Creative Ways To Propose Your Girlfriend During Dinner

Propose Your Girlfriend During Dinner

Those four magical words – will you marry me – are every girl’s dream. But more importantly, those three magical words can turn all the heads around when dining with your loved one. Marriage proposals are very important to women. It’s their dream to have the best marriage proposal, and that puts pressure on guys.

With the increasing popularity of the Internet, ideas and firsthand videos of couples proposing are not a new thing. These are your go-to guides as to what should a marriage proposal look like.

But in this article, we are going to go a step further, and tell you creative ways to propose to your girlfriend during dinner.

1. Photograph the moment

As soon as you’re ready to ask the question, hire a professional photographer to capture the entire moment. Or ask a family member, friend, or someone close to you to help you with it. It will create a lasting memory and one that she will never forget.

Propose Your Girlfriend During Dinner

2. Use the dessert bowl

Before you take your soon-to-be wife to dinner, head there a day or a couple of hours earlier and tell them about your plans. Ask the restaurant to prepare a special dessert bowl that will have the magical words written all over it. As soon as she finishes with her dessert, tell her to read the sign and follow it up with an engagement ring! This is a unique and creative way to surprise your girlfriend, and one that she will surely say “YES” to.

3. Prepare a card and hide it in the menu

Again, same as the previous one, make sure to head there early and prepare the surprise. Tell the restaurant about your plans, give them the card, and give them special instructions. You need to make sure that the proposal card is well hidden in the menu, so when she browses she will notice it and read it to herself.

4. Hide the ring

This one requires you to pay A LOT of attention! Not only is this a dangerous proposal, but if she somehow doesn’t spot it, you could be left red-faced. One way to do this is to have the restaurant staff hide the ring in the desert. Give instruction to your girlfriend to enjoy her dessert (and hopefully she won’t take big bites). As soon as she notices the ring in the desert she will be overwhelmed with excitement. Follow up on this action with the four magical words- will you marry me?

Propose Your Girlfriend During Dinner

5. Request help from the restaurant musicians

Most high-class restaurants have live musicians. Same as the previous ways go there early and talk to the restaurant manager about your plan. Tell them that you wish to propose to your girlfriend on that day and that you need help from the musicians. Tell them her favorite love song and ask if they can play it at a special moment. If they agree, then sit back and wait for your queue. She will most likely notice the song, but she will never notice it when the musicians come to your table and she sees you bending over your knee.