Can YouTube Make You a Next-level Chef? – 2023 Guide

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Being a chef in the 21st century is easier than you think. All you need is a love of cooking, an understanding of spices, and the main ingredient, the Internet. If you have all three, you can be the next master chef in no time; YouTube will help you become one. YouTube is home to more than a million chefs who have created authentic recipes and have manipulated many to suit their taste and to show you how it is done. The chefs’ presence on YouTube has helped them land great jobs in the real world, and some even got their own TV shows.

YouTube is the hub of all creators, and that includes the established celebrity chefs too. Have you seen Gordon Ramsay cook up some home food? Or, have you never come across Jamie Oliver showing you how to ramp up some comfort dishes in five minutes? Then, chefs like Binging with Babish, Guy Fieri, can teach you how to make some delicious, spicy platters. You, too, could be like one, or all, of them if you pay attention. What more, you can be both- a chef and a YouTube creator! Are you curious? Read on.

Starting a Cooking Show on YouTube

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YouTube has made things so much easier. You can be a chef, painter, filmmaker, or CEO by following the tutorials. The possibilities are truly endless, and taking advantage of these will get you to your next milestone of success.

Having said this, let’s talk about learning a little about creating videos on YouTube. To start off, you can choose any video editing software like VideoCreek; it is an online editor with a great user interface that helps you create high-quality videos. Knowing which application to use will make things a lot easier for you during the process.

1. Watch tons of videos on YouTube

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The first step to becoming a chef on YouTube is to watch tons of videos of chefs on YouTube. There are people like Gordon Ramsay, Fred and Gino, Nigella, who take the Internet by storm every time they upload a video, be that an episode from Kitchen Nightmares or from the comfort of their own workstations at home. They are the ones who will teach you the most, not only about the art of cooking but also about how to present yourself in front of a camera. By watching these videos, you will learn what kind of niche you want for your video and how to cook in front of a camera.

2. Practice cooking and speaking

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As easy as the top chefs make it look, it isn’t so easy. Therefore, it is recommended that you practice cooking and speaking in front of a camera before formally starting with your YouTube channel to create more professional-looking videos.

3. Test run your recipes before the shoot day

This is one of the most important steps, especially if you are not the best at cooking and just learning in the process. Whatever you wish to cook in front of the camera, practice cooking it before the day. Keep the recipe ready on a paper and make any required changes after being happy with the outcome. Do not be scared to make your own additions; you should customize the recipe as per your comfort. Depend on your instincts and flow with the process. Remember the tastes of the different ingredients you are using too.

4. Keep the ingredients ready before the camera rolls

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Before the camera is on, keep your ingredients ready. Keep them washed, prepped, so you just have to cook while you film; if the preparations need more explanation, film that video separately, so you have a smooth transition. Keep the seasonings and the spices on the workstation too. You do not want to look for them on your shelves once the camera rolls.

5. Keep your kitchen clean and the lighting neat

Keeping your kitchen is another important detail that must be followed. Nobody likes to watch a cooking video where the kitchen is messy and not at all attractive. Therefore, keep it neat and tidy. Do not let the dust settle in and leave enough room to take a fresh breath. Moreover, ensure the lighting is suitable for your video. Often, chefs like to cook during the daytime because of the natural light through the windows in a well-decorated and ventilated kitchen. Natural lighting creates a friendly ambiance.

6. Find a middle ground between what you cook well and what your audience likes to watch you cook

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Make sure you know your viewer base before jumping into the YouTuber job at full speed. Always keep in mind your target audience. Do not cook gourmet for college students, and do not concentrate too much on making burgers and fries if you want to appeal to the parents. While students like to cook fancy once in a while, and parents like making fast food for their kids, these are not the norms and will not be appreciated much. Hence, find a middle ground for what you like to cook and what your audience wants to cook.

7. Engage with the viewers through the comment section and add their suggestions to your cooking

The YouTube comment section is often the best part about a video. In a cooking video, they are likely to hold suggestions and tips to make your recipes better. Pay attention to them. Try the tricks out at home and use them in your recipe while giving credits to the people who suggested it. You can ask in polls on YouTube or on social media platforms what your audience would like to see on your next segment.


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Making videos for YouTube is not that difficult if you practice over some time. Use things like YouTube end screen templates to help you in the process. Mostly, concentrate on cooking a great dish and have lots of fun in the process. You can use VideoCreek as your editor; it has the perfect interface for beginners. It has a library full of templates and helps you create professional videos for digital platforms. Have fun experimenting with cooking, and YouTube will help you be a better chef.