Review of Brita Marina Water Filter Pitcher 2023


Do you want to replace water bottles with a water filter pitcher? Have you planned to buy a new filter pitcher? Looking for the best water filter pitcher? But, don’t know which the best product is? Don’t worry; exactly you’re on the right path to find the best water filter pitcher product.

This article tells you about Brita Marina Water Filter Pitcher, Black, 8 Cup and as well as clearly explains to you why this is an excellent option than other filter pitchers.

Brita Marina Water Filter Pitcher, Black, 8 Cup”

Table of contents:

  1. Features of Brita Marina Water Filter
    • Electronic filter indicator
    • Flip-top lid
    • Comfort-grip handle
    • BPA-free
    • Healthy water
    • Package includes
  2. Overview
    • Pros
    • Cons
  3. Final words

Features of Brita Marina Water Filter

Have you tried any Brita Marina Water filter? If no, then try this Brita Marina water filter and enjoy better tasting and clean water. The Brita Marina Company newly introduces Brita Marina Water Filter Pitcher, Black, 8 Cup and this is a perfect choice for home and office.

Are you ready to know the reasons for choosing this water filter? There are so many reasons for you to buy this water filter. Below are the features of Brita Marina Water Filter Pitcher, Black, 8 Cup.

  • Electronic filter indicator:

The Brita Marina Water Filter Pitcher is designed with an electronic and volumetric filter indicator which helps you determine when it is needed to change the filter. This electronic filter indicator keeps track of your filter’s functionality and indicates when you need to change the filter.

  • Flip-top lid:

By using this flip-top lid, you can able to refill the filter pitcher easily and very quickly. A thumb activation in flip-top lid refills filter with water.

  • Comfort-grip handle:

The Brita Marina Water Filter Pitcher is designed with a comfort-grip handle that offers comfortability and soft to use and to prevent scratches when using on furniture.

  • BPA-free:

The Brita Marina Water Filter Pitcher is designed to filters out all contaminants and unwanted substances in water. Moreover, it reduces zinc, copper, mercury, cadmium and chlorine taste and odor.

  • Healthy water:

The Brita Marina Water Filter Pitcher provides healthy water without any unwanted particles and helps you stay hydrated and as well as maintain full of energy.

  • Package includes:

The Brita Marina Water Filter Pitcher comes with the following items.

  • Brita Marina Pitcher
  • Brita Filter
  • Instruction book


Pros Cons
  • It has an electronic indicator to signal when to replace the filter
  • It clearly explains to you with an instruction book
  • It gives BPA free water to drink
  • It is designed with a comfortable handle
  • It is very easy to refill water
  • No leakage and no sprout falling out
  • Not great for a small fridge
Customer Reports
Ed The Man

This pitcher is great. It saves us money we used to spend on bottled water. The empty bottles don’t fill up our trash anymore. We don’t have to lug big packs of water bottles from store to car and car to the house anymore. Without filtering our tap water has a chloride small and if we close it long enough in a bottle and open it, it has a light but foolish organic odor to it. All that is probably not harmful but the carbon filter gets rid of all of that unpleasantness. And that’s really all we want.

Ken Peters

Added bonus of buying from a trusted company like Brita: they can help you after you make your purchase. When my pitcher arrived, I had some trouble assembling it (note that there are fewer than 5 parts but I still managed to get confused). Finding myself lost, I called the Brita helpline provided in the paperwork that came with the pitcher and was able to reach a live customer service representative relatively easily. And that representative walked me through all the steps of the process, tried troubleshooting with me, and was genuinely helpful and kind. Everything worked out in the end and I had a great experience overall.


What I like most is that it isn’t so big or so heavy that getting it in/out of the refrigerator is easy and filling the Keurig doesn’t mean water all over the floor. Great purchase.

Final words:

Are you seriously wanted to drink purified water? If you’re not interested and ready to invest your money in alternative methods to taste filtered water, then I strongly recommend you to buy Brita Marina Water Filter Pitcher, Black, 8 Cup. Start your new life with Brita Marina Water Filter Pitcher!

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