6 Proven Ways to Avoid Hangovers after Drinking – 2023 Guide

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The worst part about that night out is the following mornings. Hangovers are the worst. When you have an illness, you may experience dizziness, nausea, headache, fatigue, loss of appetite, and dehydration. People have come up with numerous methods and concoctions to treat hangovers. However, few are evidence-based. Thus, you may end up taking something that worsens the conditions. To prevent this, below are some tips you can use to keep hangovers at bay;

1. Drink Enough Water

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Alcohol is a diuretic. Thus, when consumed, it leads to dehydration or a feeling of thirst due to increased urine production. Dehydration is not a significant sign of a hangover, but it could lead to headaches, fatigue, or dryness.  To keep dehydration at bay, drink lots of water along with that Jack Daniels. Also, remember to take water before heading to bed. On the other hand, excess water may lead to interrupted sleeping. When you cannot sleep well, you are bound to wake up tired and irritable. Instead of consuming too much water before sleeping, take a glass or two then leave some on the nightstand. That way, when you feel thirsty at night, water is readily available. Visit Bottle Club to choose your drink wisely.

2. Eat Well Before Drinking

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Eating a good serving of protein-packed and healthy carb reduces the blood alcohol concentration considerably. This is because the absorption rate to your bloodstream is slow. Eating is both a preventive and a curative measure. When you have a hangover, a hearty breakfast may be all you need. Headaches, dizziness, and fatigue may be due to low blood sugar caused by alcohol. Once you eat, you restore your sugar level. Thus, you mitigate the hangover symptoms.

3. Get Quality Sleep

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Sleep helps your body recover. The more rest you get, the better. When you don’t get quality sleep, you are likely to wake up tired and irritable. Therefore, before you drink, ensure that you are assured of some good sleep afterward. Avoid drinking on days you have somewhere to be on the following day.

4. Avoid Congeners

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Congeners are chemicals such as methanol, acetone, and isopentenyl that are toxic to the body. Apart from methanol, alcoholic drinks also contain congeners. Methanol has a strong connection with hangovers. People who consume drinks high in congeners like tequila, whiskey, and cognac have a higher probability of having hangovers. Congeners also increase the intensity of hangovers. Therefore, it may be wise to stick to colorless drinks like gin, rum, or vodka.

5. Take Supplements

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Hangovers happen due to low-grade inflammation. Inflammation allows the body to repair damaged tissues. Apart from off the shelf anti-inflammatory medications, you could use other natural remedies that reduce inflammation. Top on that list is pear juice, ginseng, and ginger. In the case of pear juice, it is better to take it before you start on that Dom Perignon. Pear juice also helps in lowering the levels of alcohol in the blood and breaking it down. Ginseng has extraordinary anti-inflammatory and antioxidant capabilities. Apart from breaking down alcohol, it also prevents nausea. Ginger is beneficial if you have stomach problems. It stops the vomiting and nausea.

6. Get Some Pills

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This may not be a recommended method, but it works. When you have a headache, get some painkillers, and you will sleep better. Ensure your choice of medicine does not have elements that will worsen the situation. For example, if you have stomach problems, aspirin makes the situation worse.

The best way of avoiding hangovers is by sticking to the recommended alcohol levels. A night out with friends may tempt you to drink more but remember the effects. Practice a lot of self-control, and your body will thank you. Staying away from alcohol is the best trick one can employ to avoid such hangovers. People might think that getting a drink in the next morning can reduce hangovers but on the contrary, it absolutely not recommended by doctors. Various studies and researches have revealed that drinking in the morning is every sign of alcohol dependence and addiction issues. There are few points that need to be pondered upon like moderate drinking, staying hydrated and avoiding drinking on an empty stomach which might reduce the harshness of hangovers. The remedies to prevent hangovers are in abundance around the world but they are hypothetical and also vary with respect to the person who is suffering from.

It is difficult though to control yourself or abstain from drinking totally as it is quite natural that in few occasions and celebrations you will take a few shots. You should always keep in mind the adverse effect of too much drinking as it might lead to heart disease, certain cancers, liver disease, nervous system damage, including brain damage and peripheral neuropathy. The mere thought of these adversities will lead you to control drinking and hence fewer hangovers. You need to understand the human limitations of drinking and that varies from person to person. You got to know your limits of alcohol consumptions. A hangover is a natural way of getting rid of the toxins that you consumed while drinking alcohol. It is quite evident that limited drinking means fewer toxins in your body and hence less or no hangover.

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The choice of drinks could be another option to avoid hangovers. You should stick to the pure form of alcohol like vodka and avoid drinks like red wine and whiskey. Besides this, you should remember to restrain yourself from mixing alcohol as that could turn out to be a morning disaster.

Last but not least you should teach your mind how to adapt yourself to controlled drinking and that will ease out hangovers in the very first place. There are no magic formulas to prevent hangovers caused due to uncontrolled drinking. The best way to avoid is sensible drinking, choosing the kind of drink wisely, staying hydrated, not drinking in an empty stomach and getting plenty of rest. You do not want yourself to see your life getting ruined by alcohol.