Find the Best Water Purifier for Drinking in 2020


Drinking water filters provide much-needed protection against possible harm that will come to you and your family member through your water supply. With pollution at its high, water purifier for drinking has become a necessity. With more and more people getting aware of the importance of drinking clean and pure water, the market for water purifiers has simply expanded.

Drinking water purification system:


The basic check is to review the contaminants that the water purifier can remove the waste particles. Make sure it can filter out organic contaminants like bacteria and cysts. Chemical contaminants will filter like pesticides and herbicides.

This is to ensure that the natural form of water is not changed by the process of the filtration. The drinking water purification systems which are based on the principle of reverse osmosis that will remove everything from the water.

Make sure that the purifier that you choose does not demineralize the water. Some drinking water purification water systems lack is the ease of installation and customizability.


Brita is the leading manufacturer of household drinking water filters. Brita water filters focus on a very simple and cost-effective method of purifying your water without all the fuss but with every ounce of effectiveness possible. Brita is most renowned for its unique Brita water pitchers with built-in filters.


It can pour up to six-ounce glasses and comes with a convenient flip top lid so you can easily refill it with water. It also comes with an electronic filter change indicator will come to know when it will have time to replace the filter. It can remove lead, mercury, and copper. From this effect, water comes out clean, pure and great tasting.


This is another trusted brand of water purification systems. The drinking water purifier is easy to use with its twist mechanism and gives no leak guarantee so you get to save water. It also comes with a double shutoff.


Drinking water filter from Culligan has also been NSF certified and can be used to filter up to 3000 gallons of water. It is effective in removing the unpleasant taste and odor from water. When it is time to replace the filter then Culligan replacement filters are widely and conveniently available.

Watts- Pure and clean water made innovative:

Watts sets its sights on water filtration innovations and new technologies. Drinking water filter that pushes the water through three different filtration stages for thorough cleansing. This will eliminate bacteria and viruses that have managed to survive the filtration.


The benefits of water purification for drinking can be summed up in a single phrase that it is not cheaper than bottled water. Bottle water is the regular tap water that will run through a commercial water purifier.

The majority that comes with investing in a water purifier that comes with the excellent quality of your drinking water. It is the perfect solution to increase the availability purified water all over the world. This will help you to avoid the water-related health issues.