Employee Scheduling Apps: Tech Your Restaurant Staff Will Love

Employee Scheduling Apps: Tech Your Restaurant Staff Will Love

Everyone knows that new technology has changed the way many people live their daily lives. People use their smartphone to facilitate things like chats and video calls with friends and family around the world, to ordering food from a restaurant around the corner.

But technology doesn’t always serve purely social or commercial purposes — sometimes, it’s both. Many restaurants are using contemporary technology to keep their employees connected in ways that help them outside of work and while on the job. Here are a few ways that restaurants use modern tech like employee scheduling software like findmyshift.co.uk to improve their employee management.

Planning Schedules Outside of Work

Technology that efficiently keeps restaurants sufficiently staffed while simplifying life for employees is an important win-win, and that’s what employee scheduling software delivers. For example, if a staff member learns that they need time off for something important in their personal life, they can immediately submit a request on their smartphone. They don’t need to physically be in the restaurant – this keeps them and their managers organized sooner and easier.

Employee Scheduling Apps: Tech Your Restaurant Staff Will Love

If a manager needs to change a schedule, all the staff get a notification on their phone right away. This means there’s no lag time between the change and their awareness of it — you can get more information about the other ways employee scheduling software makes life easier for your staff.

Distributes Shifts Evenly, Easily

Deciding which employees work when can be fraught, as staff inevitably prefer certain hours over others and it can be hard to please everybody. These apps make it easy to make a schedule everyone loves, and it takes minutes instead of hours.

The app’s predictive technology automates schedule making, but because it also factors in staff requests, everybody gets to submit input about when they work.

It also makes it easy for managers to know when a staff member is approaching overtime hours, which means it’s easy to prevent them from getting burned out and saves the restaurant from incurring needless expenses. It also makes it easier to comply with labor laws.

Feature-Filled Time Clocking

All-time clocks allow you to punch “in” or “out” of work, but there are apps which allow staff to specify whether they’re punching out for a coffee break, lunch break, or something else. This means it’s easy to build up data about what your staff is really doing during their work hours.

Employee Scheduling Apps: Tech Your Restaurant Staff Will Love

It also helps enforce schedule breaks, so the staff gets the rest they need. Being able to tell when staff is finished their shift and when they’re taking scheduled breaks allows you to understand more about the nature of how your restaurant runs. These kinds of features give you the detailed knowledge you need to really make empowered decisions.

Turnover is notoriously high in the restaurant industry, so it’s no surprise that many small- to medium-sized restaurants have turned to technology like employee scheduling software for ways to make their employees happier. Between its ability to give managers and owners greater operational information and the way it increases the satisfaction staff feel at their work, everyone at your restaurant will love this software.