Coffee Selection Guide For Your New Restaurant or Cafe


Wondering about opening your restaurant or cafe? Well, you will need to work on a lot of things.

A cafe is an attractive place. From students to office workers and artists, people love hanging out at these places primarily because of their laid-back and chill vibes. Another reason making them people’s favorite is the delicious food mainly, coffee served there. So, if you aspire to make your cafe or restaurant everyone’s go-to spot while making sufficient money, you must focus on your choice of coffee.

You would be surprised to learn that your selection of beans significantly impacts the amount of money you earn every day as the number of people consuming it continues to rise.

It can be daunting if you are new to this world and don’t know where to begin when selecting the finest one for your restaurant. But there’s no need to get so overwhelmed. You can get the ball rolling by taking a step at a time and attending to the quality of grains.

Varieties of Coffee Grains:



Hands down, Arabica is the most famous coffee consumed worldwide, with more than 80% of coffee consumers drinking it. Most coffee lovers choose Arabica over Robusta because of their amazing flavor, aroma, high sugar composition than others, and ease of grinding.

It would be surprising to learn that Arabica records over 60% of the universal coffee manufacture. It is typically used for black coffee and contains much slighter caffeine than Robusta. However, purchasing its beans is expensive and tough as the plant develops more periodic seeds yearly.

Arabica was initially grown in Ethiopia, an East African country known for its ancient culture. But its high-grade grains are also produced in Latin America and other places, including Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, India, Mexico, Myanmar, Brazil, and Rwanda. Among these countries, Brazil is the top maker of Arabica.

Since these beans are available in over 20 varieties, you must invest in a particular type if you are just starting a cafe.



Although Arabica beans are more prominent, Robusta is convenient to buy, cost-friendly, and powerful. Unlike Arabica, it has a bitter but smoother flavor, higher caffeine composition, and acidic character, making them perfect for an instant mix and espresso.

Compared to Arabica, Robusta grains require less care and are not so tough to buy yearly. So, if you are looking for low-cost coffee to serve at your new restaurant or restaurant, you should get your hands on them!

However, don’t mistake pocket-friendly with low character because the usage of Robusta has been growing tremendously in recent seasons. It is a rare type, grown exclusively in the Eastern hemisphere, including Africa, Indonesia, and Vietnam, its top manufacturer worldwide.

Arabica or Robusta – Which Variety of Coffee Grains to Serve?

The variety of grains you decide to buy and serve at your cafe depends on the requests and wishes of the target public, your budget, and availability. If the audience prefers a strong and traditional espresso flavor, Robusta is the way to go. But if they prefer the aromatic and sweet taste, Arabica is your choice!

If you want your new cafe to stand out and make it big, you should take the path less. It serves the combination of Arabica and Robusta to amplify their flavor. It will aid in creating unusual mixtures that might make your restaurant everyone’s new favorite hangout spot.

Types of Coffee Drinks:


Before opening a cafe, you must have gone to a bunch of them to check out the coffee beverages list. It can daunt a person who is completely new to this world to decide which drinks to include on their menu. Since there are several of them, let us help you out.

Here are some of the most famous beverages to make using a few coffee grains:

Black or Cafe Noir

The most simple beverage you can prepare with ground coffee is black. Take some beans and warm water, and you are prepared to serve! However, pay special concern to the character of grains you buy when including this drink on the menu. You may go for Arabica, which is popular for its naturally sweet flavor.


Its flavor is identical to black coffee, comprising an espresso shot mixed with warm water. If preparing it for the first time, you should pour espresso first and then water.


It is among the most famous beverages made using coffee grains. It comprises steamed milk with a hint of foam and a burst of espresso. You may serve it simply or with a flavor burst of pumpkin spice or vanilla.



It is a drink identical to a latte but includes more froth than boiled milk. It is presented with a drizzle of cinnamon or cocoa on the top. However, you may also serve a few drink varieties, including cream rather than milk, along with a flavor burst.


The high caffeine composition of Robusta grains is ideal for preparing an espresso shot! As a cafe owner, you may serve it simply or utilize it for preparing other beverages. Consider putting some extra prep in the step by including Doppio, a dual espresso drink, on the menu!


It is the dearest beverage of dessert lovers as it is made as an espresso shot, including some chocolate, boiled milk, and foam. If you are opening a cafe in Malasiya, you can trust Auresso for supplying freshly roasted coffee beans, thus being the best coffee bean supplier.

Besides the beverages listed above, you may also serve Cortado, Red Eye, Cafe au lait, Flat White, Affogato, Galao, Ristretto, Lungo, Macchiato, and Irish. You may also provide them with rejuvenating options during the summer, such as Iced Coffee, Cold Brew, Frappuccino, Nitro, and Mazagran.

Parting Thoughts

After reading this article, we hope you can choose the finest coffee grains to serve at your new cafe or restaurant. All you have to do is obtain ample guidance to learn the basics and check the character of grains as they significantly affect the reputation of a place.