Should I get a pressure cooker in 2023?

pressure cooker

You may have already used a pressure cooker also known as air tight pots, but you would want to know if this powerful cookware is safe. Is there a wide variety of foods, for which you can use these pots? give us to find answers to the most common questions that can occur.

How pressure cooker work?

The air tight pot is a closed container that produces steam by heating the water. The pressure cookers keep the steam produced in the pan, but they also allow the extra steam to escape through the exhaust tube. As a result, it maintains constant internal pressure and cooks the food.

pressure cooker
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Advantages of using an Air tight pot and why buy them

The cooker forces the liquid into food and helps you cook faster, allowing quick softening of hard foods. In addition, they also enhance caramelisation because of the high heat they produce, allowing you to produce complex aromas. Some chefs burn the food before putting it in. Here, to prevent scorching you should scrape the browning residue before adding the food to the cooking liquid.

There are two types of these pots: electric and stove. Both have advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to know them before deciding to buy. If you speak German you can get some really valuable information at Schnell-kochtopf.

Electric Air tight pot

As the name suggests, we insert these rice cookers into the wall and operate them on electricity. These easy-to-use products are portable and guaranteed not to exhaust the
content. Plus, with built-in timers, you do not have to be there to turn down the heat and you can do something else in the meantime without any worry that you might forget it.

Stove-top Air tight pot

These pots can reach higher pressure levels than electric ovens and are ideal for many cooks. This means they can also cook foods faster than electric models, so they are ideal for large-scale production facilities.


Cost of Air tight pot and Distinguishing Features

Some of the characteristic of this cookware are capacity and special features such as the relief valves, the style and position of the handle and the mechanism. High-end stress models are distinct and expensive than low-end models. Air tight pots are available in a variety of styles, material, shapes and types. Some brands are more expensive than others meaning that everybody can find a great kitchen utensil without breaking the bank. Their prices range from $60 to $200, but most models range from $100 to $150.