Stone temple coffee will let you develop a new perspective on coffee tasting

Stone temple coffee will let you develop a new perspective on coffee tasting

About 64% of the adults in the US drink at least a cup of coffee on a daily basis. And an average coffee drinker in USA drinks around 2.7 cups measuring 9 ounces each day. Why are these statistics even important? Because the world loves coffee as much as the US does. Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the world. Coffee lovers can’t imagine starting their day without a large mug of black coffee. Besides having many health benefits like increasing metabolism and cutting down cardiovascular risks, coffee is known to be a great antidepressant. So let’s talk more about your favorite cup of coffee.

Coffee is believed to have originated in Ethiopia as a wild plant and brought to India by a Sufi saint named Baba Budan. Later, the seeds and the legends associated with this charismatic drink spread all over the world like its aroma. However, there are only certain countries which are considered to be the producers of the best quality coffee. Stone temple coffee brings to you the collection of the best quality assorted coffee from around the world so that you can cherish your love for coffee from all over the world, sitting at the comfort of your own home. You may also check for more information about coffees and other brands. Here are the ones which you must try.

Stone temple coffee will let you develop a new perspective on coffee tasting
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1. Central and South Medium Roast Organic

Picked up from the sun-soaked coffee producing regions of south and Central America, the medium body of the coffee is what makes it the most popular among the coffee drinkers. A good portion of the profit also goes to the Coffee Leaf Rust Awareness Program.

2. Mocha Java Medium Roast Organic

This unique flavored coffee is a perfect blend of Indonesian Sumatra and Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, with a cupping note of smoke, chocolate, black tea, red wine and many more

3. Espresso Medium Roast Organic

Espresso is a fine blend of dark roasted Arabica and Robusta coffees. It is usually a finely ground coffee that has a high content of caffeine.

4. Shrunken Head Medium Roast Organic

This uniquely blended Arabica coffee has been awarded the “The Cup of Excellence” as a winner in The Toronto Coffee and Tea Expo 2019. And we are sure it will win your heats too.

5. Temple Goddess Dark Espresso Organic

A perfect combination and blend for best quality espressos and turmeric lattes. It undernote of this blend is baker’s chocolate, carbon, vanilla, apricot, and black tea.

6. Dark Temple Dark Roast Organic

With an exotic blend of the coffee from Honduras and Peru that are miles apart from each other but are connected with the same thread of finest quality coffee export

7. Peruvian Escape Medium Roast Organic

Made from the Urubamba and Chanchamayo varieties of coffee from the heartland of Peru which is known for its great taste and body.

8. Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Medium Roast Organic

From the motherland of coffee, this one is excellent for a cold brew and Spanish coffee.