Serve Lobster this Christmas

Serve Lobster this Christmas

The holidays are a time of year to share rich and decadent foods with your friends and family. Celebrating just isn’t the same without foods like rum balls, eggnog, gingerbread, turkey or ham roasts – maybe even a Christmas goose. Whatever your favourite holiday foods, we all have those specific culinary delights, remembered from youth, that we’ll never leave behind.

When you’re thinking about what to cook this season, don’t forget that while we all crave our proper share of nostalgia, a great way to reinvigorate the holidays can be to create a brand new tradition. When a new holiday idea goes well, the reward will be giving your family cherished memories that they’ll want to relive year after year and pass on to the next generation.

Serve Lobster this Christmas

Lobster is Easier than Ever

One simple way to create a new holiday tradition is to introduce a delicious new food to your annual feast. If you’re going to surprise your family with new foods at Christmas, they’d better be delicious –

so this year, why not consider adding a lobster entrée to your Christmas dinner?

Despite the scrumptious flavour, lobster may initially feel like an odd choice for Christmas. You may be surprised to learn that people in New England are well-accustomed to enjoying a plate of lobster alongside their Christmas meal due to the availability of freshly caught lobster during the winter fishing season. The tradition has been catching on in Europe as well!

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A Complement to Traditional Fare

It may be too much to ask your family to forego their yearly roast at Christmas dinner and replace it with an entirely new food. Instead, consider adding lobster as a complement to your usual traditional meal. If you’ve ever tried the popular surf and turf menu item, which usually consists of steak served with lobster, then you already know how well lobster pairs with other meats. After adding a lobster dish to this year’s Christmas dinner, you’ll quickly agree that lobster meat can pair well with just about anything. The sweet, rich flavor is just that good!

Cold Lobster, Hot Butter!

Culinary experts have long-debated over whether lobster is best served hot or cold – but one thing that remains uncontested is the importance of hot butter for dipping. While many people are used to restaurants serving boiled lobster whole, this is far from the only way to eat it. As much as most of us find this to be a fun way to approach a lobster, it can cause an atrocious mess for a formal dinner, so many people prefer to skip the arduous and messy task of deshelling.

Serve Lobster this Christmas

Lobster Rolls and Other Options

The most common alternative to lobster in the shell, of course, is the classic lobster roll. If you’ve ever visited New England and had the chance to sample a variety of lobster rolls, you’ve probably noticed that many restaurants offer their own variation on this popular treat. Given this variety, you might find it fun to encourage everyone at dinner to try creating their own version. Another option – known traditionally to Maine locals – is to just make everything easier for your guests by serving a bowl full of deshelled lobster meat, ready to be scooped on a plate and drizzled with melted butter.

Whether you opt for a traditional serving method or experiment with more innovative lobster recipes – like lobster mac and cheese, stuffed lobster tails, lobster salad or a lobster chowder – adding this delicious delicacy to your Christmas dinner is sure to please the whole family!