How much your diet influences your beard – Get the Viking beard of your dreams

How much your diet influences your beard – Get the Viking beard of your dreams

Viking culture started getting on the rise after the release of a famous TV series called Vikings. Many people didn’t know that the Vikings really were and what their culture was like until this amazing TV show became really famous.

We’re not going to lie, the Viking culture is pretty impressive, and their looks are even more fascinating. They were brave warriors that had long beards and enjoyed fighting because they believed that upon their death, they will be sent to Valhalla, a place that’s ruled by Odin, the most powerful god in the Norse mythology.

Viking beard

Well, no matter how much we love the Vikings, we can’t really go out in the real life and fight people with axes and swords, but there are some other things that we can do if we want to show that we really like their culture. For example, getting a haircut that matches one of those that they used to rock back in the day. Or, the even better option, harder as well, getting a Viking beard.

In this article, we’re talking about some tips that will help you get that Viking style beard that you always wanted. So, if you’re ready to look like Ragnar Lothbrok, keep reading this article.

Diet as the most important factor

Beard is a sign of manliness. And the one thing that makes males alpha and manly, is the testosterone hormone. In order to have high amounts of testosterone, we need to have our diet in check, as well as few other things along with it. But, today we’re focusing on the correct diet that’s needed in order to get your beard growing the way you want it.

First and most importantly, your diet needs to be extremely healthy and balanced. Not many people know about macronutrients and other in-depth things about food, so they just eat whatever is served to them. Well, the thing is, even if we think that Vikings were really primitive and had no idea about any of those things, they actually knew a lot about what kind of food they need to eat. Trust me, they were not huge and powerful with long beards from eating McDonalds. High protein diets, as well as tons of veggies and fruit, is what made them so fearsome. Our recommendation for Viking beard oil helps a lot as well, definitely consider using it if you want some amazing beard gains. By having a balanced diet, your hormones are able to stay on the normal levels and allow your body to develop and function the way it should be. Lack of nutritious food will cause your testosterone levels to drop and your beard will suffer as well.

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We tend to neglect a lot of things today that were extremely efficient in the past. Just because we have fancy technology doesn’t mean that we know everything. The Vikings didn’t have gyms or fancy food supplements, and they were physically superior to the modern human. Making sure that our diet is on the check will provide us with tons of advantages. And your beard will feel it as well!