10 Most Popular Australian Sandwiches That You Should Try

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Sometimes, the simplest of food gives us the most joy, especially good old sandwiches. We all love a delicious sandwich with creamy salads and meat. Its taste leaves us craving for more. We have hunted and tracked down the 10 best Australian sandwiches. You should try some of these to experience how heavenly they taste.

 1. Pig’s Ear Sandwich

This famous sandwich from Uncle, Melbourne is available on a lot of cafe menus worldwide. But what sets Uncle apart is their crunchiness. The goodness of pork along with crunch lettuce, peanuts, and tangy pickles makes it the best one. This has become one of the many delicious comfort foods for people across the country. If you are looking to get some of the best sandwiches delivered right at your doorstep, check out meio.com.au.. They are your best option for Sandwich delivery in Sydney

2. Roasted Broccoli Sandwich

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This dish from Brickfields, Sydney is quite famous. This sandwich has a mix of chilly oil, and parmesan. This dish is the brainchild of Simon Cancio. He made this as a substitute to the pasta dish he used to cook as an intern at Sean’s Panorama in 1995. He put together a mix of unique condiments like the ones used in the Portuguese style Chicken Burgers. He gave a finishing touch by adding broccoli. This combination recipe is very famous in many other restaurants across the country.

3. Berkshire Bacon Sandwich

This unique sandwich from Melbourne is well-known among people from all around the world. Delicious Berkshire Bacon along with brown sauce is their in-house delicacy. They combine these two with the egg along with capers, and parsley. You get a finger-licking-good sandwich! The chefs take almost 30 minutes to make it. But we know, the deliciousness is worth the time!

4. Spanner Crab

This amazing bun is a combination of Filet-o-fish as well as a lobster roll. It is very smooth and buttery in texture. These buns from Tramshed have a stuffing of avocado, iceberg lettuce, along with spanner crab. They give it a finishing touch by adding some solid salsa golf and dressing like Thousand Island. These buns are so delicious that you can add them to your plate 3 times a day, every day. This recipe is so simple yet gourmet. One can pair it with their favorite dip and relish it.

5. Fried Chicken Sandwich

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What makes for a unique fried chicken? As per Meat Candy at Perth, you marinate chicken in buttermilk. After that, you add hot sauce and put it in the fryer. Well, How can we make it more delicious? You add juicy thigh filets between fluffy slices of bread and pair them with salad and cheese. Meat Candy also serves the sandwich with chips and smoked chilly to enhance the flavors. A sandwich with fried chicken makes for a delicious meal at any time of the day. This dish is famous in many other food joints. But the one made by Meat Candy stands out amongst the rest.

6. Tea Sandwich

This sandwich from Africola, Adelaide is as unique as its name. It is a dainty rift on a pleasant afternoon tea. This delicacy has fluffy white bread engulfing crispy chicken shreds. What makes it better is the combination of chilly mayo along with flat-leafed parsley. To make it better, they serve this delicacy along with signature peri-peri chicken. This is a must-try if you ever visit the place. A lot of customers love the combination and are craving more. What makes the sandwich more special is its quantity. They serve it in a large quantity at a low cost.

7. Porchetta Roll

This amazing sandwich is a special delicacy of Victor Churchill, Sydney. They serve well-cooked and well-flavored meat with airy buns. To enhance the flavor, they add onions, arugula, mustard, and aioli. The combination works the best for the recipe. The milky bun of the sandwich steals the show. This salty porchetta is very famous amongst the people and you can have it at any time of the day. The finest of butchers of Sydney work hard to get you the best cut of the meat in this sandwich. Amongst all others, people love this recipe of Victor Churchill the most.

8. Poached Egg and Salad Sandwich

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This is a staple sandwich of Cornersmith, Sydney. There are a lot of spin-offs of this dish. But this one is the most famous and it stands out. This delicacy is a twist of classic eggs on toast with greens. It makes for a satisfying brunch or supper. This dish along with the café’s ambiance makes up for a great experience. The addition of cavolo nero and radicchio with green tomato makes this dish unique. All the products highlight the importance of the local producers. You can add honey mustard sauce to enhance the flavor of this sandwich.

9. Butter Poached Chicken Sandwich

This delicacy from Horbat, precisely from Sweet Envy, is famous for its buttery fragrance. After all, you upgrade a dish the moment you add butter to it. The Sandwich with Butter poached Chicken is no different. The chef embellishes flavorful chicken with bacon. Lettuce, and hummus. They also add mayo along with hard-boiled eggs to make it better. The bread is also very soft and fluffy enhancing the taste at every bite. This dish takes its inspiration from New York’s Sullivan Street Bakery. They also ferment the bread overnight before putting it to use. This dish is the brainchild of Alistair Wise.

10. Ice-cream Sandwich

This dish is a bit different from others on the list. But do not underestimate its taste. This dish from Shobosho, Adelaide is an amazing north Asian delicacy. The restaurant gave it a Japanese twist and that is what makes it unique. It is a combination of large pieces of chocolate biscuits, ice cream, and toppings. It comes in a lot of variety starting from matcha to thick caramel. The restaurant adopts a freestyle way while making this amazing dessert.

Source: thekitchn.com

Final Word

Australia is home to a lot of unique dishes. These sandwiches are no different. A lot of people from around the world love and appreciate these dishes. After all, if there is something one needs after a long day, it is a delicious slice of sandwich!