3 Best Area Rugs For Kitchen 2020

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Kitchens are an important part of any home, and they require numerous items and gadgets, from the important ones like stove and fridge to the ones that you don’t use that often. You might be of those people who enjoy the clean and smooth feel of your hardwood and floor tiles, but having an area rug in your kitchen can only benefit to it. Apart from giving your home elegance, rugs minimize noise on high-traffic areas and protect floors. They come in different styles, patterns, colors, materials, and sizes. Another benefit of them is that they provide comfortable padding for you to walk or stand on. If you don’t know which rug area might be the best for your kitchen, we are here to help you. Take a look at our list of the best area rugs for kitchen, you just might find inspiration for your shopping.

1. Ottomanson Ottohome Collection Contemporary Bordered Oval Area Rug

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Ottomanson is known for manufacturing rugs with a sophisticated design and well-made quality, and this model is no exception. This oval rug measures 2×5 feet and is less than a quarter of an inch thick. The rug’s bottom has a non-slip rubber coating, which prevents slips and falls. The material used in the making of this rug is nylon of premium quality. The rug’s colors are long-lasting and fade-resistant, and also stain-resistant. All these features are great to have, especially in the area rug for the kitchen. Apart from numerous qualities, you will be pleased to know that Ottomanson’s excellent customer service will give you a full refund in case you aren’t satisfied with your purchase.

2. Safavieh Natural Fiber Collection Hand Woven Jute Area Rug

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This rug was handwoven by skilled artisans in India, which makes it more valuable, especially considering the fact that it was made out of a natural vegetable fiber material, called Jute. Its shape is rectangular and it measures 36×24 inches. An inch deep and of excellent quality, this Safavieh reversible rug does not feature a non-slip grip on the bottom, so you will have to add a layer of non-slip fabric, to make sure the sliding is prevented. You won’t have to worry about blending the rug with your kitchen because the earthy and serene natural colors of the rug will fit anywhere. However, this eco-friendly rug might get dirty easily, so you will need to clean it regularly.

3.Sky Solutions Sky Mat Comfort Anti Fatigue Mat

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One of the purposes of an area rug in the kitchen is to provide comfort for your feet and back, since preparing food is time-consuming, therefore the Sky Mat Comfort Anti Fatigue Mat is a great choice. It will provide you with support, stability, and softness. Its shape is rectangular and it measures 20×39 inches. The rug is made out of high-quality materials, which won’t attract dirt or pet hair, plus it is easy to clean. Sky Solutions provides you will opt to pick from several different colors of this model.