How to Prevent Keto Strawberry Shake from Going Bad

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Drinking a fresh glass of Keto strawberry shake, made by the recipe from is fantastic, but it takes substantial time to prepare. The most obvious way to save time is by making a batch of smoothies. However, many people fear using this approach, as they do not know how to prevent their shakes from going bad.

Unlike juices that stay fresh for 12 hours, smoothies can last for up to 24 hours before going stale. Keep in mind that you have to refrigerate the drink. If the smoothie turns dark or produces an unpleasant odor, avoid drinking it.  

The longevity of smoothies means that one huge batch could serve you for two consecutive breakfasts. This offers convenience if you have a busy schedule. It saves the time that you would have otherwise used to prepare another smoothie. 

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How to Save Your Strawberry Shake for Later

The time for which you want to store your strawberry shake determines the method you use. If you want to save it for only 24 hours, use a refrigerator. Otherwise, if you want to keep for longer, the freezer is your best option.

Here is an overview of these two different methods.

Using the Refrigerator

As mentioned above, the fridge is the short-term option for storing your blended smoothies. Before drinking a saved drink, use your senses to ascertain its condition – if it has a foul smell or a stage appearance, throw it out.

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Tips for Saving your Keto Shake in the Refrigerator

Always make a double batch of your smoothie recipe. This ensures that you have a nutritious light meal to savor at a later time. A leftover smoothie is better than taking fast foods.

Keep the smoothie in a glass container with an airtight lid. Ensure that the container is full and air-free. Air oxidizes the nutrients in your drink, which lowers its nutritional value. This issue mainly affects saved Keto shakes. The inertness of glass makes it the preferred material for storing such drinks.  

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After sealing the container tightly, store it in the refrigerator. When choosing the lid for your glass container, confirm that it is BPA-free. Such covers are readily accessible from local stores or online marketplaces such as

Besides refrigeration, consider adding lemon or lime juice to your Keto shake. The juice contains vitamin C, which prevents the oxidation of nutrients in the smoothie. You can either add the lemon or lime juice while making the smoothie or afterward before you seal the storage container.

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When you store your smoothies in a fridge, some ingredients might separate. Before drinking, shake it vigorously to mix it up – there is no need to repeat the blending process. 

Alternatively, you can add a gum thickener to prevent the separation of ingredients. Xanthan and guar are low-calorie smoothie thickeners that curb the separation. 

Using a Freezer

Freezers can store smoothies for up to three months. The only issue with this method is that you have to plan before drinking your saved Keto shake. Precisely, you have to take the smoothie from the freezer into the fridge a night before drinking. You can also take it out from the freezer an hour before intake.

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Tips for Saving your Smoothie in a Freezer

Use freezer-safe jars or containers. These are a perfect choice, as they have thick glass walls and wide mouths.

Leave a little room for expansion when storing the smoothie in the jar. If you are lucky, your storage container will have a fill line mark for freezing purposes. 

Similar to refrigeration, ensure that the container is airtight, and the lid is BPA-free. You can also opt for push-up pop molds as the storage mechanism for your frozen smoothie.

Additionally, you can freeze your surplus Keto shake by pouring it directly into an ice cube tray. Smoothie cubes thaw faster than jarred smoothies, and they are also quicker to blend. 

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Another advantage of smoothie cubes is that they can serve as a thickener in fresh Keto shakes. 

When thawing a frozen smoothie, shake it up to mix any separated ingredients. You can blend it, but this is not mandatory. If you like a frosty Keto shake, defrost for 30 minutes in the fridge before re-blending.