Antonio Carluccio Biography

Antonio Carluccio

When we are talking of the most popular food in the modern world, we need to mention the Italian cuisine. This cuisine has spread so much that pizza and various pasta dishes are so common and adopted in each and every culture. Of course, being adapted to the culture they are placed in. Italian cuisine did not spread on its own. It became loved because of great chefs who made great Italian dishes in restaurants around the world. Antonio Carluccio is one of them.

Early Life & Mushrooms

Antonio Carluccio is a native born Italian. He was raised in the South on the Amalfi Coast. However, his spent most of his life in Italy growing up in the North. It was this mixture of Italian South and North that got him acquainted with various types of dishes in Italy. It is well-known that he is most famous for the usage of mushroom in his cooking. Well, it all started a long ago. When he moved north with his family, he started following his father into the woods due to picking mushrooms. He was only seven when he first went to collect mushrooms and fungi with his father. This was the love at first sight and he never stopped since then.

Going Abroad

Antonio Carluccio always had an adventurous spirit. It was this desire to explore something new and to meet other cultures that forced him to leave Italy and to go to Germany. He went there not only for an adventure, but to try to spread his culinary knowledge. He was there for a while when he decided to move to London, England. It was 1975. He spoke little English, so he needed to attend language lessons. He made his living by selling wine. There was only one thing that he never stopped: collecting mushrooms. He continued doing this in England, which was the perfect place for this since its climate was the heaven for various types of mushrooms.

Starting the Business

1981 was the most important year in his career. It was then that he took charge of Neal Street Restaurant in Covent Garden. This restaurant was open for 26 years. This was not the end since he opened a café in 1998 and a deli in 1991.

Into the Stars

1983 launched him internationally when he appeared on BBC2. Another TV appearance took place in 2011 when his journey across his motherland was filmed into a series. In 1998 he won the Commendatore OMRI from the Italian President, while he was awarded OBE in 2007.. He was now well-known Italian chef who was considered to be an expert on Mediterranean cuisine. He transfer his knowledge into writing since he has written thirteen books.

Furthermore, it needs to be said that he has more than fifty restaurants all over England, and some abroad: Ireland and Dublin being one of them.


Thanks to Antonio Carluccio, many people around the globe enjoy and love authentic Italian food even more.