains 5 best Chinese food dishes which will make you fall in love with China even more.

1. Ma Po Tofu

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This dish has a long history. The recipe is considered to be more than 100 years old. When it comes to its name, Ma depicts hot and spicy taste, which is actually made from the pepper powder. When it comes to the milky tofu, it is combined with chopped green onion and beef. This dish has a unique taste, and if you are into the spicy food, you will definitely not regret trying it.

2. Peking Roasted Duck

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When talking about national Chinese food, the Peking Roasted Duck is a dish that must be mentioned. Not only is this dish popular in China, and serves as one of the symbols of the Chinese culture, but it is also famous worldwide. It is prepared in a special way so that the duck gets thin and crispy skin. Furthermore, it is often served sliced so that it can be combined with sweet bean sauce, pancakes or even soy with mashed garlic.

3. Dumplings

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Dumplings represent a dish which is famous for the time when it is eaten – on Chinese New Year. Also, the recipe is more than 1,800 years old. There are many ways in which Dumplings can be prepared – frying, boiling or steaming. The core of this dish is minced meat together with chopped vegetables. Then, this mix is wrapped into a piece of dough skin. The fillings can be various. In other words, you can add diced shrimp, beef, or ground chicken.

4. Kung Pao Chicken

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The popularity of this Chinese specialty resulted in its existence even in the Western culture. It is made out of the dried chill, diced chicken, and fried peanuts. When it comes to the Western version of the dish, it consists of the diced chicken, vegetables, cornstarch, garlic, and sweet and sour sauce.

5. Wontons

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Eating Wontons has been implemented in the Chinese tradition for a long time. Even during the rule of the Tang Dynasty (618-907), people used to prepare this dish in different ways. The most common way of cooking Wontons is by boiling them and serving them in a soup. Also, sometimes, they can be deep-fried. When it comes to the filling of Wontons, it can include diced shrimp or minced pork. By the shape, they resemble Italian tortellini.

To conclude, Chinese cuisine includes numerous dishes, all of which are worth trying. The long tradition, unique taste, and way of preparing Chinese food will, without a doubt, leave you speechless.