Types of Juices You make through Juicer Blenders Easily

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The juice blender is one of these devices with great potential, both for our health and for food. Taking over the functions of the blender, it helps to provide a creamy juice, rich in nutrients and vitamins and quality. Whether it is a matter of time or not, it does not matter: the benefits are endless.

In order to get the most out of your device, here are our 7 recipes for your juice blender. Here utmost important thing you always need to remember that the choice of juicer blenders’ machines is a lot important. You always need to have the most up to dated juicer blender. You can easily buy top juicer blender machines by seeing top product reviews online. According to the latest reviews and buyers guides, right now, there are almost 10 to 15 juicer blenders machines which people are buying free in all over the world. You may visit the buyers trend as well to see these juicer blender machines. Let’s check below the types of juices you can easily prepare by using these juice extractors machines.

Beet Orange Juice

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Beet is one of those foods that come with many benefits on the proper regulation of the body. It gives a real boost to the blood by fighting anemia and sclerosis, thus allowing fighting against cancer. It acts as a real detox of the body. Orange, for its part, is known for its antioxidant properties.


The preparation of this recipe is particularly easy. You will be first peeling the beets, being careful not to be stuck by the juice, very hard to make clothes! For the carrots, wash them and then cut them if necessary, according to the size of the chimney of your extractor. Remove the skin from oranges and ginger.

Now, put it in the juice blender. Once the extraction is complete, your juice is ready! While enjoying an explosion of different flavors, you will also feel the discreet but spicy touch of ginger. A delight!

Watermelon Juice With Mint And Lime

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Watermelon comes with many properties, including possible medical applications. It fights the presence of viruses in the blood and is recognized medically as an effective player in the fight against certain types of cancer and cardiovascular disease. While improving blood pressure, lemon has antioxidant benefits.

Sorbet Made From Banana Juice

Bananas are one of those fruits that are particularly beneficial to our body. First, it has many properties for our mental faculties, fighting depression and increasing concentration. It also acts against nervousness and allows the regulation of stress. Its effects on the digestive system are also noteworthy, with regard to constipation or the risk of ulcers.


Cut the bananas into pieces small enough to pass through the chimney. Also cut out other juicy fruits, which will be prepared to smoothie multivitamin and facilitate the extraction of bananas. If you prefer a banana-only smoothie, simply prefer the water. Place it in the extractor through the coarse sieve or smoothie sieve. Collect it all, and here’s a fresh smoothie! Note that you can also make a variation on sorbet, allowing you to defrost for 10 minutes of ice cubes of fruit that you then pass to the extractor. Simple and refreshing!

Cucumber Juice and Celery

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It’s a perfect recipe both in detox and slimming spirit. Although not very caloric, this juice gives a real boost after an exhausting day and is particularly refreshing in hot weather. The slimming side is made of the combination of cucumber and celery, two low caloric foods, but the food of the stomach is enough. Cucumber is also very rich in vitamins and minerals and is composed of 95% … water!


Start by cleaning the cucumbers and celery, and then cut them out. Newer extractor models, the chimneys will be larger than the size of the world. Then put all of your food in the extractor and let it work. You can add some water for easy extraction if you wish, but the lemon juice will already perform very well. Once the extraction is complete, harvest the juice and serve. For an extra dose of taste, you can add a few drops of balsamic vinegar to the preparation, but this is not a requirement.

Turmeric Juice

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Turmeric has many properties that are found elsewhere in medicine. Its main benefits include anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, in addition, to relieve mild bread. He also has the gift of reducing the risk of cancer through his activity of stimulating the body (the famous “whiplash!”).


Start by placing the 7 grams of turmeric in your juice by the chimney provided for this purpose. Add water to facilitate extraction. Let the machine work, get the juice in a container provided for this purpose.

Now, squeeze the lemon. Remember to do it to prevent the glitches from falling into your preparation. Then transfer the lemon juice into the juice. Add a touch of pepper (to energize the body, and to enhance the taste). To finish, add maple syrup and 1 liter of water to dilute. You can eat as soon as you prepare, but it is advisable to go to the refrigerator first. Maximum storage: 24 hours.

Carrot Juice

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Carrot juice is simply incredible, both in terms of taste and the properties of the carrot. Carrots have especially antioxidant properties, which strengthens the cells of your body. Very rich, 100g of carrot however only 33kcal, which means a positive impact on your line, they also have many virtues to improve eyesight and cleanse the liver, which is very important, according to Dr Natura.


Cut out the pieces of carrots so they can pass through the chimney. Some models, you can place the carrot directly in the extractor without cutting it, but the chimneys will not be big enough. You can also cut pears and apples to the taste of carrot juice.

Then place the food in the extractor, and add a little water to facilitate the process. Once you’re ready, you’re ready to eat, or keep for later! Maximum storage: 24 hours.

Soup Simmered With Gazpacho

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Gaspacho soup is a classic must-have cold soup that can be found on many tables in the summer. In addition to being particularly refreshing, it comes with many minerals and vitamins that have a positive effect on your body. Above all, it is the combination of different foods, such as pepper, cucumber or tomatoes that gives this recipe all its richness. It also has the advantage of being low calorie while packing the stomach well, which predestine like an evening soup! You can also make this recipe with a heating blender.


So we start with a recipe with lots of food but stay assured with the juice blender, you’ll only have 10 minutes of preparation to break everything! First, peel the clove of garlic and shallot, then wash with tomatoes, pepper and cucumber. Put everything in the extractor, and add the olive oil, slices of bread and salt and pepper.

Remember to mix everything once it is done, to get a homogeneous mixture. You can keep it all for 24 hours, provided you with a movie and put it in the refrigerator.

Tip: To enhance the taste of your gazpacho, do not hesitate to place a touch of balsamic vinegar and fennel seeds.