Tips for Bringing Lobster to the Beach

In the midst of a hot summer’s day, there’s nothing that compares to fun and sunshine at the beach. Of course, if you want to maximize the fun you have, you’ll want to do a little planning to ensure that nothing goes wrong. A long day in the hot sun is liable to drain your energy, so one of the top requirements is to always bring delicious and nutritious food.

A Surprisingly Great Beach Food Option

For a great meal in the sun on a hot summer’s day, nothing beats lobster. The crowd around you may get a bit jealous of this amazing idea, but it will be well worth it when you enjoy your scrumptious and energizing meal.

Getting Fresh Lobster Delivered

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Now that it is so easy to get the freshest hard-shelled lobster delivered from places like to show up right at your door, you can eat this delicious food as often as you like – and just about any place that you like. There’s never been a better time to try out eating this unique and flavorful meal at the beach! While those who live in or around New England and eastern Canada have been able to enjoy the freshest lobster at the beach for generations, it isn’t exclusive to that area any longer. Now that you can get overnight delivery to almost anywhere in the United States, you can enjoy hard-shelled Atlantic lobster at the beach on the Pacific, at the Gulf, or even at a beach on a lake!

So What’s the Best Way to Serve Lobster at the Beach?

No need to worry: you won’t have to bring along live one, a propane burner and a large pot for a perfect cookout right on the beach – but if you’re ambitious, you could always give it a shot! Traditionally, it is often served chilled and it’s absolutely delicious and refreshing that way, especially in hot weather. When you serve lobster chilled, you can easily prepare it the day before so that your day at the beach remains as relaxing as possible. You can cook your freshly delivered lobster while you’re still at home to ensure that you get the best flavor possible. Whether you’re boiling, steaming, poaching or grilling, be sure to cook it all in advance then let it cool on ice. Once it is cold enough, you can shell the meat and pack it up to go.

Take Precautions when Packing

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As with any seafood, especially shellfish, you’ll want to ensure that your food doesn’t get left out in the sun before being consumed. When you have the meat all shelled and ready to serve before you leave, then it’s easy to pack it up in a sealed container so that it can remain safely chilled at all times in a proper cooler.

Ideas for Serving Chilled Lobster

When you prepare one in advance, it’s all ready to be made into any kind of classic dish you desire. If you’re a fan of classic lobster rolls, don’t forget to bring rolls, mayo, and lettuce to the beach as well! Once you try a freshly delivered, hard-shelled lobster meal at the beach, you just might want to make it a yearly summer tradition. Get in touch with an overnight delivery service today. The warm summer weather isn’t going to last forever!