Funny Tasting Water Messing Up Your Taste?

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Tap water has fallen out of favor as one’s primary hydration source for various reasons. While some areas around the world still have drinkable pristine H20 flowing out from their faucets, the same can’t be said for most parts of the world – especially in urban locations.
Funny tasting and off-color tap aqua are a common complaint in households located in and around cities. Too often have I encountered tap water that is slightly misty or has a rather funny taste. Fortunately, there are several ways to remedy this off-tasting H20 and return it to its pristine and refreshing form.

What Causes the Off Taste in Your Tap Water?

As we have noted earlier, the cause can be one of several factors. Here are the possible reasons why your tap aqua started tasting funny:


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That is the most common reason why your tap started developing an unusual taste. Fortunately, chlorine is generally not something you need to worry about when it comes to tapping aqua. However, if the smell and taste of chlorine are too overpowering, then we recommend you contact your water supplier administration’s office to report the issue asap.

Natural Metal

Another common cause of the off-tasting tap aqua is natural metals. Since your H20 supply will be traveling through miles and miles of pipelines, pipelines that are made from steel, it is natural for the water to bring a minuscule fraction of natural metal with it. Small traces of iron, copper, or lead in tap is relatively safe. However, if the amount of natural metal is causing your H20 to turn brown, we highly recommend you avoid drinking and report it immediately to your supplier.


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The summer season allows for numerous floras to thrive; this includes algae as well. The combination of heat, high humidity, and rain in the perfect condition for algae to grow in reservoirs and other bodies of water. While your supplier will have procedures in place in the event of algae growth, this is still among the causes of funny tasting tap H20.

These are but the most common causes of tap waters, developing a funny taste. Other factors can be much more severe and can lead to health issues. That is why we here at highly advise you install filtration or filler system in your residence.

How to Remedy Off-Tasting and Off-Color Water

The good news is that there are several options available to help treat your H20 from any contaminants. We will be listing the most effective steps you can take to ensure your drinking H20 is perfectly safe and pristine down below:

1. Boiling the Water

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One of the oldest and most efficient ways to treat water of any contaminants and bacteria is by boiling. All municipalities incorporate chlorine to address their area’s supply quality. While chlorine, when used properly, is quite safe – it can still cause water from the faucet to taste somewhat funny. If the subtle taste of chlorine is too off-putting for you, you can boil the aqua in a kettle. Let it cool off a bit and place it in your refrigerator for a cold refreshing drink later on.

2. Perform Regular Maintenance on Your Home’s Water Supply System

In some cases, off-tasting aqua is caused by the home’s system rather than the supplier. Built-up bacteria within the faucet and pipeline can give your drinking H20 an off-putting taste and color. A simple way to clean your drain is by removing the aerator and soaking it in a H20 and vinegar mixture (1 cup water and 1/3 cup vinegar mixture).

After soaking the aerator entirely for a couple of minutes, take a clean cloth and wet it using the mixture and wipe it thoroughly inside the faucet head. Take the remaining cleaning mixture and pour it down to drain to remove any residual odor.

3. Using a H20 Treatment System

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One of the easiest ways to ensure your tap H20 is perfectly safe to drink is by installing a treatment system in your home. There are several benefits to using a treatment system, such as a filling system in your residence. Here are four reasons why you should invest in one:

Ensures Your Family’s Health

A treatment system can effectively eliminate about 2,000+ toxins, bacteria, natural metals, and chlorine from your tap aqua. Reducing the number of such contaminants that you consume will help in preventing certain health conditions from developing down the line. Some of these health conditions are quite serious.

For example, an excessive amount of chlorine intake can adversely affect your colon and bladder. Consuming water that contains lead will also negatively affect a person and can cause intellectual disabilities to children during their developmental stage.

Having a filtration system can also remove dangerous bacteria from contaminating your drinking water. While some of these bacteria might not cause any serious negative repercussions to adults, the same could not be said about children whose immune systems are still quite vulnerable to such diseases.

Helps Bring Out the Flavor in Home Cooked Meals

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If you are using tap aqua for cooking, it goes without saying that pure and clean H20 will help give your cooked meals to retain its natural and delicious flavor. Most people use purified drinking water when it comes to preparing their meals. The reason for that is quite simple, pristine water employed in cooking will help keep the natural flavor of the ingredients intact. Compare that to using tap water that has a slightly “off” taste, and it will significantly affect the taste of your food.

More Cost-Effective in the Long Run

While the installation of a filtration system in your home can be quite a hefty initial investment, I can assure you that it will pay for itself in the future with how much you will be able to save. Getting your drinking supply directly from your faucet will eliminate the need to buy purified water on a daily or weekly basis. Those gallons of purified drinking H20 may not be expensive, but it will add up over time. Cutting the middleman, per se, means you won’t need to go through the extra steps (and expenditures) to get your clean drinking aqua.

Final Thoughts

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Hopefully, this has opened up your eyes to the advantages of having a built-in treatment system in your home. We highly recommend you invest in a high-quality one if you can as the benefits it will offer will last you for quite some time.