Safe Oven Temperature for Corelle Dishes – Popular Brand of Glassware

Corelle Dishes in oven

If you just got your new set of Corelle dishes or you’re planning to get it, you need to get informed about the proper way to use and maintain it first.

Since finding info about this on your own can take forever, we’re here to cut your work in half and provide you with all the information in only a few minutes! That way, you won’t have to waste any time and you can start your shopping journey right away!

We’re here to provide you with info about the safest temperature for your Corelle dishes, but that’s not all. We’ll also tell you what these dishes are made of, how to take care of them properly, and more!

Once you gather all this info, you’ll be able to shop like a pro and not make a single mistake during your journey. What’s best, you’ll do it in record time! Let’s get right into it.

What Are Corelle Dishes Made Of?

Before we start explaining other details about Corelle dishes, we’re going to tell you what Corelle is and how these dishes are made. That way, you’ll be able to understand everything clearly and not get confused about a thing!

Corelle is a very popular brand of glassware and dishware that is very well known and recognized in the United States. It was first introduced in 1970, and it has since become quite a sensation.

Corelle dishes are made of tempered glass that is laminated into three layers. This material ensures that the dishes are high in quality, super durable, and won’t chip easily.

The dishes come in a wide range of different colors, patterns, and designs, so finding exactly what you need shouldn’t present an issue.

There is a number of benefits Corelle dinnerware has, including the fact that it is dishwasher and freezer safe, so you can use it for different things with ease.

However, there are certain drawbacks to it as well, including the fact that you can’t use it at a very high temperature.

Can Corelle Dishes Go in the Oven?

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Corelle dishes are microwave oven-safe, which means you can use them however you want to in your microwave. You can heat your meals without worrying about a thing. But, putting Corelle dishes in your oven is a different story.

While you can, in theory, put your Corelle dish in your oven, you have to be very careful with the temperature. Any temperature above 350 degrees Fahrenheit can damage your dishes, so you must be careful and only use them in your oven if the temperature is lower than that.

These dishes aren’t designed to put up with temperature swings and extremely high temperatures, which is one of their biggest flaws. You also shouldn’t use abrasive cleaners on them or scour them with anything other than nylon and plastic scrubbers.

If you put your Corelle dish in the oven at a temperature that is higher than 350 degrees, it is very likely that it will get damaged or even shatter. Since these dishes are made of glass, extremely high temperatures can shatter them more easily, so you must be extra careful if you plan on buying a set.

Other Important Temperature-Related Info You Should Know

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The information we mentioned above isn’t the only temperature-related one you should be aware of. Not putting your Corelle dishes in the oven at extremely high temperatures is the most important thing to note, but not the only one.

Take a look at the list below to find out other important temperature-related info about Corelle dinnerware use and what not to do with your dishes:

  • Don’t put your Corelle dinnerware under the broiler
  • Don’t move it from hot to cold or the other way around. This means that you shouldn’t take your dish with leftovers out of your fridge and put it into a preheated oven straight away
  • Don’t place an empty Corelle dish in your oven
  • Don’t add cold liquid to a hot Corelle dish. You shouldn’t ever add cold liquids to a hot dish or plate even if it already has food in it. Take it out of your fridge at least an hour before you heat it up so that it can be at room temperature when you do it
  • Don’t place your Corelle dish on a stove burner that you just used and that still radiates heat
  • Don’t put a hot Corelle dish into your fridge or a cold sink

How to Take Care of Your Corelle Dishes

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We already mentioned that you shouldn’t use abrasive cleaners on your Corelle dishes, but how exactly to care for them? We provide you with a quick guide that will ensure your dishes stay in perfect condition at all times. Here’s how to properly clean and take care of your Corelle dishes:

  1. Use a spoon to gently scrape the leftover food from your plate once you’re finished eating
  2. Rinse your plate with warm water
  3. Place it into your dishwasher/Use warm soapy water and a nylon scrubber to gently wash your dishes by hand

If your dishes have stains that you can’t get rid of with soapy water solutions, you can use baking soda mixed with water or vinegar to get them off.

Corelle dishes are scratch-resistant, so you won’t have to worry too much about how to store them—simply stack them on top of each other.


Since Corelle dishes can’t be used at just about any temperature, you need to be well-informed before you decide to use or purchase them.

Knowing how to care for your dishes properly will save you from the hassle of ruining and getting new ones every once in a while, and you can look forward to having a set of beautiful dishes in perfect condition for every occasion for years!

Just make sure you read our guide carefully to know what to do and what not to do when it comes to using and cleaning your dishes, and you’re golden!