Best Kitchen Knife Set of 2020

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If you spend a part of your day in the kitchen, you know how much a good kitchen knife means to a chef. It doesn’t matter if you are cooking for one person or an entire restaurant, a good knife will help you save time and it will make cooking easier and less stressful. There are days when we don’t have a lot of free time, so every minute saved matter. Speeding up the preparation of meals is no exception.

It doesn’t matter if this applies to cut pizza more easily and accurately, or some piece of meat into the desired shape. What is important is what kind of a knife you are using. Since nothing lasts forever, this applies to knives too. So, eventually, you will trade your old set of knives or just one of them for a new one. That’s why I am here to help you with choosing the right kind of knife for your inner chef.

Sometimes we’re not even sure which knife works best for us, or what knife should be used in certain situations. Whichever knife you choose, you need to remember that a good kitchen knife needs to have a good balance between the blade and the handle. This is important because a well-balanced knife guarantees easy use and manipulation with it. Most of us have at least 5 different blades for various uses, but the market offers a much wider choice.  Let’s begin with the list of knives that are used the most in the kitchen. The most common knife is the so-called:

1. Classic Chef’s Knife

With this knife you can cut almost every ingredient, I like to call it “a basic knife” since it’s best for general preparation of ingredients like slicing, dicing, and chopping. If you are not very familiar with the kitchen and the appliances in it, it would be best if you chose a knife made from stainless steel instead of ceramic ones. It’s true that ceramic knife won’t rust, and it doesn’t absorb smells but it’s lighter than a steel knife, so you can injure yourself easily if you are not best at using knives. But, if you are a true master of your kitchen, I suggest you take a ceramic knife since it will last longer.

2. Carving Knife

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Carving Knife is a bit longer and thinner than a chef’s knife, so it’s an ideal knife when you want to cut some bigger piece of roasted meat. These knives are popular all over the world, since the food will not stick to the knife thanks to its narrow blade, and each piece will be perfectly straight and accurate. You can even use it for filleting very large fish. Carving Knife comes in sizes ranging from 8 up to 14 inches.

3. Boning Knife

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When it comes to this kind of knife, you should first pay attention to the flexibility of the blade. This is important since it allows the metal to follow the contours of the bone or the fillet of a fish easily and it makes this knife flexible. When it comes to the size of the boning knives they typically range from 3 to 8 inches in length. There’s another variation of this kind of knife, it is the so-called Japanese kitchen knife. They are thinner, lighter, and sharper, in comparison to the Western boning knives. Considering their characteristics Japanese boning knife can be used for cutting the meat or fish into fillets and extracting the bones from the fish. The pieces are much thinner when you cut them with this knife, but the knife itself is a lot sharper and therefore presents a bigger danger to people who are not so skilled.

4. Paring knife

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A paring knife should definitely be one of the main things on your list of kitchen tools. This small knife is very practical when it comes to peeling, scraping, and cutting up fruit and some kinds of veggies. Don’t use this kind of knife to cut root veggies, such as carrot, parsnip or beets, since the blade can get stuck in the middle of this kind of ingredient, so it can be a cause of some injuries.

5. Bread knife or Serrated Knife

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Bread knives are also multipurpose kind of knives. This knife can be used for cutting bread, cakes, and if you are skilled enough, it can even be used for cutting meat. Bread knives are usually 7 to 10 inches long. This kind of knife is very recognizable since its blades are narrow and always serrated.

6. The Steak Knife

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Another practical kind of a knife is a steak knife, which is mostly used as a table knife. It’s a smaller variation in comparison to the bread knife, and the tip of the blade is very sharp. But you can also find this kind of a knife with non-serrated edges. Since steak knives are small, it can also be used for cutting some salads or for spreading butter over a slice of bread.

7. Knife Sharpener

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The knife sharpener is a very important part of your knives set, to prolong the sharpness of your knives. It can be made from steel, whetstone, or handheld electric sharpener. It is best to buy a knife sharpener from the same manufacturer you got your knives from since the hardness of the steel of the knife can differ from brand to brand.

The following knife set brands were the best-selling brands in 2020. over Amazon site:

Wusthof 7-Piece Set

Chicago Cutlery 18-Piece Knife Set

J.A. Henckels Twin Signature 19-Piece Set

When it comes to knives it doesn’t matter if you cook on a daily basis or just a couple of times during the year. You need to have at least some kind of a basic set of knives in your kitchen if you want to prepare delicious meals without much struggle. Remember that the brand isn’t so important, as the feeling you get when you hold a knife in your hand.