5 Delicious Foods That Reduces Back Pain

Foods That Reduces Back Pain

Spine-health is much a matter of diet as it is for physical exercise and posture. Much as you need to exercise to ensure the health of your body and that of your spine, The website familiar with the matter Free Your Spine says that you also need to check your diet to ensure that you get the required nutrients and in the right amount.

Apart from the herbal solutions flaunted all over the internet and other places, there are actually delicious and nutritious foods that you can eat to relieve yourself of chronic back pain. Do not allow back pain to derail your life and prevent you from carrying out your daily activities or put yourself through the torture of swallowing bitter herbs while you can enjoy your food and heal yourself at the same time.

Milk and Dairy Products

Your bones require just the right amount of calcium to grow and get stronger. This also applies to your back as it is made up of discs that interconnect to form the spine. These are small bones connected with muscles and ligaments that help maintain your natural posture. These bones require calcium for strength and bone density. Dairy products like milk and yogurt as well as cheese among others are not only delicious, but rich in nutrients key among those nutrients being calcium. If you do not like dairy products, there loads of other foods that we shall see that are rich in calcium, like soy milk among others.

Foods That Reduces Back Pain
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Salmon is a type of fish that has a lot of benefits not only to your spine, but to your entire body. Key among the nutrients in this food is omega 3 fatty acid, that plays a significant role in relieving chronic pains. It also contains a substance called calcitonin that reduces inflammation within joints. It is this inflammation that causes tingling and sharp pain, especially on the lower back. With all these nutrients and useful substances, salmon is one of the most delicious fish that you will ever taste, so, go treat yourself to a plate.

Avocados and Leavy Green Vegetables

Avocados are extremely sweet and good sources of healthy fat and moisture. This is one fruit that you can incorporate in any meal or even take it as a snack. It is common to find people staking avocado between bread to make a sandwich for breakfast. Avocado is good for relieving muscle pain as it contains potassium that helps in reducing swelling of muscles. It also acts as an electrolyte that aids in the proper functioning of muscles and stimulation of nerves. Leafy green vegetables also aid in relieving back pain thanks to their anti-inflammatory properties. Go for kales, spinach, and cabbages. You can steam them to get the most out of them, make a salad or blend them with some other delicious foods to make a smoothie. In fact, taking them in the form of a smoothie is the best way of ensuring that your body absorbs the most nutrients.


Foods That Reduces Back Pain
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According to nutritionists, ginger contains a whole load of anti-inflammatory properties called gingerols. Studies indicate that these properties are effective at reducing pain, especially in arthritic individuals. In addition to this, it is also an effective cure for stomach upsets and also helps with nausea. Women can also benefit from it as it helps reduce the pains that come with menstrual cramps. Ginger is said to be among the key ingredient of traditional medicine and for good reason.


There are a lot of fruits that have anti-inflammatory and pain reducing properties. Blueberries are not only mouthwatering delicious, but they also contain phytonutrients that help reduce inflammation and reduce chronic pains. These notoriously addictive fruits can be taken all year round whether they are in season or not. Apparently, frozen blueberries contain much more nutrients than those freshly picked from the farm. So, you can have a year-long supply as you wait for their season. Other fruits that are both sweet and beneficial for relieving pains are oranges, pineapples, strawberries among others. You really can never go wrong with fruits.

There are so many other foods that contain anti-inflammatory and pain reducing properties. If you think about it, the human body benefits more by just eating natural and fresh foods than the processed and junk foods that people like too much.