5 Best Countries to Visit for Coffee Lovers – Awaken Your Senses


If you’re a coffee lover looking for the best places to visit, you should consider destinations like Ethiopia, Italy or Brazil.

From visiting local farms to learning about traditional brewing methods, there are plenty of opportunities to explore and enjoy your favorite beverage in these countries.

Whether you prefer an espresso, latte or something more exotic, this article will cover the best places to visit for lovers of the world’s most popular type of beverage.

Experience Italian culture

Coffee Culture

Coffee is an essential part of everyday life in Italy. From espresso to cappuccino, Italian brews are unique and can be enjoyed in many different ways. To truly experience the Italian coffee culture, start by visit here and read more about Italian coffee.

Your next step would then be to visit a local café or bar. You can prepare for your trip to Bel Paese (the beautiful country) with a complete guide by Italy Vacation Plans, so you know how to approach your next caffeine adventure.

Drink like a local – order an espresso or cappuccino and enjoy it with a pastry or biscotti. You can also try some of the more traditional drinks like macchiato or caffè corretto. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can try an affogato – a scoop of gelato topped with hot espresso.

Another great way to experience Italian culture is to attend one of the many festivals dedicated to it. These festivals are usually held throughout Italy and feature tastings, demonstrations and competitions.

Finally, if you want to take your appreciation for Italian beverages home with you, consider buying some beans from a local roaster or shop. This way you can make your own authentic Italian-style brews at home, and let your mind take you back to your caffeine days in Italy!

Visit the birthplace of coffee – Ethiopia

Traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony

The coffee plant, it is believed, was originally consumed by simply chewing on the red berries. Once the energizing effect of the beans was realized, people started to incorporate the plant into their everyday lives. Locals began eating ground coffee mixed with ghee (clarified butter), a tradition that lives on today in the Ethiopian cities of Kaffa and Sidamo.

The country is home to some of the world’s best beans, and you can find them in many different varieties. From light and fruity beans to dark and bold ones, there’s something for everyone.

One can also explore the country’s rich culture and history while visiting the country. Visit ancient churches, monasteries and mosques that have been around for centuries. Take a tour of the local markets where you can buy spices, crafts and other souvenirs. And don’t forget to sample some of the delicious Ethiopian cuisine!

Whether you want to learn more about the beverage or just experience a new culture, Ethiopia is an amazing destination that should be on your list.

A caffeine lover’s paradise – Colombia

From the lush, green hills of the Andes to the vibrant cities of Bogota and Medellín, Colombia offers an unforgettable experience to any coffee enthusiast. The country is home to some of the world’s best beans, especially the Arabica kind, of which Colombia is the world’s leading producer.

A trip to Colombia isn’t complete without visiting one of its many farms. The majority of coffee produced in the country is grown in the Coffee Cultural Landscape of Colombia, which UNESCO declared a World Heritage site in 2011.

Here, you can learn about the history of the plant’s production and get an up-close look at how it’s grown and processed. You can even take part in a cupping session to sample different varieties and discover your favorite flavors.

With its rich culture, stunning landscapes and delicious beverages, Colombia is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

Island-hopping in Indonesia – taking in Java’s famous hotspots

Bali Coffee

From the vibrant plantations of Sumatra to the highlands of Java, you can explore Indonesia and experience its rich culture and uniquely flavored java. The most common coffee you will find is known as Coffea canephora or Robusta coffee. It has a distinct nutty and woody taste, widely used in espresso and instant coffee.

Whether you’re looking for an energizing cup of espresso or something more exotic, here are some of the best spots in Indonesia for roasting in style:

  • Bandung: Located in West Java, Bandung is home to some of the most famous coffee shops in Indonesia. Here you can find everything from traditional kopi luwak to modern espresso-based drinks.
  • Yogyakarta: This city is known for its vibrant café culture and is home to some of the best cafes in Indonesia. From cozy cafes serving up local favorites like es teler (a sweet avocado shake) to hipster hangouts with specialty beverages, Yogyakarta has something for everyone.
  • Bali: Bali is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia and it’s also home to some amazing shops. From beachside cafes serving up freshly brewed java to chic urban hangouts with artisanal blends, Bali has something for every type of caffeine lover.

While you’re island-hopping around some of Indonesia’s 17,000 islands, you can take in the sights and enjoy an amazing cup of java from one of the world’s leading producers.

Exploring the world’s leading producer – Brazil

As the world’s largest producer and exporter of coffee, Brazil accounts for approximately one-third of all production and exports. Brazil is specifically known for the Arabica bean, which is a favorite to use at cafés and restaurants.

The country has been producing beans since the 1770s when it was first introduced by Portuguese colonists. Today, Brazil is home to over 300,000 coffee farms, with an impressive eight million people employed in the industry. The production in Brazil is concentrated in the states of Minas Gerais, São Paulo, Paraná and Espírito Santo.

Brazilian beans are known for their full body and low acidity, making them popular among consumers around the world. This makes Brazil the perfect location for you to visit if you want to try some of the best coffee beans in the world.

With so many great places to visit with great coffee cultures, you can travel to a new place and taste your favorite beverage directly from the source. Start planning now and start your coffee-traveling adventure soon.