From the Heart to the Plate: 6 Personalized Edible Gift Ideas

From the Heart to the Plate: 6 Personalized Edible Gift Ideas

What’s your love language? According to Gary Chapman, there are five “love languages” or ways people manifest their love for each other. They are gifting, acts of service, physical touch, quality time, and words of affirmation.

So, giving an edible gift to someone, such as an Italian food gift basket, uses the first two languages at once since cooking falls into the second language. Would you like to be bilingual in the language of love? Come with us!

How to Create the Perfect Gift Basket

How to Create the Perfect Gift Basket

Gift baskets are a tradition stretching back a few centuries. Indeed, baskets have been used as offerings since Saxon times where they were used to pay homage to Eostre, a pagan goddess.

However, history has it the French brought the tradition to England during the 11th century when it was seen almost as charity. Those baskets typically included items like beverages, food, and valuable items.

It became a popular kind of Christmas gift among the wealthy during Victorian times.

Nowadays, you can opt for ready-made baskets like a Dolceterra Italian food basket or create your own. However, you’ll have to do more than add good stuff. Here are a few tips for creating a personalized and unforgettable gift.


Choosing a theme for your gift makes it more appealing and engaging. A basket full of Italian food gifts will please anyone. Gourmet items like a focaccia al rosmarino will add taste and style to your gift.


Eating is a pleasure that plays with all our senses. It means that the way you’ll arrange your hamper is just as important as its content. Consider the weight and size of your Italian food gift basket, and don’t make it heavy or look messy.


If you want to strike a good impression, don’t scrimp on the items. For instance, get the best Italian food gifts available if you’re going for Italian food. It makes no sense to add average food to a special gift.


If you want to create a striking presentation for your hamper, you’ll need varied foods, colours, and textures. As a rule of thumb, the tallest and biggest items should go to the back of the basket, just like a tall person stands behind everyone in a photo.

Unboxing Your Heart

Unboxing Your Heart

Edible gifts can be very touching and romantic, but you should pay attention to some issues. Otherwise, it can backfire.

Imagine giving a box of chocolates or a hamper with cheese to someone intolerant to lactose. Here’s what you need to observe before producing your wallet.

Send a Clear Message

First of all, why are you sending hampers or edibles? There are many reasons to spoil your dearest ones. Maybe it’s a token of gratitude for the help you received in the past, congratulations for a job promotion, well wishes, or a romantic message.

Regardless of the reason, you don’t want the recipient to misunderstand you. So, choose the appropriate items and notes for each occasion.

Food Restrictions and Preferences

Make sure your package meets the person’s taste and preferences. For instance, that gourmet ham you saw in the vitrine won’t play out well with vegans. Also, find out if the person is allergic to anything or is following any diet.

Mix items of different tastes to add balance. For instance, consider adding sour or savoury items for a nice contrast if your package is full of chocolate or holiday treats.

Include Long Lasting Items

You’re sending a package for a special meal, but it doesn’t mean the recipient must eat it all at once. Dried fruits and nuts have a long shelf life, which means the person can enjoy them for many days or weeks after receiving the gift.

Customized glass storage containers make perfect souvenirs and look much better than plastic.

Eating Your Heart Out

Eating Your Heart Out

Are you out of ideas for creating your unique gift? You can add your own personal touch even to the most average items and turn them into something unforgettable. Here are a few tips to feed your imagination.

Cupcake Messages

Cupcakes aren’t only delicious treats that go well with coffee. They’re also blank sheets to manifest your love, support, and appreciation.

A box of cupcakes bearing a love message will surely sweeten the hearts of your dearest ones. It’s also perfect for birthdays, get-well wishes, and even as a prank for your friends.

Letterbox Cakes

Letterbox cakes, as the name suggests, are cakes that can fit through the mailbox. Does it sound too thin? It doesn’t mean it can’t be delicious or memorable.

For instance, you can add a photo of a special moment on top of it. Also, it can be used as a tasty gift card for birthdays, Christmas, and other special occasions.

Customized Chocolate

Customized Chocolate

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Probably, no one. Like cakes, chocolate bars are the perfect sweet sheets for that special message. Chocolate boxes can also be arranged in a crossword-like pattern, having a letter for each bonbon.

Make sure the person you’re gifting doesn’t have any restrictions on dairy products. However, you can always go for dairy-free options.

Personalised Hipflasks

Do they enjoy liqueurs more than chocolate and Italian food? No worries, there are solutions for that, too. A personalized hipflask containing a fine scotch whisky may cost less than you think and will surely strike an impression on whisky lovers.

Hipflasks can also be customized with photos, drawings, or pop culture themes, like their favorite movie, TV show, or band.

Personalized Popcorn

Cakes and chocolates are fantastic, but have you ever tried personalized popcorn? Consider adding gourmet popcorn from brands like Maddy & Maize to your bundle of goods for a perfect movie session.

You can also find personalized popcorn bags that can go into the microwave without spoiling their looks.

Cookies, Mints, and Tea Bags

How about stamping cookies with photos, logos, and unique themes? Cookies are popular treats, but you can make them memorable by adding some art and heart.

Customizing tea bags and mint packs is a relatively inexpensive way to make regular items look unique. Besides, they go well together in any gift basket.