Can You Sharpen a Pizza Cutter – 2023 Guide


A sharp pizza cutter should be able to glide across pizza dough without the least bit of trouble. However, one that’s even slightly dull is another story.

Have you ever wondered how people sharpened pizza cutters? Is it even possible? Today, we’ll answer both these questions so that you can improve on your pizza-slicing abilities!

Why Do Pizza Cutters Become Dull?

Pizza cutters aren’t made to be too sharp in the first place, which is why they lose acuteness faster compared to other bladed tools. Using a pizza wheel a couple of dozen times should be enough to take its “edge” off literally. Nonetheless, that isn’t the only reason.

1. Low-Quality Materials


Just like you shouldn’t expect other cheap items to last long, don’t expect an economical pizza cutter to remain sharp after using it a few times. A low-priced wheel cutters, even when it’s still sharp, can still churn out imperfect slices. A classic case of “you get what you paid for.”

That said, some of the best pizza cutters are neither cheap nor expensive. Want to learn more about these inexpensive, high-quality options? Get more on this site.

2. Incorrect Use

Incorrect use is another reason pizza cutter blades lose their edge. Some users slice their pizzas on very hard surfaces, like stone, dulling their tool’s blade.

It’s imperative that you refrain from cutting pizza on steel, stone, or in a pan. These surfaces can easily dull the edges of any pizza blade regardless of its quality.

3. Incorrect Storage


You might not have considered this, but proper storage is key to keeping your cutters sharp. Many users just throw their cutters in a drawer with other kitchen tools.

When the pizza cutter hits other items, its blade can get damaged. The same thing can happen when a person rattles through the drawer, causing the cutter’s edge to bump into other tools.

The worst-case scenario that can occur from poor storage is a part of the blade chipping off. While this doesn’t necessarily mean your tool is useless, do you really want to use a cutter with a damaged blade?

You’re honestly better off using a regular kitchen knife. Just rock it back and forth while slicing, and you should be good.

Sharpening a Pizza Cutter


Although there are a few methods for sharpening a dull pizza cutter, the method you use should depend on the kind of pizza cutter you own. Two of the most common types of cutters are the blades and wheels.

Sharpening the pizza wheel is pretty straightforward and usually won’t give you any trouble. It has a curved edge that’s easy to sharpen if you know your way around a knife’s blade.

On the other hand, a pizza wheel may give you a bit more trouble because of its shape and rotating edge. These features can make it challenging for a person to sharpen the tool’s edge correctly and evenly.

Can All Kinds of Cutters Be Sharpened?

Pizza cutter blades are made of different kinds of materials. While steel is the most common, there are also plastic and porcelain alternatives available. It’s safe to say that these options are not suitable for sharpening.

How To Sharpen a Pizza Wheel

Attention pizza wheel users! If you find yourself dealing with a dull rotating blade, use these methods to help it regain its edge.

1. Knife Sharpener


Yes, we know what you’re thinking: Who doesn’t have a knife sharpener in their kitchen? Keep in mind, though, that various types of knife sharpeners exist. The ideal knife sharpener for sharpening a pizza wheel is the one where you just slide your knives through.

The rotating blades of a pizza wheel make it difficult for you to sharpen with just any kind of knife sharpener. For this reason, it’s important to do your research or ask the sales attendant before making a purchase.

2. Whetstone

A whetstone is a tool for sharpening different kinds of metal tools, including knives. It usually has a flat shape and comes in varying grits, which measures the stone’s fineness or coarseness.

3. Puck Sharpener

Veering slightly away from the traditional whetstone is the puck sharpener. It works in pretty much the same way as its conventional counterpart, aside from the fact that it’s hand-held.

Many even argue that it outperforms the whetstone for sharpening tools. That is despite it not being the best tool for sharpening pizza wheels.

4. Belt Grinder

If you want a cutting tool with a bit of power, then use the belt grinder. It’s normally used for finishing metal products.

What makes the belt grinder a great option is its ease of use. Still, handling it requires a bit of care because of the tool’s spinning edge.

Its size and price may also be discouraging for users who are only looking for an effective tool to sharpen their pizza cutters. If that’s your only purpose for the belt grinder, you’re better off going for another option.

5. Pizza Cutter Sharpener


This tool’s name alone means there was no way it wouldn’t make it on our list. Pizza cutter sharpeners are designed for keeping pizza wheels sharp with little effort. With this contraption, your days of worrying about clustered toppings and imperfectly cut slices are long gone.

The cutter sharpener is super easy to use and almost impossible to mess up. You just roll the pizza wheel across the sharpener, and that’s it!

Cutter sharpeners work similarly to knife sharpeners but are specially designed for a pizza wheel’s rotating blade.

The Best Way to Sharpen Your Cutter

Pizza cutter sharpeners are the best tools for sharpening your pizza wheel. While it’s not necessarily perfect, it does an excellent job of sharpening the pizza wheel’s edges with minimal effort. It stands out specifically for its fairly low price and ease of use.

Getting a high-quality cutter also matters. Whatever sharpening method or tool you end up using, if your pizza cutter’s blade isn’t meant to last, then it’ll hardly make a difference.